When smartphones are something we can’t live without so why not mobile games?

Other than the fun and exciting, these games are now interactive, allowing us to talk and have a conversation with buddies playing with us. 

Not limited to cellphones, be it your android device or Apple, or a tablet, playing a game satisfies the game-germs within the players. As said,

“Play every game as if it is your last one.”

While some of us like to play the new and trending games, while others enjoy playing the old ones. 

And undoubtedly, whatever you choose in the gaming world, it’s the best time pass!

Being a great time pass activity, games are also a great source of boosting your mental level, adding creativity, enhancing your cognitive skills. They assist in relieving stress and pushing the burden off your shoulders. But for that, you need the games that best match your psyche. 

Sometimes, however, a little and not-so-popular phone game turns into hours of non-stop gameplay.

So why not FAYVO brings you some exciting games and educate you about them? 

Yes, it’s time to rock and roll with some of the most addicting games that will take the boredom away. 

Let’s get on the ride asap! 

Asphalt 9: Legends


If you are a fan of arcade racing games, Asphalt 9 will be your favorite one. This is a massive addicting game for car lovers. It has the basic mechanics, same as the older versions but with a few new touch-ups. There are many cars to unlock, tons of levels to achieve, and a faster version of the game. Asphalt 9: Legends is famous for its excellent graphics, simple controls, and addictive nature.

PUBG Mobile:


One most popular, trending, and addictive game is PUBG Mobile, loved and appraised by game lovers of all ages. It broke all records and turned out to be the most played game in over 100 countries. It is the concept of landing on an unknown island and fight with strangers. It is an unknown battleground where the area will shrink gradually to draw the players close.

The PC version of the game has identical map names. It got famous due to its unlimited options for the players. It has multiple modes: the arcade mode, the mini zone mode, war mode, and the sniper mode. The idea of PUBG Mobile is very close to reality. Gun recoils, aiming, and firing, everything is very fine-tuned. You not only play the game but enjoy it.

Call of Duty:


Belonging to the same genre, battles, and wars, Call of Duty is the oldest one on the list. With 50,000,000+ downloads in Play Store and App Store, this gaming app is ruling the gaming community. Not only due to its concept, but graphics, motion sensors, smooth gameplay, and amazing pixels, everything is on point and perfect to give you a real look.

The game comes in two modes. Multiplayer and Battle Royale. In multiplayer mode, you join the game in a traditional 5v5 team-based battle. In contrast, the Battle Royale mode provides the 100-player survival experience. Since 2019, the game has been on the top of the gaming charts and gaining popularity with time. It is getting better with updates, and they've also included a new map recently named Summit.

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Minecraft: Pocket Edition:


The legendary PC game Minecraft has the mobile version too. It steps into the list of top 10 most addictive games. But it is a paid app. Once you complete the trial period, you have to pay for it. The game was first released in 2009 and had its PC version back then. But with time, they introduced it for phones too. There are two options in the game. The creative mode: in which you have all the resources and inventory to play and win. The other one is survival mode: it has nothing, and you have to earn everything from scratch.

The survival mode is for the pro players. It has lots of enemies and hurdles. If you get caught by spiders, creepers, or zombies, you will lose all your resources, and you'll restart your game from scratch. Gamers all around the world love playing Minecraft due to its robustness and fine features.

Candy Crush Saga:


You've seen many old-aged people playing Candy Crush Saga whenever they have time, or they get bored. And there's a reason behind it. It has the most addictive levels. There's nothing very technical about it but a simple yet exciting game of matching and switching colors. With every new level, new obstacles make it super engaging.

Players in the Candy Crush Saga are given a limited number of lives. They lose a life each time they fail to accomplish the planned puzzle's goal. Boosters and powerups are also provided to help players through challenging levels. But these powerups are paid. The game becomes unexpectedly surprising and happening when you achieve your targets. Kids love playing it because of special candies, color bombs, and other charming boosters.

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Subway Surfers:


The endless runner genre started with Subway Surfers. It is all fun, excitement, and addiction. Much like Temple Run, the game is a non-stop journey of collecting points, power up, runner boots, and more. 

Set in a train yard, players can jump and run over the coming trains, and the speed keeps getting higher with time. There's no blood or violence, but a simple yet colorful game to enjoy. Once you start playing it, the game gets more interesting. You have to pass the collisions and obstacles successfully; otherwise, you'll get caught by the guard. Players on iOS devices can share high scores via the Game Center social network, but participation is optional.



A simple yet hooking game Pacman is almost everyone’s favorite. And who doesn’t wish to play it after they’ve grown up? 

For those who don’t know, it’s a cute game where you have to collect dots at one stage and then moving onto the next one. With your progression, several ghosts will try to block your way and eat you up, but you have to stay away from them. Play this retro game by simply typing “Pacman” into Google. It’s so popular that it’s available on Google too. 

There is a nostalgia attached to this game. However, try not to get caught – this game can get quite intense.

Cities: Skylines:


The hooking first-class city-building game will make your boredom hide somewhere far away. As reviewed by the audience, this game is one of the best games to play when you’re tired of looking at your screen for work. 

The best thing is you can quickly boot it up and log off in seconds. It’s super relaxing and has no fights or bigger goals besides making your city grow. It’s like fun and refreshing. Just make sure to avoid connecting your sewerage lines to your household tap lines and keep drinking water clean. 

Marvel: Contest of Champions:


It is a fun mobile game and this game is a hit for the folks who want to mindlessly tap their thumbs. It is also one best thing to play by the action lovers. 

The game has stunning visuals. You can try playing in different modes and would love to uncover gazillion different levels. With dozens of unlockable characters, plenty of strategies, and unmatchable storyline, this is a Marvel-flavored-diet fighting game that you’d love to play in your free time.

It’s super entertaining. 

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