Games and sports are fun and entertainment but combined with that; there's a vital role of sports in maintaining a human body. In today's stressed and hectic routine, sports are proven to offer peace of mind.

A strong relationship has been found between regular exercise and mental health among people in general as they move into their old age. According to the Women's Sports Foundation, among people who had any physical activities for six to seven days a week, 25.1% felt sad for two weeks or more in the past 12 months, compared to 35.7% of the people who reported exercising on zero to one day.

To be more precise, let us first talk about the real benefits of adopting a sport in your life.

Benefits of Playing Sports

Generally speaking, games are for everyone. Be it your toddler, yourself, your mom reaching her retirement, or your grandma in her bed, sports cover a wide variety of exercises that should be adopted by every single person. And here's why:

#1 They are good for Healthier Heart.

Unfortunately, heart disease is increasing day by day due to the diet we consume and stress levels. Also, the death rate from heart attacks has risen exponentially in the world. So, the good news is that having a good exercise routine and participation in sports can dramatically increase heart health and reduce the chances of dying from cardiac disease.

#2 Reduced Stress and Anxiety


Over two-thirds of youngsters are suffering from mental health issues. They say that they experience stress or anxiety on a daily basis, but there is a solution for everything. Getting involved in physical activity or starting a game can greatly impact the efficiency of the mind.

#3 Diverse Social Connections

Joining sports clubs and teams adds up to your social life. You get to meet new people from different backgrounds, professions, and ages. The only thing common between you all is the enthusiasm for the game. Thus, sports are proven to be a great way to meet new people and socialize.

#4 Reduced Risk of Diabetes

The World's Diabetes Association recommends a combination of aerobic activity and strength building to lower the risk of developing prediabetes. Some of the sports suggested by doctors include cycling, swimming, tennis, running, rowing, and skiing.

#5 Reduced Body Fat


Participation in sporting activities will give you less time to sit idle and just eat. It has been established as a great way to lose weight. According to all the health and fitness experts, an exercise that involves short bursts of intense effort is the most effective. For people of older age, a lower intensity workout can still work really well.

#6 Teamwork

Playing as part of a team is a great way to bond with others. It can create a profound sense of satisfaction when communication, cooperation, and previous practice all comes together positively. Teamwork can be a wonderful learning experience for children and can improve the morale and efficiency of an adult work group. Teams can bring a deep sense of belonging, and you never stop learning when you are part of them, in my experience.

#7 Sleep Better

As regular physical activity makes your brain release positive hormones, thus it results in a good night's sleep. As per the National Sleep Foundation, sports can help people with problems sleeping to get more slumber.

#8 Lower Blood Pressure


According to the specialists, regular aerobic activities can be used to control or lower your blood pressure. Physical activities, sports, and exercises are basically anything that uses a variety of different muscles in repeated and rhythmic movements. For that, you can try playing tennis, badminton, running, bicycling, and swimming.

#9 Improved Appearance

Along with getting in shape, physical activity can boost your confidence by having an improved appearance. When your muscles are toned up, you'd definitely feel better. Being physically active also enables more blood flow and oxygen, which makes your skin healthier and gives you an enhanced complexion.

#10 Improved Mood

According to scientists, diverting your mind towards strengthening body muscles can trigger brain chemicals that lift your mood and makes you feel happier.

As said

"One man practicing sportsmanship is far better than 50 preaching it" – Knute Rockne.

After the numerous benefits, let us come to practical tips on how to choose the right sport for you.

We all face this dilemma — which is the right sport to pick. Some of us like great exertion, while some of us are lazy sloths. The fact is, we all are different so does our physical activities.

But don't worry, you won't back out disappointed when FAYVO is here. As there are plenty of options to choose from, FAYVO is helping you out in choosing the best fit.

Therefore, if you are feeling motivated, here are some tips for choosing the right sport for you.

Analyze Your Health:


Not every sport out is suitable for everyone. That's why we have plenty of options on the list. Different sports demand different stamina, effort, intensity, and time. Those people who are physically fit can go running, jogging, swimming, etc. However, people with any prior health problems should first consult a doctor before diving into their game of choice. For example, people with high blood pressure are asked to keep their heart rate moderate.

Find Out Preference: Team or Individual Sport

As our health differs, so do our personalities. Some of us are social butterflies who love to make new friends, make connections, and be around people. At the same time, the others like to be at peace alone. So, find out what you like and how you'd like to do your physical activity.

If you are a good team player, you can opt for basketball, tennis, cricket, baseball, etc., which play a role in a team. Or if you like to do it all by yourself, you can simply enjoy individual sports like cycling and gymnastics. Observe your habits and considerations, try to find out what you like and then decide.

Time Availability

The available time does matter when you are an adult and have a work life, children, and a social circle. In that case, revise your routine and see where you can add sports.

Find out if you are a morning or evening person. What part of the day do you want to make more energetic? And so on. If you have a really busy schedule, start with investing 20 min per day.

Having said that, it's also key to work out at least once a day.

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Examine Your Lifestyle:


Before you decide on a sport or a game, examine your lifestyle, your surroundings, and your work-life. This way, you can choose the sport that will coordinate well with your daily routine. There are sports that require group coordination, intense time, and a schedule for practices. They may take most of your time.

So, figure out your priorities, and ask yourself if you will be able to juggle your work and the game. Besides, ensure that choosing a sport doesn't make you compromise on anything else more important. Talk to your family about how they respond to it, and then go get it!

Consider Your Physical Traits.

We all have different body types and shapes, and thus, we are not suited for the same sports. For instance, shorter people are not good with basketball or athletic racing. Similarly, taller people are not suitable for boxing, etc.

If you are good at riding, choose horse riding or bicycle racing. If you are more flexible, go for a sport like football. However, there are a few sports that can be played by almost everyone. These are badminton and table tennis. They do not consider much of a person's physique.

Choose the Sport That Enjoys You

Don't think of a sport as additional stress; instead, count it as a stress cutter. You may want to practice sports for various reasons, but adapting one should be fun for you.

Don't forget about it!

Even if you are getting training to achieve the desired results, accept it with all your heart. Be comfortable, take your time and make it a habit. For you to enjoy the sports and activities, make sure you have the right gear for it.

Let's Start.

P.S. whenever you feel tired, take an off-season — but not a season off!

So, when you've finally made up your mind to practice a sport this year, don't overthink or be it just a thought.

Choose the right spot for you, and for that, FAYVO has built up a great community to share what you like and find similar-minded people. Download the app and bring a change to your life and for yourself.

Whether you start any new thing in daily life, it would take time to get adjusted. You'd feel exhausted in the beginning, but don't stop there, keep going. Either you choose one sport or three, give yourself enough motivation to go along. Even then, if you need a break with some cross-training activities, take your time. But this break shouldn't end up quitting. Good luck!