Growing up with changing music taste makes you collect many different genres of music at the same time. Especially if you belong to those 90s kids' army, you'll remember mixtapes (or even mix CDs) as the time-honored way of sharing your music. Back then, we had to buy blank CDs, fill them up by connecting to our PCs and then give out those CDs to our friends. We had piles of tapes and cassettes to save our favorite collection. At that age, mixtapes were the perfect way to impress your crush or just influence your friends with how many obscure bands you'd heard of.

Everything has gone digital as we've moved from traditional ways of keeping our favorites to the modern age. Be it our communication, recommendations, playlists, watchlists, books collection, or anything else. Now we have our smartphones, and it holds everything we need. But with the endless possibilities come confusion.

Right now, we have plenty of platforms for entertainment. Be it YouTube, Facebook, Spotify, Netflix, etc. We use all of them and save our favorites separately. These social apps are great for exploring new movies, listening to new songs, finding exciting books, and getting travel recommendations, but it is all scattered.

There are plenty of applications, services, and tools, designed just to make it easy to share playlists with friends and family. So, whether you are at a party, commuting to work, waiting at a doctor for an appointment, your favorite mixes and songs should be with you all the time. 

So, what are the different platforms that offer playlist sharing and offline modes? Let’s read: 

The Best Music Apps for You!

All of these music apps are free, easy to use, and compatible with Android and iOS devices. 

For all the classic tunes: Pandora


Pandora is another popular and world-famous music streaming app. It is being loved by millions of users. The only drawback is that it is not free. The application offers offline playback in its premium version. They change and keep updating the app around the best-personalized listening experience for everyone, and for that, it is heavily investing in improved and automated music analysis. The paid versions of Pandora allow an ad-free offline playback experience, and it starts from $4.99/month.

For the most creative playlists: Spotify


Spotify is considered a pioneer in music streaming apps and is undoubtedly one of the best options for music. It is a world-known service as it offers a number of curated music discovery services. It keeps you involved with its Discover Weekly playlist and is constantly implementing new ones, such as Stations. They've also started offering podcasts. The premium service of Spotify gives as much value as Apple Music. The app is a fun, easy-to-use interface and has an extensive catalog.

For the all in one music experience: Amazon Music


Many people listen to music as it plays in the background and you do your everyday things. With Amazon music, you can do this. It perfectly integrates with the other commonly used household technologies. You have options to listen to unlimited tunes. Amazon Music Unlimited is a perfectly capable music streaming service, a better one if you opt for the Hi-Res Audio tier

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For discovering new artists: Soundcloud


SoundCloud is the best pick when considering free music streaming apps. It is all free and amazingly works offline too. Usually, most of the free music streaming apps have lots and lots of apps, but here's the best part about SoundCloud, it doesn't annoy you with ads. The SoundCloud app has got its inspiration from Spotify, and it is easy to use. The platform offers a free community to music creators where they can upload their original beats and get renowned. You can stream tens of thousands of original hits to mashups, covers, remix songs, podcasts, audits, and more.


For getting the experts’ playlist: Google Play Music


Google Play Music has a neat, sleek, and clean design lined with custom radio stations. You can find hand-picked playlists very easily. The amazing application available in Android phones gives you full access to your cloud-based music collection anytime, anywhere. If you are going out, you can still access the music from the Play Music website. Although the free version is good enough to use, if you wish to get Google's massive song database, the subscription costs $10 a month. With that little payment, you will get YouTube Red, personalized radio stations, smart recommendations, and more.


FAYVO: Your Ultimate Music Assistant


FAYVO is a music recommendations app that lets you find music of your interest and type. If you feel like running out of good songs or looking for the latest releases, download the app. It is free to use, and it lets you create a playlist of your own. You can save your favorite songs, find the trending tunes, and can recommend them to your friends. From rock music to tunes and low-themed songs, it has something for every person and mood.

Whether you’re into rap or pop, indie rock or metal, FAYVO will help you discover more and keep up with the latest in your music scene.

We are in the chaos of making new accounts for every new platform and then remembering them for a lifetime. That's where FAYVO comes to the rescue. And we are sure that it's the easiest yet quickest way to explore, save, and share your favorite stuff.

How can FAYVO be your savior?

Music is a language, and your playlists have the words you can't say out loud. So, why not keep it with you all the time? Well, FAYVO understands this, and that's why we have come up with a complete solution.

Save and organize favorites songs from different genres and artists in one place.

After downloading the FAYVO app, you're given a profile that you can customize as per your interests. You can upload your favorite songs, bands, albums, and tunes. There'll be different boxes for different categories of music. For example, a box is called 'classic.' It has all the classical music you can listen to on your low days. Similarly, you create a box named 'party songs.' It's the one you play when you want to chill with your friends. See! Everything is organized and saved at your end.

Not only this, you won't ever lose this playlist. It'll be for you and with you, all the time.

Fayvo makes it easy to find out the right tunes instantly and keeping them together. So rather than scrolling down in your huge playlist or jumping from platform to platform to find what you're trying to bookmark or share, you get all the good things in one place.

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Use Fayvo's integrated applications to simplify your music listening experience.

Fayvo is unique and designed especially for you. The app understands your need to integrate it with other platforms to provide a unified experience. This way, you can easily find the favorites from different apps and can discover numerous options. We have a good number of APIs connected. For music, you can have Apple Music, Amazon, and YouTube

Discover and add new tunes to favorites

It is not just about your favorite songs. But, FAYVO keeps updating you about what your friends are listening to. It shows newsfeed and music options related to your taste. Then, based on the genres and artists you like, FAYVO recommends more music options to you.

Additionally, you can build a community of music lovers around you. You'll connect with people who share similar interests. That's how you'll never miss a trending beat or a new song. Sharing music, getting recommendations, and making a playlist was never easier than this. So, why not use it to our benefit and take it to the next level to build a community where you can exchange playlists with each other?  

Final Words:

With the world being centralized for everything we do and share, why not keep our favorites organized too? Let's join FAYVO so that you can find new things every day.

It's actually much more than just music. You can find, save, and share your favorite movies, books, TV shows, travel destinations, food spots, and more. Check it out yourself if you're interested in organizing and saving your favorites. The recommendations part is really cool and top of the class. Download the app and share what you think about it.