Stepping into one biggest event of the year, Riyadh Season, we all have already buckled up ourselves for the fun and entertainment happening around. With this grand event, we expect tons of activities and lots of new experiences. To double the enjoyment, FAYVO is introducing LIVE GROUP CHATS for different zones of the Riyadh Season.


Previously, we used to keep track of our favorite things. Be it movies, music, good books, fashion trends, TV shows, new releases, or anything we loved to keep safe. But now, it is about finding the amazing options around you. With our latest feature, FAYVO users can explore unlimited opportunities to find events happening around them.


What Does 'Around You' bring to the table? / How Can 'Around You' Help Fayvo Users? / What the Feature Holds?


The goal of our feature is to make socialization easier. With Fayvo, you can always find like-minded people and connect with them, but now it is related to the geographical location you are currently present in. When attending the Riyadh Season, you'll have 15 different zones. All of these zones are different from one another based on the activities planned and events scheduled for them. 'Around You' lets you find and join the LIVE CHAT GROUPS of people when you visit specific zones.


The idea of group chats is to allow the audience around to share and ask about recommendations, learn about the worth-trying options around them, and have a healthy conversation regarding interests and likes. Here's what you can do:

  • Talk to people attending the event
  • Find new and entertaining things to do
  • Give and take recommendations on the best activities
  • Ask about the event details
  • Share your experience for a specific activity
  • Make new friends based on age, gender, and interests


What are the options to explore around?


Riyadh Season continues for more than 50 days, starting from October 20th,2021. The event has 250+ events, 15 different zones, 20+ million expected visitors, and unlimited fun. From music concerts to movie shows, game contests to exhibitions, expos to studios, sports to eating spots, international shopping brands to food stalls, stadium shows to horror activities, and anything you can imagine. Some of the zones are:


When you visit any of the zones, FAYVO will show you what's happening around you. That's how you'll always be caught up and informed about the fun stuff out there.


How does it work?


To help you enjoy the event to your fullest, our 'Around You' feature has got you covered. To join a particular group chat, you have to go to any of the Riyadh Season zones. After that, your FAYVO account will automatically show you the active group chats going around. Upon joining the chat, you'll be a part of that group. With them, you can talk about worth-trying options, explore all the activities, meet and greet new people physically present in your geographical zone, attend the festivities, give and take recommendations for the best stalls, connect with like-minded people, and more!


You may be thinking, what happens if you step out of a zone? So, once you leave the zone and travel outside a particular radius, all the group chats joined by you will be left automatically, and your group conversation will disappear from the account. So, it's now time to download the app, and let's start meeting and greeting fellow Fay'vers!