If you haven't already been a fan of Korean series, ask yourself if you are a real movie buff or not? Especially with the massive success of one of the best Korean dramas, Squid Game, we all are looking to watch more of the same genre. Also, 2022 is as good a time as ever to get started with K-series. Why? Because this new decade has started with a rush of incredible movies, interesting thrillers, mind-gripping documentaries, and more.

So, if you are looking for some emotional stuff to watch or a good dose of butterflies in your stomach, here we have the best Korean dramas of 2022. And if you are thinking, how you'd understand the Korean language, so Netflix has English audio to almost all the top Korean dramas. Additionally, from the multiple options, if you wish to filter out the best Korean series, download the app FAYVO. It is one of the best movies and series recommendations app that offers suggestions based on your interests.

For now, we've got a fantastic list of the best Korean dramas of all time. From silly romantic movies to series that explore psychological trauma, you'll definitely find something to your liking. So, let's get started;



Based on a famous cartoon web series, Nevertheless is a story of two classmates, Han and Song. They are two typical people having the thoughts of "I don't believe in love" type. And then they fall in love. It is one of the best Korean dramas on Netflix that perfectly balances the fairytale life and reality of falling in love. It does what Korean dramas have been doing so well lately. It is on the list because it's a must-watch for anyone navigating the dating scene in 2022.

Sweet Home:


If you plan to stay at home over the weekend and chill, this show surely can help you. This touchy yet horror series is about a guy who moves to a new town after a terrible family tragedy. Right after he goes there, everyone in the neighborhood begins falling victim to monsters and transforming into weird creatures. The boy gets stuck inside his new apartment building. After some time, he joins with people who are unbitten to battle the monsters.

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One of the best Korean dramas is Goblin. It is definitely a masterpiece among all the other releases. "Goblin" or "Guardian: The Lonely and Great God" follows the story of a celebrated warrior general from the Goryeo Dynasty who is murdered under orders from the King. He is then stuck due to a curse spelled upon him. He gets an immortal life until the Goblin's bride takes him out of misery by pulling out the sword stuck in his chest. It was going well until he fell in love. Now the situation gets worse when Goblin wants both an end to his suffering and a life with his beloved. Stream into this show and have your tissues ready because this Korean series is going to be a bumpy ride of emotions.

A Thousand Days' Promise:


What would be the real-life scenario if all of your precious memories started fading away? Well, A Thousand Days' Promise lets you experience it on screen. These 20 episodes of melodrama are emotional and very heart-touching. The story is about a person's memory loss. Can you imagine how sad it is to see your loved one losing memory? This Korean drama perfectly depicts those emotions of being forgotten.

Crash Landing on You:


The story is about a South Korean lady who gets caught in a storm while experiencing paragliding and finds herself blown off course into North Korea. Just then, the lady, Se-ri, runs into Ri Jeong-hyeok. He is the captain of the North Korean Special Forces and belongs to an elite family. Captain Ri then devises a plan to get Se-ri back to South Korea with the help of his squad. As expected, they have to tackle the obstacles that come their way. This drama mixes romance and comedy, which ultimately shows us the tale of two star-crossed lovers.

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It's Okay, That's Love:


The movie goes around a bestselling mystery author who is also a radio show host. She then meets psychiatrist Ji Hae-soo, and they don't initially hit it off. After some time, they both happen to live under the same roof. From a very rough start, Hae Soo and Jae Yeol manage their differences and help each other heal from their old and deep-rooted traumas. Hae-soo has a sex phobia, and Jae-yeol suffers from OCD. This drama is really heartwarming, and you'll love to watch the chemistry between them.