Have you experienced the mess of opening up more than 20 tabs at a time and collecting contact numbers of different restaurants, just to pick one-best out of them? When your partner wants to eat sushi, but you opt for pasta, and now you need to find a place that serves both?

Yeah, we can feel you. It feels daunting when you’re already exhausted with your whole week’s tasks, and now there comes another challenge: To find the best fine dine-in spot for the weekend!

Sometimes you need an outdoor relaxing environment to enjoy food, and other times you wish for a place where you can feel the soothing music while having your favorite dish in front of you. Additionally, in this COVID era, no one would prefer to go to a highly crowded place where no SOPs are being followed. The restaurant dining experience as we once knew it is now gone. It has been replaced with 6-foot spacing between tables, hand sanitizer pumps, disposable menus, and masks for customers and employees.

That’s where the power of recommendations comes in.

So, where do you find your perfect yet most relevant recommendations?

The best answer is, getting recommendations from your friends, family, and the community sharing similar interests. And where can you find all of them connected?

Hold on! We have a solution for that too.

There’s an app that keeps all your favorites, friends/family, interests, recommendations, and suggestions in one place, and that is Fayvo! 

Discover the world of real recommendations, where you can save what you love and share as you go.


How to do it?

  • Download the App
  • Connect with the Community
  • Discover New Favorites
  • Ask what you want!


It is as simple as it seems.

Fayvo Simplifies Your Search for the Perfect Restaurant!


Why Should You Choose Fayvo for Getting Recommendations?

It’s easy

Looking for the place that best matches your interests is hard to find in a million options. But with Fayvo, this complex process is made easier. Find people and build a community of people with similar interests, check out their favorites, and choose the one that suits your requirements. Thus, Fayvo is proved to be an easy & efficient way of finding recommendations, taking away all the hassle of manual searches.


It’s authentic

Our Fayvo community is growing every day, with users sharing what they love across different categories. Get along with those smart people, and build your network with like-minded people from across the globe. On Fayvo, you can explore the REAL recommendations without getting tricked.

What a relief it is! Get the Fayvo app and create a space where you and your friends can exchange your favorites and give fellow users reliable recommendations.


It’s fast

If you require quick suggestions, Google can bring you the best results but not the filtered ones. You have to search for the area, food type, dine-in category, other specifications, and then after extensive research; you’ll get your desired results.

While, with Fayvo, all the best recommendations are in your pocket. It is true that you are just a one-click away from the most appropriate recommendations!


COVID Precautionary Pro-Tips:

Even if you’ve found the perfect destination to step in, keep in mind the safety of yourself and your loved ones. You should prefer takeout, save the restaurant in the lists of favorites on Fayvo, and visit later when things get better for dine-out. But still, if you’ve decided to go out, consider the following SOPs:

  • Table spacing is at least six feet apart.
  • Everyone is wearing masks at all times.
  • Cutlery and furniture are being washed and disinfected properly.
  • The place is not crowded.

Share Your Recommendations:

This is not it. You can also suggest your favorite food to the community to try out and tell them why it is worth visiting. Share your favorites with people sharing similar interests and let the world know your choices.

With Fayvo, you can find new things every day. It’s actually much more than just restaurants. Check it out yourself if you’re interested in organizing and saving your favorites because Fayvo is a place where everyone is connected!


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