With tons of new releases in 2021, we have seen cute friendship movies, super horror films, and some top-class Netflix series. From Squid Games getting the hype to Money Heist's latest season, we are jampacked with entertainment. One good addition to the list is the Kate movie. So, let's talk about this one of the best Netflix action-thriller movies. Kate was released two months back in September and used many of the same ideas that have been presented to the hitman subgenre for decades. The action-packed film especially covers the points that have become more common in the wake of John Wick's success.


The following section of the article contains minor spoilers for Netflix's Kate movie *_*

Being the action movies' fans, you'd love how KATE is picturized and presented on the screen. In the thriller genre, sometimes all you want to see is a hero you can relate to. The protagonist has a clear goal but faces the human form of challenges standing in reaching that goal. The old concept of 'one hero versus a big army of thugs' has hardly anything new to show but based on fan reaction, Kate movie starring Mary Elizabeth Winstead, does exactly that.

Before going to the detailed discussion, let's see the trailer first.

KATE | Official Trailer | Netflix

Directed by: Cedric Nicolas-Troyan

Written by: Umair Aleem

Release date: September 10, 2021


Storyline: Winstead slays in the female assassin movie.

It's Osaka, Japan, and the hero named Kate, who is a trained killer, is preparing for a job accompanied by her boss. The boss is not only an authoritative person but a mentor and father figure, Varrick (Woody Harrelson). The story changes when she has to pull the trigger for a person who has a little daughter. She shoots him and then, ten months later, finds herself still quietly guilty by what she did.

When Kate decides to quit and end this chapter of life, she is given irreversible radiation poisoning. She figures out she has just 24 hours to find who wants her dead and why.


The journey reunites her with the girl she was orphaned. The movie here takes a diversion because, of course, it is a female-leading picture that warms around the presence of a child. It is specifically the thing associated with women leading characters used by mostly male screenwriters to humanize female killers. Kate is being convinced to believe that she is just an instrument used by her team to complete the job. Despite Winstead (Kate) trying her very best to show that she has some uniqueness.


Kate Movie Review: The Good and The Bad

With the impressive action play, let's now talk about what critics think it lacks. According to the negative reviews, it is not anything different or too good in the assassin's genre and relies too much on the action part. But, in a general opinion, rating a movie and judging it based on other similar movies is not fair. So, if you observe the level of entertainment the film offers, well, that's the reason for high ratings. Yes, the movie is not perfect from all perspectives, but far better than many action-thriller movies. Good storyline, suspense, interesting plot, mind-blowing action, and amazing acting skills are what make the Kate movie a wonderful experience. This movie clearly appeals to hardcore action fans.


Final Thoughts: Stream it or not?

Kate movie isn't all about Kate. With the leading role of Mary Elizabeth as Kate, the movie has other interesting characters as well. The girl playing the character, Ani, shows flawless acting on the screen. She's the niece of the man who Kate is after, but she ends up helping Kate throughout much of the film. No character loses its spark till the end.


When it comes to deciding on watching the movie or not, we vote for a YES.

Here's the argument. All the action movies need to show some exciting action sequences and a strong leading hero, to which the audience is able and willing to get behind; the movie Kate seems to have scored perfectly in both regards.

Mary Elizabeth has given other record-breaking performances in Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, Birds of Prey, and then Kate; she plays second fiddle to no one. She is the one who is capable of carrying an entire action-heavy movie on her own back.

Kate movie is a vibe. You see bright colors with dark streets and are recorded on the neon-soaked streets of Tokyo. It's a stylish movie, and the style permeates not only the movie's look but its action as well. The fight choreography is worth appreciating, and the amazing cinematography as well. When you start watching the movie, you get hooked, as each battle becomes tenser than the previous one.


"Kate" is "John Wick" meets "Die Hard" meets "Collateral" meets "Kill Bill all the Volumes."

We all have seen these movies before, full of action and fight scenes. But with KATE, you will get a grindhouse of a good time with some bleak and wickedly sharp humor, screen-popping visuals, and some pretty great fight scenes.


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