There are great movies. There are good movies. There are bad movies.

Then there come the underrated movies that never got the limelight and credit they deserve.

Why does this happen?

Well, for a movie to fall under the category of underrated, there are various reasons. It can be bad timing, poor promotion, not-so-strong cast, or getting released with some blockbuster movie like Spiderman, etc.

Every year, Hollywood and Netflix are aimed to offer us hundreds of worth-watching films. Within that pool of movies, we often overlook a few really amazing watches. We often miss the hidden gems that are overshadowed by blockbusters. But the discrimination ends today.

If you find yourself confused by going through the Netflix queue and saying "I've seen that" over and over again, we've got your point.



Being a movie buff at FAYVO, we adore all GOOD movies alike. Some have a good storyline, while others have stunning screen effects, so we can't just give up on a movie just because it isn't popular.

Today, finally, we're giving the sleeper hits the appraisal that they deserve.

Our list of the most underrated movies focuses on those creative movies that maybe didn't hit big when they were initially launched but are truly worth watching. There is a variety of movies, from little-seen horror movies to splashy, star-driven vehicles that, for one reason or another, didn't get applause.

But all of these movies have one thing in common: they're really, really good. So, let's get our hands on our next favorite movie.

The Rules of Attraction:


The movie was released back in 2002. It is based on Bret Easton Ellis's classical 1980s novel of the same name. The movie shows the dark satire of the college and follows an extremely show-off group of college kids at an elite arts school who fall in love. They discuss mutual interests and talk about books with one another (often incorrectly), and have a lot of physical intimacy.

The Rules of Attraction has a dreamy cast, including Jessica Biel, James Van Der Beek, Ian Somerhalder, Kate Bosworth, Jay Baruchel, and more. Here's an interesting fact; James Van Der Beek's character is named Sean Bateman, and he's the brother of Patrick Bateman, the lead hero of another, more recognizable Bret Easton Ellis book-to-movie adaptation called American Psycho.

End of Watch:


With countless practical cop dramas on the internet, it'd be easy to say that End of Watch is nothing new. But if you convince yourself to do the thing without watching the movie, you won't be doing justice to yourself. No doubt, those thriller dramas that feel so real that you forget what you're watching are all scripted, edited, and acted. The movie End of Watch takes a relatively real approach to show you the cops' life. Director David Ayer is totally in his element, bringing a courageous, unfiltered look at police work.

He's aimed to display the officer's life seem exhausting without glamorizing it. And hats off to the performances of Jake Gyllenhaal and Michael Peña. They are the two positive beings who help each other. They are friends in a miserable world of barred windows and barking dogs. While watching the movie, we gradually develop emotions for these two good guys and see them fighting the odds together. End of Watch is deeply affecting and a film with a powerful message that goes beyond mere entertainment. It's a thrilling experience that fully explores the bond of two partners bound by duty and friendship.

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The Assistant:


The popular Ozark star Julia Garner gives an admirable performance as Jane in The Assistant. The movie goes around her as she gets recently hired for the assistant job to a major Hollywood power player. While the primary part of her day involves monotonous tasks like answering the phone calls, scheduling meetings, replenishing the refrigerator's water supply, etc., just then, in those usual things, Jane—and the audience—begin to notice small details around the office.

Upon considering, she gets clues that not everything going on behind closed doors is appropriate. The brilliant performance combined with the film's story is just right to highlight the social cause of abusing women. The Assistant is an intelligent movie where the writer Kitty Green trusts her audience to read between the lines.

As the audience started watching the movie, they realized how big the film was!



Directed by Daniel Goldhaber, this is a Netflix Original and follows a taboo topic, that is, the adult webcam. The movie talks about the webcam performer who discovers a sinister presence has taken her place on the internet.

It is a thrilling yet horror movie with frightening moments, and it highlights the subject matter of sex work with appropriate care and thought. Most amazingly, the movie keeps a balance in showing explicit content and delivering the message. It has a head-turning lead performance by The Handmaid's Tale's Madeline Brewer. She is seen playing multiple entities on-screen at the same time. The movie is very close to real-life, all thanks to a perceptive script by real-life former cam girl Isa Mazzei. The movie will leave you thinking about how people suffer from fractured identities and that the dark web is something that's definitely not limited to entertainment.

Bad Trip:


This is a hilarious comedy and funny movie where you'd see Eric André, Lil Rel Howery, and the incomparable Tiffany Haddish. It is more like the hidden camera pranks à la Jackass, about two buddies on a road trip to New York. The movie was accidentally released and pirated online before a sale on Netflix.

The hidden camera genre is not liked by a number of audiences, and it's just because they have seen good movies in the same genre. When you watch Bad Trip, you'd love the concept as it is a cinematic masterpiece. To give you the idea of humor, we're talking about happy tears streaming down your face. We're talking milk coming out of your nose funny – it's that entertaining.

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The Empty Man:


It makes sense to release a horror movie near Halloween, but why didn't the movie get much attention? This is because sometimes, the release of many films together leads to an oversaturation of horror movies flooding the market at the same time. The same happened to The Empty Man.

It is a supernatural thriller involving disturbing deaths, frightening imagery, horrific story, and real-life incidents. At the time of its release, The Empty Man found itself in direct competition with a multitude of other horror movies such as Books of Blood, The Banishing, Evil Eye, Nocturne, Amityville: Harvest, Cadaver, The Craft: Legacy, Come Play, His House, and many other big names.

The Kindergarten Teacher:


Remakes of international films are not something unusual, but it's very rare that the sequels and newer projects accomplish just what their original ones were gunning for. This movie is one of those amazing sequels.

The Kindergarten Teacher follows Maggie Gyllenhaal as Lisa. She is seen as a struggling elementary school teacher who wants nothing more than to escape her dull, boring, and challenging life by way of her poetry. Her life takes a big turn when one of her students shows a remarkable talent for poetry. She always lacked it, so she cunningly decided to use his student's talent to her benefit. She starts impressing her writing tutor with the fake writing pieces but soon escalates her behavior, isolating the boy from his own family and friends and attempting to use his talent for her own personal advantage.



Diverse and emotional, Okja is an imaginative film that has a mixture of different genres. It excites and refreshes, as well as hits straight at the heartstrings. The movie follows the journey of a young girl, Mija (Ahn Seo-hyun), as she attempts to save Okja. Okja is the genetically modified pig that she has raised since piglet-hood.

The film focuses on displaying the modern views on the larger meat industry and large corporations and does not shy away from showing the disturbing realities. It is full of action, intrigue, and drama. Director Bong Joon-Ho, who has also delivered Parasite, once again creates a story that's different and speaks for itself.

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Berlin Syndrome:


Before she added Black Widow's story to the best movies on screen, Cate Shortland first directed the underrated thriller Berlin Syndrome. It is the story of a couple where the girl is a backpacker named Clare. On her holiday in Berlin, she meets a cute nice guy, and she spends the day with him. Things go great at first; they roam around, have fun, and explore the city until an unexpected event happens.

The guy Andi locks her in his apartment when he goes to work the next day and won't let her leave when he returns home. From that point, Berlin Syndrome builds tension slowly and deliberately. Every discussion between the two starts getting intense and critical. It seems like Andi is emotionally sick and could snap at any moment and kill her.

It is a nail-biting movie that you'd love to see and find out if Clare manages to run away or not.