Our social media feeds are overstuffed. Even though we all want to see are the latest updates from our closest friends, we often end up scrolling through mundane posts, pictures, and videos – not to mention the countless ads.

 With all that noise, it’s no wonder that companies will spend over $18.4 billion on ads this year – even as the number of people clicking on ads continues to fall. We’re just not as interested in content from people we don’t know and trust. There’s no question that a great recommendation from a friend can lead to your next favorite restaurant, book, or TV show. But how do we find this kind of content in a world of oversaturation? 

We’ve come up with a few ways to find your next obsession with Fayvo. Here are a few of the features we’ve added to help you stay connected with what interests you. 

Filter your Feed 

Everyone’s different. Your foodie friend might know the best hidden secrets in the city, but you might not be as interested in some of their other recommendations.  

On Fayvo, you can follow your friends and select the content you want to enjoy. Filter by food posts to see the latest dishes people are discussing – or choose a different category to keep up with the latest books, movies, TV and more. 

Discover New Favorites 

Our Fayvo community is growing every day, and we’re always posting our own content to show you what’s new in the world of fashion, music, culture, and beyond. New follows become new friends, and the wealth of content you can discover is virtually unlimited. Repost and share what you want others to discover – or keep it to yourself and become the next great trend-setter. 

Grow Your Following 

Do you have your own favorites you’d like to share with the world? You’re in control of your Fayvo profile. Build your own favorites list full of the things you cherish – and gain comments and likes from your friends when you make an impact. There’s no better feeling than knowing your recommendations have gone viral among your peers.  

Your Content, Curated 

Unlike other apps that arrange your content their way, on Fayvo, you’re in charge. Create a box of travel photos from your recent vacation to have all your related pictures in one place. At the same time, your timeline feed shows your followers what you’ve been up to lately. Keep posts private between friends or public for maximum exposure. It’s your life – display it your way.  

Your Favorites, Your Fayvo

With your friends and favorites all in one place, you’ll be able to stay in touch and on-trend faster than ever before. Your feed reflects your interests – no more days of endless scrolling just to find something cool. Just all the things you love most collected in one place.

Show The World What You Love

We’re dedicated to bringing social media back to its roots. That means great content shared by people staying connected throughout the world. When you’re part of the Fayvo community, you’re letting your voice be heard – from down the block to across the globe. 

Ready to get started? You can create a Fayvo profile within minutes via our app and start following, posting, and sharing the content you care about with the people you love. Who knows – you might end up causing a new viral trend among your best friends and closest family. 

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