Netflix – the biggest movie streaming network has a never-ending library of TV shows. And this giant keeps on adding more options at such a steady clip that it can be hard to keep up with which of its dramas, comedies and reality shows are must-sees. So, because each week brings new entertainment, it can be a challenge to filter out the best of the bunch.

But you don’t need to worry. We've done the hard work for you.

In this blog post, we are taking you to those iconic TV shows that have crossed all the previous records of popularity. Based on the audiences’ reviews, watched times, and their rank on the global lists, FAYVO brings the Top Trending TV Shows of All Time!

Virgin River:


Do you want to cozily curl up in your room and wish your TV to feel like one long Hallmark movie? If that's the case, then Virgin River fulfills that craving for you. From the huge collection of Netflix, Virgin River, is getting more popular than all. In the TV show, you’d find mystery and emotions together. The show is inspired by the novels of Robyn Carr.

We see Alexandra Breckenridge stars as Mel, a nurse practitioner from Los Angeles. She starts her new remote life in the Northern California town after having her heart broken too many times. As time passes by, she happens to meet Jack (Martin Henderson), a bartender who makes her want to love again. This show is totally a feeling where you see long-lost twin brothers, bombshell pregnancies where it's a mystery who the father is, and the main characters getting shot by shadowy gangsters.

Peaky Blinders:


7 out of 10 people are already acquainted with this name because, since its release, Peaky Blinders was turned out to be one of the defining shows of the era on Netflix. Also, it was the time when Netflix was getting the initial hype. The first season of Peaky Blinders came out the same year as House of Cards and Orange Is the New Black, and now it's over. The TV show has six successful parts of the series. The final season of the Netflix/BBC collaboration is now available to watch alongside the previous five seasons.

It is a classical-themed stylish crime drama presenting Cillian Murphy as antihero Tommy Shelby. He is the leader of the gang consisting of his relatives. After completing missions, they rise to the top of the criminal underworld in interwar Birmingham. The costumes are perfect, the vibe is spectacular, and the traditional PJ Harvey-heavy soundtrack is cool. Not to forget, the supporting performances from big stars like Tom Hardy and Anya Taylor-Joy are super entertaining.

So, if you have never got a chance to watch Peaky Blinders, there is no reason to not start now.

Stranger Things:


"Friends don't lie." — Eleven

With the brand-new season of Stranger Things hitting our screens, how can we forget the hype? It is one of those binge-worthy seasons that you can’t leave in between. The smash-hit Stranger Things is much filmier in nature, to let you know in advance. Unlike the total classics, including Bridgerton, Stranger Things is a sci-fi and technological TV show that will blow your mind.

When watching the series, and completing the parts one by one, it feels like you are in their world, struggling to solve the mystery with the characters. It undoubtedly covers a stellar child cast leading the story, and in reality, each season of the show is seen by its creators, brothers Matt and Ross Duffer. And after getting hands on the final season, Stranger Things has won the hearts of people once again. Stranger Things is a complete mystery-themed family show that you should watch with your parents or kids.

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Euphoria is one of those hooking shows available on Netflix that, no matter how many episodes are in, you find yourself ready to watch more. It is basically taken from Israeli television miniseries of the same name. The TV series shows a group of teens as they struggle through high school. Along with the routine challenges of studies, bullying, and finding friends, these students face something more complex, that is, drugs, sex, identity crisis, and even murder come into play.

The leading character is Ruby "Rue" Bennett played by Zendaya. She sloshes through the high school slog, as she has recently gotten out of rehab and is desperate to find her place in the world. Every one of them then makes an impromptu decision and it’s difficult not to judge them for their choices. All they do is attempts to survive some of the toughest years of their lives. Euphoria has everything on point, from cinematography to soundtrack and the story, all the actors are giving their best.

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David Fincher always surprises us with some splendid directorial works, and Mindhunter is one of his masterpieces. In this psychological crime thriller, you’d see a lot of extraordinary ways to plan and strategize a crime. The TV show currently has two seasons, and all the episodes have so meticulous visuals and captivating storylines, that you can’t resist.

The show follows Holden Ford (Jonathan Groff), who is a special agent in the FBI, sent to interview serial killers in prison to build a specialized profile of what makes them tick. Cameron Britton playing the role of a real-life serial killer Ed Kemper is absolutely chilling. Mindhunter is smarter and richer than your average crime show. With each passing episode, it gets complex. Do watch it once!

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The Witcher:


‘The Witcher’ has become a sensation for many young people because we have Henry Cavill as Geralt of Rivia – a strong, empathetic, and totally heroic character. Season 2 of the series is winning hearts and the numbers prove it. The fantasy drama series holds a blend of horror, action, and drama. Upon its release, it has become Netflix’s most-viewed TV show on the all-time list.

In the series, we see Geralt of Rivia fighting monsters, and evil, and saving lives. It’s not like, The Guardians of the Galaxy type of show, but it has lots and lots of magic. The world-weary slayer of monsters is tasked by destiny with protecting the magical Crown Princess Cirilla (Freya Allan) from many different chasers who all want her for their own wicked needs. The first is a little complicated as the story was very scattered, but moving to the second season, it all made sense and started going in a single direction.

Emily in Paris:


Emily in Paris is a cute drama series, but it isn’t only loved by females. The audiences love the whole vibe, setup, and story of the TV show. In the series, Chicago marketing executive Emily Cooper is hired to present an American perspective at a marketing firm in Paris.

It is not a mystery, or something thrilling, but a smooth watch with interesting twists. The titular American in Paris gets herself into a love triangle after sleeping with Gabriel (Lucas Bravo) and puts herself into trouble with Camille (Camille Razat).

Never Have I Ever:


The TV show follows Devi – like every other average high schooler who wants nothing more than to be cool and get a boyfriend. Everything is going well until the tragedy happens, and it becomes hard to stay cheerful after that.

Mindy Kaling's coming-of-age drama covers a familiar story and yet it stands out from the pack in multiple ways. While watching the TV show, you’d think you've seen these stories before, but no. These characters spice up the show like no one could ever do