From reality to fantasy and space, we all love to explore different areas of life around us. 

Are you also a diehard fan of science, space, and fiction nd love to watch movies based on it? If yes, you have come to the right place. 

With all the climate issues and economic crisis, there's still an easy escape. What's that? 

It is watching wonderful and interstellar space documentaries right from the comfort of your home. 

Watching sci-fi movies and TV shows is full of information and fun, but what if you need something more realistic and closer to the world around you? Well, that's when you need to watch space documentaries. 

The best space documentaries are the ones that educate as well as entertain the audience. 

Before jumping on to the best space documentaries, let's first find out what space documentaries are? These are movies or mostly miniseries based on true events and stories. They refer to certain discoveries made in space.

For now, we have compiled a list of some of the best space documentaries that you will love watching in 2022.

Apollo 11:


This documentary shows the real footage of space that was retrieved from over 11,000 hours of audio recordings. Director Douglas Miller presents a man's journey to the moon in unbelievably crystal-clear video quality. Apollo 11 is a masterpiece that lets the audience experience the iconic moment of human achievement. The documentary unfolds the mission of landing over the moon through the eyes of Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, Michael Collins, and the team at NASA in HD. When you stream it, you'll have the real-time tension mission control felt back in 1969.



Carl Sagan's "Cosmos" is one of the most realistic and the perfect documentary series on space. As the name suggests, it is about the cosmos. If you are a fan of traveling in space and have a keen interest in astrological missions, this documentary is an absolute must-watch for them. It is narrated by the late, great Carl Sagan. BY watching the documentary, you will find yourself on a great guided mission to space and the universe. It is split into 13 gripping and fascinating episodes. Save it to your watch list and enjoy yourself on a nail-biting journey in space.

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The Mars Generation:


This is an informative yet interesting documentary made by Netflix. It showcases the non-profit organization that involves advocating the STEM education system for school students. As we all know, that stepping onto Mars is something none on earth has conquered yet, but this documentary shares fascinating educational insights. In this show, you'll see how teenagers are taught to handle problems that can arise in space exploration. Moreover, the documentary highlights the deadline that they're given for this journey. Watch it with your kids and enjoy it together.

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The Last Man on the Moon:


This documentary is written by a man who keenly studied the journey of Gene Cernan– the person who was among those last privileged men to walk on the moon. The writer Mark Craig is really inspired by the space mission, and it can be clearly seen in the storyline. What makes this documentary different from the others is its ability to show space exploration from a different angle. It is not only about the mission but also the pressure that an astronaut faces in his lifestyle and the ambitions that put his family life at stake. It is a real-life depiction of achievement, joys, and sacrifices. What we all get to know is that it is not all entertainment to be an astronaut, but the struggles also go hand-in-hand.

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Want to know how astronauts navigate in space and are interested in observing spacewalks? Hubble is a documentary that is especially for space life fans. It is narrated by an Oscar-winning actor Leonardo DiCaprio that you will thoroughly enjoy from start to end. It is an interesting watch following the efforts of seven astronauts aboard the Space Shuttle Atlantis. Based on the name, all of them attempted to repair the Hubble Space Telescope. This fantastic documentary highlights the importance of the Hubble telescope, how it works, and the mechanics behind how it goes into working - and 'walking' - in space.

The Farthest:


It is an amazing Irish production. "The Farthest" is about the history of mankind's farthest objects sent into space. The documentary was originally released in 2017 and presented interesting facts related to the objects created by man to understand what happens to them when they leave our solar system. This short documentary is a must-watch for any self-described space fan