In this age of variety, we have thousands of options to choose from. Be it reading material available to us, new movies, trending fashion styles, or anything related to our lifestyle, we are surrounded by lots of suggestions. Specially it comes to choosing your next read, and we can’t give it a try to every other book. Why?

  • It consumes our time
  • It leaves an impact on our memory
  • It takes energy



Whether these readings are online, printed, hardcopy; or in the form of short thought pieces, academic articles, or full-fledged novels, what to read is an important question to ask before turning the first page.

Living in the digital age, regardless of our reading habits, we all prefer to be very picky in our choices. Most of us even have piles of books that are untouched or left half unread, just because they don’t match our taste.

That’s why we need to give the right direction to our thoughts by finding and reading the books matching our personalities. For this reason, FAYVO is designed to help you out. From the clutter of uninteresting books, the app lets you find your favorites. Be it adventure novels, romantic stories, or fiction series; we have good books for everyone. You can easily find the right books and share your reading experiences with people sharing similar interests.



We all know how it feels when you are continuously picking up the wrong books to read. After five or ten pages, you feel demotivated, drag yourself to read more, but fail. It seriously kills your reading mood too. To take you out of this loop and to feel fulfilled with what you read, here are a few simple tips that can help you to pick the next book you’ll read.

So, how can you pick out the right books for you and decide on what to read next? Well, let’s tell you!


#1: Create a Personal Reading List

Do you have a reading list where you keep all of your books? If not, you are making a mistake and inviting confusion to your mind. We are not talking about anything fancy. But the list should have all the necessary items. It can be as simple as 5–10 books you want to read sometime or are excited about. Or, have all the books you have read in the past years. It can also be according to your mood, stress levels, level of busyness, or areas of curiosity in that particular period of your life. Try to listen to your vibes and pick a book that resonates more with those needs.

Another good idea will be sorting the books on the basis of genre. FAYVO can brilliantly do this for you. All you have to do is search for your favorite book, add it to the box, and save it.


#2: Discovering Your Reading Tastes

Do you like to sit straight and bite your nails with every turning page of your book, or do you prefer a calm story where you find peace and enjoy your cup of coffee? Similarly, ask yourself if you are a fan of dark humor or fantasy reads? Do you like poetry or simple novels?

All of these questions are important to keep yourself away from the distraction and to isolate yourself from the “appeals” you are drawn to. To identify the most related reads, you need to look over the following things:

  • Level of interest: How quickly does the book move in your hands? Is it a page-turner or not?
  • Solid Characters: How are the characters introduced in the story? IS the main character strong enough to be seen as a hero?
  • Storyline: What is the book about? Is it easy to understand the theme? How’s the plot? Is it character-driven or action-oriented?
  • Style and Tone: What is the mood of the book? Is it fictional? Thrilling? Dark? Philosophical? Comedy?


Going through these filters will allow you to get a true sense of your preferences. That’s how you find your taste in books, and your next read will be easier to find. Figuring out the genre will be a tough step, but then you can begin mapping the sorts of stories you most appreciate on the scope of options out in the world!


#3: Ask friends or family for recommendations

The best suggestions come from the people who really know you, and your best friends are always the ones whom you can rely on. So, to find your next read, you should ask your close friends. Most of the time, your friends’ circle shares the same interests as yours, and it makes it quite easy to choose the next interesting read. However, it isn’t a foolproof method since being even the best of friends with someone doesn’t guarantee that you’ll share the same taste in literature. But there is a fair percentage of same likes and dislikes.


Wait! Let FAYVO do Everything for You.


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When it comes to mobile apps, there are a lot of options for any user. But there are only a few that meet all the checkboxes on your ‘Perfect for Me’ list. In comparison, Fayvo is the one app which holds a promise for all book lovers. And the promise is ‘to provide the best choices among a pool of options.’

Whether you’re looking for a book recommendation, want to share your favorite reads, or organize your reading lists, Fayvo can be a great companion. It’s like getting your own library and arranging all the books in a way that you like. Consider the boxes in Fayvo as the shelves in your library, and enjoy organizing your books by genres, preference, and favorites. Fayvo will be your digital library of saving books, giving recommendations, and sharing the experience.