Kids are cute; they look super adorable if they have stylish hairdos and classy haircuts. Also, when going back to school after summer vacation, most of us need a change, and what's better than getting a new haircut?

With FAYVO, you can always find the latest fashion, trendy hairstyles, and everything popular. So, why not try something new for yourself and for your kids in a fun, lively way?

From the trendy new looks for kids to the classic ways of wearing hair, there's an adorable hairstyle list for children of every age.

Throw the regular boring stuff out of your life and try the best yet new cute hairstyles for kids in 2022. Let's get started:


Classic Caesar with Medium Fringe:


This hairstyle is a win-win for every event. When you go for medium fringes and leave one-sided hair a little longer than your usual Caesar haircut, it feels like the added texture. The hairstyle looks super cool.


Short Messy Hair:


The mess in the hair makes your kid stand out among others. Messy hairstyles don't require long hair, and this short hairstyle is the perfect example of a good little boy's haircut. They look decent, and in fact, this tangled and spiky crew cut works for all hair types. Be it straight hair, curly ones, thick, or thin, the style goes with all. To get this look, go for the same length of hair on all sides and then cut the sides short while keeping the slightly longer hair on top.


Gentleman's Side Part:


It is one of the most popular back-to-school hairstyles, and of all the formal toddler hairstyles out there, the gentleman's side part is a simple classic. And luckily, it doesn't take long to style at home. This type of boy haircut is best when you leave a few inches of length on top paired with a short, high fade. To keep it in its place, all you need is a high-shine gel that offers moderate hold. This hairstyle works for both decent and fashionable looks.


Smooth Quiffed Taper:


Classically pointed, this hairstyle is a quick option to consider when you're not really sure what to go for. Be it weddings or taking your kids to formal meetings, it really works. Clean and very smart.


French Crop and Fade:


The low hair and choppy fringe of this French cut are something new and trendy. The hairstyle perfectly manages to balance itself with the highs and lows. The haircut looks like it was specifically made for the boys' features.


Beach Waves:


This haircut is especially for boy kids who neither like short hair nor go for the long ones but wish to keep it in the middle. It goes perfect on natural thick waves, and it somehow looks like a formal yet informal one. The hair land nice and clean around the ears and neck. The sides are kept little light while the top blends up to two or three inches long. This hairstyle looks cute on everyone, no matter how you style it.


Ginger Boy Side Swept Fringe:


Scissor crops will always be a trend and parents' favorite because it is something they can always count on when they are in a hurry or have no time for styling. The haircut is more like a side-swept fringe. It works alone perfectly, but it is up to you how you choose bangs with it.


Dapper Side Part:


Want your kid to look like a celeb wherever he goes? Then go for the Dapper Side Part hairstyle. It is one classic look for youngsters and works great for boys with thinner hair. To give a different look, this hairstyle can be converted into light waves for a more textured fashion. It is a quickie. All you have to do is style your hair with a gel or spray.


Side-Swept Bangs:


It is one of the most adapted modern looks for young boys and kids. Side-swept bangs make you look fashionable yet informal. This hairstyle features a pointed length that cuts diagonally across the forehead before blending into the rest of the hair.


Faux Hawk Fade:


Parents who have got a high interest in fashion and hairstyles try this haircut on their kids. Little boys look like heroes with this edgy style at a very young age. The faux hawk fade goes with a high skin fade on the sides for extra contrast and thick, long hair on top.


Baby Punk:


It is also called the freestyle. In order to create this look, you have to keep the sides lighter than usual and leave the top with the desired length to style later. It gives you room to experiment with different looks and will definitely make your kid stand out.


Shaggy Mop Top:


In the year 2022, Shaggy Mop Top got much attention. It is one of the most hairstyles now and is a parent favorite. It suits little boys who happen to have a bit of natural wave or curl to their hair. The longer mop-top works well for all types of hair. One great thing about the hairstyle is that the harder your kid plays, the more natural this haircut looks.


Where to find more styling options?

In this fast-paced era, fashion and styles don't stay for long, so it demands you to be consistently updated on the latest trends. For that, FAYVO has brought everything to one platform. Be it the next outfit you choose, redesigning your wardrobe, or finding the perfect hairstyle for a party, we have it all.

And here's how you do it:


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The Braided Bun:


Do the braid and then tie it up in the bun. It is that simple. This 5-minute quick hairstyle is a fun way to upscale a simple look into a trendy one. Try it out rough, and then focus on the neatness.


High Ponytail:


Got no time to try something different? No worries, the high ponytail is a savior and gets ready in a few seconds. This hairstyle looks decent yet classy and hence paying more attention to the facial features.


The Messy Bun:


Even princesses need to get to class, and when they are focusing on something important, their hair shouldn't disturb them. That's when you can try the messy bun. Make a regular bun, lose it up, and tie it with a decent colored ribbon.


Loose Dutch Braid:


Give your girl a royal look with the loose braid. This hairstyle is popular for events, weddings, and family evening parties. Try adding flowers to the braid, and your little one will love it. This style can also be made by women of all ages, and that's how you can do twinning with your daughter.


Bob Pinned Look:


The most favorite, traditional, yet cute look for little girls is the bob-pinned hairstyle. That's one haircut that's been trending for ages. For the perfect look, keep the hair an inch longer at the front. The hair from the back is a little shorter, and it's cut a bit asymmetrically. The bangs falling on the forehead can be secured with bobby pins as well. Try colorful beads and pins to give it a classy finishing.


Micro Braided Half-Tie:


For the little angels, try making this hairstyle with a frock or flaunty dress. Make two micro braids from each side of the head and connect at the back of the head. When to try it? It is perfect for occasions like a daytime birthday party.


Low Side Ponytail:


The little ladies love to look like princesses, and these low-side ponytails serve best for the cause. If her hair is long, try braiding them down over one side of her shoulder. Don't forget to use pins to make it look neat and tidy. It also works for girls having thick hair.


Half-Up Bun:


Want your kid to worry less about her hair at school and still look good? Go for half=up bun. It is quick and keeps the hair together. Also, there's no need for hairspray, gel, or other hair-damaging product. Hence, making it a perfect hairdo for everyday looks.


Short Pixie Haircut:


This hairstyle goes best in summers and looks super cute on young girls. It is easy to carry and maintain. Also, it doesn't require any specific management or everyday styling as it is short and hassle-free. Being a parent, try this out on your little princess with short pixie as you don't have to set her hair for parties or outings.


Bob Cut with Fringes:


The evergreen bob cut elegant and stylish on girls and women alike. To give it a modern look, add fringes to it. Let those textured hair fall on the forehead with a smartly done bob haircut. No worries, even when the fringes grow back, tie them up or get a fresh haircut again.