"My name is Tokyo…."

In all the grand heists you read in the books, watch on TV, or know from the news – no one uses their real names, and that's what they did in the global hit Spanish Netflix series 'La Casa de Papel – Money Heist.'

You'd meet people whose names are based on the names of cities. So, we have Tokyo. She's going to be our narrator over the next five seasons.

At FAYVO, we talk about every genre. From superhero movies to Netflix originals and everything trending. This time, we have come up with a super-hit Spanish series that took over the world with its amazing story. Let's see what it offers and then talk about the audience's words:



First episode date: May 2, 2017

Final episode date: December 3, 2021

Genre: Drama, Thriller, Crime film, Comedy-drama

Total number of episodes: 41


For audiences, a brief summary of this crime thriller is that it is the drama about a group of misfit thieves attempting to rob the Royal Mint of Spain. There comes the plan perfect by the mastermind called Professor. Every thief then joins in the plan to execute it. This dramatic story offers a thoughtful and sophisticated strategy to get the gold out of a government building without getting caught.


The Background Story

When Money Heist was first released for the Spanish audience, it didn't gain much popularity. Due to the low foot traffic for the series, the makers had to withdraw the show after the first season. Can you believe it?

From there, it was decided to air it for the international audience, and since then, its journey to date has been phenomenal. People loved the concept, and we saw the outrageous popularity of the characters of the show. Ever since the day Netflix took over the hard task of carrying the show forward, Money Heist has been gaining trendy status.



With every passing episode, the fan following is increasing exponentially. Today, it's not only a web series but has become a theme. It is a celebration. It is a festival. It is an extravaganza. People around the world are throwing Money Heist themed parties, making and buying Dali face masks, and admiring the characters.


The Storyline

Cutting the outstanding story short, the plot focuses on a bunch of highly experienced and professional criminals who follow a plan to capture the Royal Mint of Spain. They are all prepared and ready for the big day to do everything as planned. During their heist, there happen unforeseen situations.

**We are not giving any spoilers here**

There are hostages, political drama, psychological games, interpersonal conflicts, and a hell of a lot of action. The Dali-mask-wearing heist crew performs every task on the commands of Professor.



By the end of the series, The Professor becomes everyone's favorite, despite being the head of criminals. He's the character the whole series pivots on. One big reason for its popularity is that we have rarely seen so many watchable players in a single TV show, yet here they are, carrying everything perfectly.

The actual heist itself is a rollercoaster ride of action scenes and emotions, and in that smart way, the notion of who are the 'good guys and 'bad guys' is constantly shifting.

What's more, let's read down below!


5 Reasons to Watch Money Heist


Diverse Personalities of Characters

It is funny that we don't know any character's real name until half of the show. There are mere cities; Tokyo, Denver, Rio, Berlin, Oslo, Stockholm, Nairobi, etc.

Each and every character has its own highs and lows. From the point they don't know each other to the level they are ready to die for each other, the whole series is a thrilling ride. Additionally, there are only a few series (that you can count on your fingertips) in which  the secondary characters are as good as the leading ones.



This show is full of good background stories and amazing actors who make us live this experience as if it were ours.


Plot twists that are so deep

As disclosed by the viewers and memes going around, it is worth mentioning that the plot twists are unexplainable, and there are plenty. Well, when you see a bunch of criminals involved in the same robbery, who knows what will happen. They all belong to different backgrounds, have their own agendas, and boom! They are taking care of each other.



Without revealing the story, you should watch it yourself! 


The Popular Theme Song

‘Bella Ciao, Bella Ciao, Bella Ciao Ciao Ciao!’

The theme song is making the audience go crazy. The song sounds more mysterious when the villains are also singing it. And haunted, when a man is digging a grave, and the song is being played in the background. Do you want to enjoy it too? Let's have it here:



Full of Suspense

As the heist beings, we see everything going smoothly. We see the Professor's plan running perfectly, but then an unexpected incident happens, and we are all clueless about the results. Huger a heist is, the bigger is the suspense.



It is so binge-worthy that you won't be able to watch just one episode at a time; you will need more.


Experience the New Adventures

The show was initially made to finish in the second season, but the impact success it had was enough to write a new group of episodes. Other than the new seasons, watching Money Heist probably could be a "fun" way to find out and learn basic Spanish.

You'd learn how to say "hello" and "thank you," ask for help, etc. Amazingly, it gives space to a global crowd to explore the culture.



Final Words:

Netflix's most-watched non-English series 'La Casa de Papel' will keep you hooked throughout the five seasons, and you should stream into it right now!

Yes, the show is not perfect when it comes to the technicalities. It has a few goof-ups and loose ends, but the unique storyline, dashing characters, perfect blend of action and drama, and the relatability factor will leave you praising the whole series.

When you watch the first episode, you'll be binge-watching the show!

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