The time has come when we all connect without any boundaries and limitations attached to us. Whether you wish to join a community or event happening in Europe, or you want to know about the entertaining options in Dubai, it is all possible now.

Team FAYVO is introducing Group Chats to worldwide audiences.


Previously when we launched the feature, we limited it to the Riyadh Season and its zones. This means FAYVO users could only participate in the live group chats that were happening in their geographical region. As soon as you step out of the boundary, you are out of the chat.

The zones covering the grand Riyadh Season were:









    - SAFARI

When visitors attended the zone physically, group chats began to show in the app, and they were able to see what was happening around them. That's how they'd always be caught up and informed about the fun stuff out there.

Since the Riyadh Season is over, no worries, the fun is still there!

So, considering the great response received by our lovely FAYVO users, we have now redesigned the feature, keeping in mind your feasibility and preference.

What's New in Around You?

This time, the feature has become handier for you.

Now, all you have to do is go to the FAYVO app, have a look at the chat groups or zones available to you and join them. It's that easy.

No, you don't have to travel somewhere in order to get details about a specific event. You can chat and talk in the comfort of your home. Let us explain it with an example.

For instance, you wish to visit Riyadh in the upcoming week and want to know about the good restaurants there, budget-friendly accommodation, worth-trying experiences, etc. For that, you'd join the group chat 'Riyadh Boulevard' or 'Riyadh Festival,' and there you'll get all the answers.

Right then, you'll be a part of that group. With the people already present in the group, you can talk about entertaining options, explore all the activities, make new friends before visiting the place, attend the festivities, give and take recommendations for the best stalls, connect with like-minded people, and more!

Benefits of Joining Global Group Chats:

For the users who haven't stepped out of their town or city, it is a fearful experience to go out in this big world. And therefore, most people don't even dare to do this. At FAYVO, we encourage everyone to explore the beauty of this world by planning a trip and going out on vacation.

But before that, you need to have a handful of information about where you are going and what to do there. For that, we have added the feature of AROUND YOU to make you feel at home before you actually start your journey.

Here's what the feature brings:


With the group chats happening in different zones, you get to be a part of a room full of an audience. You can quickly convey your message to a number of people at the same time. Be it your confusion regarding the tour or fun facts; you can share it all. Critics and supporters are all together on the same platform. Their immediate response would be helpful for the successful planning of your trip.


You and your friends can join the group together and this way, the possibilities are endless. This virtual meet-up is always refreshing for everyone. Share your thoughts and stories of the trip you just had and ask for experiences.

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Knowing people who have similar interests as yours is a big blessing. As the birds of a feather flock together, and they are happier that way, people function in the same way. You might feel alone in real-world situations, especially when you are arranging a family trip and you are the head of them all. So, connect with like-minded people, talk to them about how you feel, and you'd surely find a solution. A group chats online to make you find very similar people without making any effort.



One biggest benefit of joining the group chats in FAYVO is that it is all REAL.

There are no fake profiles, no chat bots to ping you with irrelevant stuff or bother you. We are determined to work very hard and keep the bots away from you. We make sure that you always get connected with real people.

So, what are you waiting for?

Download the app today and start exploring the world!