The global pandemic has hit us hard, and now we are all living with it. Back in 2019, when the Coronavirus outbreak just started, everyone was terrified (and it was awfully scary back then), and every human being was trying to stay away from the other ones. All the health experts and government officials asked us to help battle the virus by keeping at least 6 feet away from others. Along with sanitizing everything and handwashing, social distancing (also called physical distancing) was required to "flatten the curve" and slow the spread of COVID-19.

When businesses shut down, markets stayed closed and only hospitals were in the running, just then we realized the power of social networking online.

Yes, it is about getting entertainment and lots of memes, but other than that, our whole lives can be transformed by social media and social channels. Organizations shifted everything to their digital platforms, and that's how a new world has been reformed in the past three years.


Fast forward to 2022: Things are a lot better now. The virus is still there, but we've found ways to survive it. AS humans are social beings, keeping a distance from loved ones is tough medicine to take. But here at FAYVO, we have a solution for (almost) every problem you face.

So, just because you're physically distant from friends and family doesn't mean you can't stay connected. In fact, there's a lot more entertaining stuff out there to try and have fun. Let's see what it is.



Have you missed those late-night gaming competitions with friends when you all had a sleepover? Don't worry; it can be arranged now as well.



The dedicated gamers can keep the traditional game night alive by inviting friends over a virtual game night. It's a new experience, and we're sure you'd all love it. To find the right games, FAYVO is at your service with all types of genres and categories. Throw a fun-filled evening together with a little friendly competition to minimize the distance blues and get your adrenaline pumping.





What's better than saving yourself from the long queues at a concert and then waiting for hours being hungry and tired? Well, that's why it is recommended for you and your friends to listen to the LIVE concerts online. Discuss and decide whom to see and attend the music show of your favorite bands with your loved ones in tow. There are tons of events, festivals, and performances available for live streaming for fans around the world. Find one, sit on your couch, wear your PJs, and enjoy. It's a whole new adventure.




"Buddies who share their music playlists generally stay together for longer than the friends who don't" - Some music enthusiasts.

So, there's always an option to share what you love and create a combined playlist online with your best friend. How to do it?



Use FAYVO to find and save your favorite music tunes and when you are done, share that box with friends. Similarly, when you wish to know what your friends are listening to, ask them to share their boxes! It's pretty simple and easy.

Additionally, Spotify's collaborative playlist feature is another way to share tunes and mix music genres to create a unique international playlist.




Wanderers suffered the most due to the pandemic, and we can understand the urge to explore new locations. As the borders are opening now, let's be safe for a while but don't lose hope. You can watch the videos of hidden and most curious places in the world, all by signing in to your system. Visit the depths of the Paris Catacombs from your lounge or start your virtual journey from the Palace of Versailles to the base camp of Mt. Everest.



It's not about visiting the world online throughout your life, but you can create a travel destination checklist and get details about those places before you actually go there. After all, pre-planning will help you out later on your next tours.




Being social online brings a lot of benefits, and one of the most popular of them is making new friends. Joining an online group is a great way to meet new virtual friends who have similar tastes as yours. To do this, FAYVO has offered a group chat feature to find the live chats happening around you.



Ask for recommendations over interesting stuff, share your experiences, and never get out of recommendations. It's a virtual friends’ get-together, and it's exciting to meet people from all over the world without actually stepping out of your home.




Having a movie night doesn't mean everyone has to be present physically, but arranging a show with Netflix Party online can be extremely entertaining. With the latest technology, luckily, distance doesn't have to drive a wedge between you, your family and friends, and your favorite shows. Find the trending TV shows, discuss the genre, and binge-watch them together.