We all have those book lovers in our lives who admire the idea of book discussions and are always excited about getting introduced to new readings. 

They are the ones who never step out of their house without having a book in their bag. Also, if you look into their lives a little closely, you’d notice when they visit a local library, they always end up buying something new to read. Such book lovers are never getting enough of good reads, and are always seen with their nose stuck in a book. 

Well, if you can relate to it and have someone like them around you, then it's time to make them feel special.

We know that book nerds love to have good books as gifts, but sometimes you give them something that doesn't match their taste. 

So, we need to think out of the box. 

Yes, you can always gift a book to them but think about what else can make them happy? So luckily, books aren't the only presents that a bookworm loves receiving. 

If you're struggling to come up with gift ideas for the bibliophiles in your life, thank the FAYVO team later because we're here to help you out with the other options as well. 

As we promise to offer a never-ending recommendation list of great books and reads, we would help you out with the book related stuff too. 

Just hold on, and read below:

Bookmark Bundle:


Bookmarks and book reading go side by side. It is a universally acknowledged truth that a bookworm possessing a good number of books much be short of bookmarks. It's not only about remembering the page number of a particular book, but one may have to keep the mark of their favorite chapters, worth-reading quotes, and more. So, getting beautiful bookmarks decorated with different artistic themes, literary quotes, or random colors will serve as one of the best gifts for your book-lover friend, and they won't have to dog-ear a page again.

Book-Inspired Phone Cases:


These days, one needs a properly customized look for their devices. Be it a wallpaper, a lock screen, or a phone cover, and everything should be according to the taste. So, that's why phone covers are proven to be one helpful gift for everyone. Let it be book-themed. You can always choose a literary phone case for your friend. It can have any quote from their favorite author, their favorite book name, or anything related. It perfectly goes with their style by being related and trendy, both.

A Rechargeable Reading Light:


A person who loves to read will definitely be reading in the dim light at night. Not because they get time to read then, but when they've started reading something, they can't delay it to end. So, a bookworm who happens to share a room with someone must need a reading light. And here comes our next option for the gift. They will appreciate an old-school reading light. You can find these reading lights online or can check the markets to find the best one. They come in different colors and intensities too. We are sure that your buddy will love it.

Cozy Book Nook:


This will be the most unique and fancy addition to the library of a book reader. Every person's library is already a precious possession for them, but when you add a cozy book nook diorama to it, the library will stand out. Ask your friend about their favorite scene from a favorite book and find the best-matched and themed book nook.

For those who don't know what a book nook is: "It is a tiny little room that you place between your books. This part gives an illusion that there is another world hidden behind your shelves. This is sometimes also referred to as a diorama or a bookshelf insert."

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A Book Vase:


Most people who are interested in literature are also fans of the arts. For them, getting a vase to keep near to their bookshelf will be a great addition. You can choose and gift a book vase to them. They are usually ceramic vases, crafted in the shape of books, decorated, or covered with your choice of theme. A stunning, handmade personalized book vase makes an extraordinary and unique gift to be proudly displayed and treasured always.

Giving out a present that has a personalized touch always stands out. Get to know about your friend's favorite book and get it designed in a classically pretty, sage green, or floral style. You can always add customized messages to the cover.

A Genuine Book Lovers Community:


With the best books to read, a bookworm needs fellow members to have a discussion too. More than a gift, it can be a favor to someone to introduce them to a community of people who loves reading and share recommendations with friends. For this reason, FAYVO can help you. It is that perfect social media app where you keep all your favorites organized in a single place. And it is also a great platform of building a genuine book lovers’ community. 

With the app, you can find like-minded people, connect with them, and find the most relevant book recommendations. Not only this, you can create your own digital library without the fear of losing them anytime. So, what’s stopping you to download it asap? Do it now! 

Vinyl Stickers:


If you're looking for something budget-friendly and still makes a perfect gift, it would be the vinyl stickers. They can be used for multiple purposes. A bibliophile can paste them in their room to make a book-themed wall, can use them in the wardrobe, their bookshelf, or literally, anywhere they'd like to create that fantasizing look.


Books are the best gifts, but pairing them with related gifts can add to their value. Be it a mug, a t-shirt, a bookmark, or anything from their favorite genre. While literature lovers can be tricky to shop for if you're not up-to-date with their reading list, but there are tons of options, from expensive presents to beautiful personalized items. So, go through them and choose the best. Good Luck!