Intro: The totally new phase of stay-at-home dad where he finds himself with some “me time” for the first time in years. While his wife and kids are away, he goes to his best friend’s birthday party for a change. The weekend turns out to be super crazy that nearly upends his life.

At FAYVO, today we are reviewing another comedy movie, and this time it is “Me Time,” with Kevin Hart on your screens. It is a buddy comedy movie starring Mark Wahlberg alongside Kevin Hart. They are two pals setting out for a hijinks-filled weekend.

Let’s get to the trailer first:

    - Release Date: August 26, 2022

    - Director: John Hamburg

    - Rating: R

    - Genre: Comedy

    - Runtime: 1h 41min

The Story:

Kevin Hart plays the lead role of Sonny. He is sarcastically known as Mr. Mom for all his chores at home and with the kids. The movie starts when Kevin and Wahlberg are in their 20s and having an adventure blast. It is a birthday trip for Huck (Wahlberg), where Hart is afraid of climbing off the cliff. Whereas, Huck is someone who lives in danger and habitually spends beyond his means.

Sonny is a very passionate parent. He is like a perfectionist and plans for the best for his children. Whilst his wife Maya (off-screen known as Regina Hall) works as a successful architect. As Maya goes to the office, Sonny cooks the meals, carries the bags, and helps the kids with their homework.

Even doing the best he could do, Sonny fears that he doesn’t measure up to his accomplished spouse. In his insecurity, he brings an overachiever’s anxiety to parenting. There’s all yelling to do better and tension at home, but it’s all he thinks is good for the kids.

Observing the situation, Maya offers to take the kids away for a vacation. This way, Sonny can take a break from super-dad duties and have some ME TIME!

At first, Sonny wasn’t willing to do it, as he thought of himself as the only caretaker of the kids, but he agreed to it.

On his ME TIME, Sonny calls out his best friend Huck, whose 40th birthday party is planned. The movie is R-rated due to adult jokes and a few mature scenes, but it is fun. Sonny joins Huck at his extravagant party and tries to fit in. They have arranged different fun activities to try with the group and Sonny actually starts loving the vibe. Soon, the party was crashed by Huck's loan lender, and Sonny gets to know Huck isn’t really the millionaire he pretends to be.

Things take a turn when Sonny does some unexpected stuff, and what is it? We aren’t revealing major spoilers here because that’s what you watch a movie for!

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Reasons to Watch Me Time:

While the trending movie hasn’t really been successful in getting the top scores from critics. We still have something good about it. Here it is:

The Fun Element:


The movie might not have got much appreciation and is a run-of-the-mill comedy, but it carries something we are in desperate need of. It offers that perfect dose of happiness and laughter. With the stress and crisis all around, it’s time when we invest our little time in dusting off the tension and everyday problems.

And, what’s better to watch a funny film on a tiring evening? It is an overall entertaining movie to watch when you are having your own ‘me time.’ It is a laugh-out-loud comedy to enjoy with your best buddy.

The Message:


With the fun and jokes, comes reality.

Well, you shouldn’t expect to get any major life lessons or philosophical messages from this buddy-friendly movie, but it's silly fun from start to finish.

In those puns, Me Time gets us to the message that we should respect, accept, and appreciate people in different phases of life. Be it a 40-year-old stay-at-home dad or a party lover Huck, who doesn’t wish to grow old. They both have their own choices.

The film snitches in some messages about valuing stay-at-home parents. Being a parent is a full-time job in itself, and it doesn’t need validation by pressuring their kids to be perfect.

Also, it beautifully highlights gender swaps. It is shown to normalize that a woman can earn and a man can take care of the house. Some of the humor here is pretty gross, but on an overall note, the film has a big heart and lands some funny moments, mostly involving Hart getting hurt.

Me Time reviews from the Audience:

As ME TIME, unfortunately, doesn’t seem to be going well in the score chart, but let’s see what people say about it.

Yes, they both are incredible when it comes to comedy and fun.


Yeah! Pretty understandable.

Well, well, well! It is what it is.


Based on the audience’s comments, Me Time has got mixed reviews for both the actors, the storyline, and the theme. As of August 26th, the film had a 7% score on Rotten Tomatoes.

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FAYVO’s Take on Me Time: Should you watch it?

Briefly stating, it is 50% ‘watch it,' and 50% ‘skip it.’

As we have seen in the reviews above, the movie isn't trying to reinvent the comedic wheel. However, it works best for those trying to relax and watch a so-gross-it's-funny movie. The movie is good for turning your brain off and giggling.

In a way, we're almost confused about how it happened to get so many hate comments and inspired such frustration from the audience. Yes, if you set your expectations too high in terms of story and twists, the movie will be a NO to you. But if you’re looking for a simple yet enjoyable movie to watch with some of the best laughs and chemistry between the two characters, this is the movie for you.

So, before streaming it, make sure you know what you're getting into first