The new gossip of the town is here, and it is about another K-Drama on the hit. Yes, we are talking about 'Hellbound.' The easiest way to make the concept clear about the series is calling it the new Squid Game. After the huge success of the South Korean series, we are presented with another thriller for the year 2021. The similarities in both series can be counted on fingertips. These two K-dramas deal in violent death, they provide an epic and unpredictable story, and they're both smash hits on Netflix.

According to the news, it was reported that Hellbound got hype right after its launch and had topped ratings in 80 different countries within 24 hours of premiering. Well, none of us was expecting a hit after another hit from the Korean entertainment industry, but as long as any source provides us with good content, we are all ready to appreciate it.

Let's continue the story after the trailer:

First episode date: November 19, 2021

Genre: Dark fantasy; Drama thriller

Original language: Korean

Executive producer: Byun Seung-min

The Amazing Cast:

  • Yoo Ah-in as Jung Jin-su                           Jung-pyo Park as Hong Eun-pyo
  • Kim Hyun-Joo as Min Hye-jin                  Jin-ah Won as Song So-hyun
  • Aria Song as Min Hye-jin                        Ik-joon Yang as Jin Kyung-hun
  • Do-Yoon Kim as Lee Dong-Wook            Shin-rock Kim as Park Jung-JA
  • Ryu Kyung-Soo as Deacon Yu-ji                Chase Yi as Male Detective
  • Ji-so Jung as Angel                                      Jeong Min Park as Bae Young-Jae
  • Feodor Chin as Additional Voices           Lee Dong-Hee as Kim Jeong-Chil
  •  Re Lee as Jin Hee-jung                              Hyeong-gook Im as Gong Hyeong 
  • Si-Won Cha as Deacon Sa-Cheong           Victoria Grace as Additional Voices

What's the Hype About?

The series sets our mindset of considering a horror-thriller thing. Like the wrath of God has been rendered (thankfully just right in front of our screens), and there we see the outcomes of our bad deeds. Cinematically speaking, there are angels in different shapes and sizes. Hellbound casts a spell when you start streaming it. You can't take your eyes off the nail-biting scenes and exceptional performances.



The director of "Train to Busan," Yeon Sang-ho, created this series based on a webtoon "The Hellbound." It is about giving a physical appearance to the rage of God. There are three smoky gray, towering Hulk-like beasts that appear out of nowhere and proceed to slam people into cars, walls, anything really. They are neither villains nor monsters but the result of the sins they commit in their lifetime.

The Super-Hit Story:

Set in 2022, Hellbound is called a horror mystery series. It is an unusual story where random people receive prophecies from "angels," stating that in five days, they will be killed. At first, they don't believe it, but the fear and constant anxiety are there. Each time, these verdicts come true. It's not like just dying in peace but in the form of brutal murders by terrifying, relentless monsters.

Later in the series, we realize that these people were either criminals or committed sins in some way. We get to see different beliefs, and the religious group.The New Truth, led by the charismatic young Chairman Jung, ponders over the incidents that make people believe that these killings are a direct message from God. The detective Jin Kyeong-hoon is on the case to solve these unbelievable murders, and he has a lot of questions to grapple with. Are these creatures really sent from God? Or, some superpower is trying to capture a few people for their new experiment?

To not hurt you with the spoilers, watch the series to get the answers!

The Success of Hellbound in Numbers:

So far, according to the news and reports, the series has generated an estimated $900m in profit for Netflix. Based on the dark and twisted story, it is expected to stay on top in the thriller and mystery genre.

Our Take: Stream it or Skip it?

Upon watching the whole series, we can say that it is worth giving your time. The 6-episode long series is somehow the creative reflection of our society. With great cinematography, it is very creatively crafted. The series cleverly addresses something deeply familiar. As a whole, it is about the human psyche, as it portrays the interpretation of the supernatural things mixed with a clear sense of helplessness and fear.



This South Korean series highlights the power of the media in shaping our collective perceptions. One thing that makes it a must-watch is the consistent focus on human emotion. There are super-strong characters that make us believe in this mystical story. Additionally, you'll observe there is a significant time shift in the story that adds remarkable depth to the story.

Movies & Series like Hellbound:

As Hellbound is the new TV obsession, there are many TV series like that. If you loved the concept of Hellbound, you'd also enjoy watching Sweet Home, Strangers from Hell, The Call, etc. Binge-watch these hooking series and movies, and you'll come back for more options.

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