What’s the most important thing for you in your possession these days? 

It will be your smartphone. 

Yes, our gadgets have made us dependent on them and they are the primary source of entertainment for all of us. We cannot imagine our days without scrolling through our favorite social media app, listening to our favorite song, or even posting our photos. 

Other than communication, calls, and sending messages, our devices have given so more to us. And what makes it possible for us to do all of it? It is the entertainment apps that keep us hooked. 

Our restaurant finder, our movies buddy, cab getter, and everything else we do in a do; all because of the amazing fun apps in our phones. So, today, FAYVO team is talking about those best fun apps that double the entertainment and keep us joyous all the time. 

Let’s get started; 

iFunny – fresh memes, GIFs and videos:


iFunny is one of the top apps enjoyed by the audience and used primarily for fun. It follows one trending topic of the age, that is, memes. Memes for every occasion, every topic, everything. It gives you your daily dose of laughter amidst your hectic day. It was also ranked among top 10 most popular apps in the United States. Who doesn’t want to have a cheerful moment in the long 24 hours of stress? We all do! 

iFunny brings the word ‘lol’ to life. You will find some really good and relevant memes according to your taste. The app has content that you can relate to, and offers a smart feature to hide content that you may not want other people to know you are viewing. For all the people who want to enjoy and have a good everyday laugh, iFunny is made for them. 



TikTok has revolutionized the way people used to make videos. From transitions to effects and filters, it is all very entertaining. The app has already crossed over a billion downloads on Android. Along with the controversial content, you cannot deny the presence of funny yet creative content on this platform. From mems to stories, and poetry, you can do everything with this app. You can follow influencers and content creators for a regular feed that’s interesting and according to your taste. Currently, it is the most used app among young and older generation. If you haven’t tried it yet, do it now!

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Paytm First Games – Online Gaming Platform:


If you find entertainment in playing games, Paytm First Games is the ultimate destination for you. It ensures that your gaming experience is 100% safe and secure. From the collection of more than 300 games available, it is up to you what you choose and play. There are interactive games as well and the ones that offer you rewards. You can select action packed games, fantasy sports, poker, Ludo, quizzes, and racing games. The platform offers options for both boys and girls. It is available on Android and IOS.



Oh yes, why not we mention FAYVO in the fun app? 

When it comes to have entertainment with your favorite things, go no further than FAYVO

For those who don’t know, it is a social media app that keeps all of your favorites safe and organized. 

Along with that, the app is fun to use because it has hundreds of options in recommendations. If you are a movie fan, you’ll find your favorite movie there, if you love listening to songs, you can create your own playlist over there, a foodie can find numerous tasty spots using the app, and a nerd will get new recommendations on his next read. It is a complete package of entertainment. 

The FAYVO app makes it easy for people to find, save and share favorites, all through a single platform. 



Who doesn’t know about Netflix and Chill? Well, it is one of the most popular app that gained more audience after COVID-19 happened. The web app is being loved and used by everyone around the globe. It has a huge database of TV series, shows, documentaries, movies, dramas, stand-up specials, and seasons. There are different subscriptions of this app. You can create up to five profiles for a single account in Netflix. Every profile can be personalized according to the users’ preferences. It also allows you to download the videos when connected to WiFi and watch later. 

The Preview quick videos let you know brief about the series and movies. Download: Android | iOS

SketchBook – draw and paint:


Let’s be honest here, who doesn’t love painting, sketching, drawing and doodling? SketchBook by Autodesk is an amazing app that lets you draw, no matter what your skill level is. The interface is clean and simple, while the drawing experience is fluid. This app has an amazing Time-Lapse recording that records your drawing progress and enables you to quickly share it with others. This app is free to download from the play store, with a pro version with additional brushes and features.

Applications available for entertainment are wide and varied, ranging from funny clips, game apps, movies, songs, ebooks, tabloid news, sports, betting, poker, and gambling. Regardless of your areas of interest, you will be sure to find multiple apps that will cater to your dopamine needs