With entertainment comes more expectations and then new ways of having fun.

The REAL game lovers understand the excitement of getting the sequel of their favorite game. There are some good games, but then there are some of the great video games that fans can’t get enough of.

Naturally, such games add pressure on the publisher’s end. On the counterpart, it’s been observed that sequels have been a healthy part of the video games industry, and help build the value of the games in the long term.

From the unimaginative excitement of fan-favorite Halo games to the total revamped version of all-time great Resident Evil experiences, the practice of releasing newer versions of old games has, for the most part, been remarkably positive.

For that, FAYVO is here to keep your minds directed towards what you love. And of course, today we talking about games and more games. Taking you back to your childhood sweet memories and friendly contests with friends, we are discussing the most wanted game sequels for you.

While some classic titles are still stuck on the original platforms on which they were initially released or are otherwise in dire need of major improvements, there is a bunch of fantastic game sequels to get your hands on them.

What are they? Let’s read below:

BioShock 4:


Availability: PS4, Xbox One, PC

When the original BioShock was launched, the game got popular with both fans and critics alike. With the third and most recent game in the series called ‘BioShock Infinite’ released in 2013, it created a whole new spectrum of hype around the game. Gamers loved it for the storyline and gameplay. Since then, we have all been waiting for its next sequel.

The developers and launch team of BioShock has busted the bubble by announcing its new part – Part 4. It is known to unite everyone behind BioShock once again. It will be more like the second part, which scored the most audiences, and everything will be improved. From its mystery to the atmosphere, storytelling, and inventive powers, it will all be fun.

Diablo 4:


Availability: PS4, X1, PC

While the game had to face a rough start with Diablo 3, they took great steps in improving the game in a short span of time. The team has worked on the audiences’ feedback and after that, Diablo 3 earned its spot as one of the most impressive loot-focused games on the market.

Diablo falls under the category of action-RPG games, and even now, the game’s regular updates are still ongoing. The game was initially launched for PS4 and Xbox One, and there's plenty of loot to go around for would-be adventurers traveling through Tristram and the underworld in the newer version.

While the world is still obsessed with Diablo 3, the developers have started looking to the future of loot-oriented action-RPG games and have announced the progression with Diablo 4. The series adds to the excitement when we get to know there is a whole new dimension being introduced to the initial game.

D3's post-launch life will be taken as the primary concept and a further idea will be produced out of it. Talking about the Valve – one of the few video game developers in the industry that have the same energy in terms of new titles, they have listened to the gamers.

With their live-service games like DOTA and Counter-Strike receiving constant updates, gamers are anxiously waiting for Valve to launch their fourth part for Diablo.

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Half-Life 3:


Availability: Windows, PlayStation 2, and OS X Linux.

It is the heart of games that fans will forever be hopeful to get, but there’s a little disappointment in the game’s theme. Probably, gamers will never get to experience the next part of Half-Life which could be Half-Life 3.

It is a dishonor for the game of this level because a number of plot threads were left unresolved by the end of Half-Life 2’s Episode 2. Since then, people are hoping to get the other version so they can see what happens next, but it seems that they will remain so for the foreseeable future.

Many leading officials who were involved in the direction and composition of the game have long left the company, further dampening hopes of a sequel. Despite Half-Life: Alyx is stealing the show by adding to Episode 2’s ending in meaningful ways. Let’s hope for this most wanted sequel to hit our PS again.

Portal 3:


Availability: Windows, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

Continuing with the theme of Valve games that were incredibly stealing the hearts but are not very active these days, we have Portal 3. Portal has its place and it still stands tall as one of the most innovative puzzle games of all time. With its sequel Portal 2, which upped the stake in a number of ways, fans are not waiting for the third version.

Both of these games have changed the gaming landscapes and inspired a number of games such as The Talos Principle and Splitgate in some way.

Getting the sequel Portal 3 would be a great surprise for fans of the franchise and puzzle genre in general because they have always something new to excite the story. It would also be a delight particularly since there hasn’t been a game that has quite replicated the charm of the franchise to a great extent.

P.S. Here’s to remind you that it’s already been 10 years since the release of the last leading entry in the franchise. People are now in a long queue of wait.

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Animal Crossing:


Availability: Switch

Nintendo hasn't said anything explicitly about the next version of Animal Crossing yet, but it is one of the most awaited games in the gaming community. With Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp on mobile last year, the company just fulfilled the most requested features to whet the appetite of fans who want a full-fledged entry in the relaxing life sim.

And although Pocket Camp gives a really robust experience for mobile phones, it's still missing many of the most important elements of the Animal Crossing franchise. Gamers loved the concept of a large list of collectible wildlife, the ability to communicate via writing letters and notes to your townsfolk, and customization options for your villagers' slogans. Pocket Camp in Animal Crossing was a glimpse, but not the real game in execution.

Now the witch players should expect something really happening in the next chapter of Animal Crossing as Nintendo has stated that the core purpose of its mobile games is less about making money and more about entertaining people with the original game.

For Animal Crossing in 2022, it’s all that's left is the follow-through.

Fans are gossiping about what new features a Switch release of the game could bring? It’s all we can imagine, but let’s boost the excitement by imagining a large roster of potential neighbors and a more active way to connect and interact with other Animal Crossing players online.

Batman: Arkham City:


Availability: PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S and PC.

When Christopher Nolan’s movies blew us away, none of us imagined having such a heart-throbbing game. But when the initial version of Batman was released, it was clearly one of the best moments for us. We all loved playing it, and right then the sequel came out.

 It was a surprise when Arkham Asylum turned out to be too good, that usually sequels are not. With that, expectations rose and now the highlight falls on its sequel Batman: Arkham City. According to the news and reports, this version is arguably the best Batman game ever made. The theme of the game is almost like the original one, but it has expanded the gaming possibilities by adding a huge open world.

In the newer version, the story from Arkham Asylum is continued, but now with more suspense. Here you will be able to get acquainted with more of the classic Batman villains and characters. Another excitement is that the world’s greatest detective is once again voiced by none other than Kevin Conroy himself.

It feels like a dream city, the great Arkham City!

GTA 6:


Availability: PS4, Xbox One, PC

The last Grand Theft Auto game doesn’t even feel like an oldie but who doesn’t want to try the newest version of FTA? One reason for its continued popularity is the fact that its roll-out across Sony and Microsoft's consoles and then PC took three years. One interesting thing is that the game is still consistently in the top 10 best-selling games every month.

Although GTA games are popular for various reasons, including their flexibility for multi-layered modes, single-player stories, etc., GTA 5’s continued success is primarily driven by its multiplayer GTA Online mode.

GTA 5, casts a spell over the gamers and it'll be super interesting to see how its open-world model will affect the upcoming Red Dead Redemption 2. From children to adults, and everyone, Grand Theft Auto is a game that has left its footprints in the gaming industry. Now is the time to think about unlimited entertainment in the next version of GTA.

It's also worth remembering that the gap between GTA-4 and GTA-5 was only five years, so it's possible a new chapter in the wide crime saga might be closer than you'd expect