For all the foodies out there! 

We understand your cravings and love for food. 

Sometimes it is about the Italian pasta you enjoyed months back, and the other times, it is the peri-peri bites you loved eating. And finding the local yummy food is a hassle when you don’t know where to find it. Additionally, the energy levels are not same everyday, and on those days, we all want someone to simply help us out.

Well, this is all normal. But now, let’s solve this. 

How do you know where the best places to dine are? 

In this digital age, there are plenty of platforms that offer you help. Online help forums, discussions, and groups are always there to provide you with the solution. Sure, you can ask your friends or simply take the plunge and try somewhere new, but sometimes you could do with more focused help. 

But here comes the confusion, how to find out the real recommendations for food? From a pool of options, what to choose for the next time? 

So, let us help out. Here we are, with the list of websites and apps that assist in the best local breakfast places and local places to eat around you.

We take a look at some of the best apps for recommending great places to dine. Be it local or international points; they are helpful to all the food lovers. Let’s dive into it.



For the most relevant searches around you, this app is the best. Buy Local, Eat Natural is a platform for those who want an easy way to support locals. The app allows the audience to search for locally produced food and beverages. It lists down all the farmed and processed food options within the province of BC. If anyone wants to get their food products listed on the website, they can also use the app. You can join them as a restaurant, a retailer, a merchant, a market vendor, or even a food truck.



It is one of the best local food recommendations apps. It is a social application that lets you find all the tasty food locations around you. Be it a bakery, restaurant, bar, coffee place, or anything; it lists down all the points. People can find and share their food recommendations easily. FAYVO also lets you share your experience about a specific place and let your friends know before they visit it. The app is easy to use and provides accurate search results. Based on the Artificial Intelligence system, FAYVO fetches the best results for you. So, finding tacos around you has surely never been so easy to track down, right?



The app is available for both iOS and Android devices. Foursquare is known to be one of the most useful food apps. It has gained success in recent years due to its handiness. While you use the app, you find new places to try delicious food. You can also build your community and follow people whose taste matches yours. The app also lets you see the reviews about a restaurant, along with advice on what to order. Based on the intelligent user experience, it gives you the options that you like. Once you tell your favorite things, it’ll bring the most relevant results to you. Making it easier for you to try your next favorite thing, Foursquare is a great app to try.

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Sometimes, easiness is all you need. The food app, Zagat, gives you very precise comments about the restaurants and bars. If you are looking for good local food, it’ll help you without having to dig around too much. In the app, you have filters to arrange the results as per scoring. It shows different scores for food, ambiance, décor, and service. You can find many places according to your mood and cravings. The app covers almost everything you look for and provides a well-rounded package, so you can spend more time eating and less time browsing.



Urbanspoon is a local review website for eating spots. They add reviews about almost everything around. For the food reviews, they invite critics, food bloggers, and foodies to search for and review restaurants in their area. Other than this, Urbanspoon spots the best local eating places for you.

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Find. Eat. Drink:


Covering more than 4,500 destinations around the world, this food app has a huge set of options for you. "Find. Eat. Drink." even works internationally, including restaurants in Mexico and the Caribbean. When using the app, you see recommendations coming from genuine food enthusiasts. These are professionals, including top-tier chefs, butchers, food purveyors, and bartenders. What sets them apart is their flexibility in making a customized list for people. You can choose and save the place using the app when you’re planning an exciting vacation soon.

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