Once upon a time, people kept track of their favorite things and memories by cutting out pictures and texts and placing them in a physical scrapbook to be cherished for years to come. But fast forward to 2019, and everything has become completely scattered. With photo albums and messages now digitized, people have their favorite memories and things plastered across different online platforms. Some post photo albums on Facebook; others only on Instagram, while mood boards, favorite recipes and decors are often saved on Pinterest.

With so many platforms and different items saved in different places, it’s almost impossible for anyone to keep dedicated scrapbooks in the same place. And while physical scrapbooks have basically become eradicated by social media platforms, there’s no denying that people still want to save their memories and keep the best moments they’ve experienced alive. The problem is that in today’s age, it no longer makes sense to create a physical scrapbook. They’re time-consuming, can easily be lost or simply forgotten, and it’s highly unlikely that anyone can keep up with the effort of maintaining one during their busy lives. Additionally, physical scrapbooks can’t easily be shared with family and friends, something that has become a necessity for most people today.

In such a digitized world, we all need a solution that will help us keep our favorites accessible and ready for us to come back to at any moment. We’re more connected than ever before, which means we’re also traveling more. This means that we sometimes tend to forget that favorite restaurant we went to, or that favorite spot our friend showed us. But if we had a digital scrapbook available at our fingertips, it would help us keep all these things reachable. With all of this in mind, Fayvo has created a way for everyone to create that same cherished space filled with your favorite things and memories that can easily be shared — this time, digitally.

Here’s how you can use Fayvo to easily create your own digital scrapbook:

1. Save your favorites from different categories in one place 

Your Fayvo profile consists of boxes which help you create content and categorize all of your favorite things while saving them in easily accessible albums. For example, you could have an album titled “Favorite Restaurants” and “Favorite Videos” on your profile page, making it simple to separate your favorite things while still being able to find them in one single place, rather than jumping from different platform to different platform to find what you’re trying to bookmark or share.

2. Use Fayvo’s integrated applications to simplify your scrapbook

Long gone are the days of sourcing your favorite things from different magazines and photo albums to paste into a physical scrapbook. Thanks to Fayvo’s many integrated applications, users can now easily derive all their favorite books, movies, music, and moments that they would like to keep track of into one platform. Fayvo’s growing list of APIs include: YouTube, Apple Music, IMDB, Google Reader, and much more.

3. Share your digital scrapbook with friends and family

Want to keep your favorite moments alive by sharing them? Unlike a physical scrapbook that gets finished and then left to the wayside, you can keep the momentum of your digital scrapbook going by sharing it with friends and family. When they join you on Fayvo, they can follow your profile in just one click and keep up with your favorite spots and recommendations from every category that’s important to you. This way, you can continually update and share your favorite places and things with everyone who is important to you.

Ready to create your own digital scrapbook? Join Fayvo’s thousands of users and download the app to get started today!


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