It is another day, another weekend, another staying-at-home mood, and you are looking for a chill time all by yourself and your good watch movies list. Just then, you hear about a trending film, and you hop on it. Well, at the end of 2 long hours, you are even in a worse mood with regrets. That's what happens when we choose a bad movie to kill time. They leave us in depression, low on energy, and negative vibes.

We understand the love for new movies and series, but they should be good enough and worth your time. There's no point in watching the wrong movies just because you had free time. Therefore, we are here with the list of movies you shouldn't watch no matter what. To get more authenticity and reviews from real people, there's an app called FAYVO. It lets you find new movies, connect with new people, and ask for genuine recommendations. Also, the application suggests movies and TV shows based on your interests, so you never run out of good options.

For now, we are here to save you from the worst movies of all time. They are terrible. Some have an illogical story, while the other ones leave you hanging in the depression zone. So, let's get started:

Come and See:


It is a World War II movie that is full of violence, bloodshed, and terrible torture. In the movie, a young boy joins the Soviets to fight the Germans. Those scenes really get stuck in your mind and keep haunting you for a long time.



This is one lame movie on the internet, like, how many times can you watch a pre–Blue Ivy Beyoncé say "You touched my child" to the white woman trying to steal her husband? The count does not even exist. The movie has very poor dialogue, an unbelievable plot, a bad premise, and low quality overall.



You might remember hearing about the 2013 disaster movie "Sharknado." It got hype after its release but turned out to be a total disappointment. Despite the talented cast, including Ian Ziering, Tara Reid, and John Heard, "Sharknado" is a movie with an absurd concept. The movie got D-grade and has produced five sequels and three spinoffs.

Let Sleeping Corpses Lie:


While we all search for top movies to watch, this film never hits the best movie list. There's a very less percentage of people who say that they love this film, while all the other people say that it is a total waste of time. It is a movie covering the zombie concept, with some striking cinematography, lighting, and sound design. However, the movie has no proper story from start to end. Antique dealer George is going out of town over the weekend, but after an accident with his motorbike, he gets caught up in a zombie outbreak. The zombie situation happened as a result of experimental farming going wrong. The climax is ambiguous, and the film has an unexpected ending.

The Pianist:


Every single scene and concept about this movie is unbelievably depressing. You start watching it to change your mood but end up being sad and anxious. The color scheme, the sound, the premise, the music, the facial expression, everything is super sad. It is one of the great movies to watch only if it had not been very depressing.

Cannibal Holocaust:


This movie gives to serious trauma if you watch it alone. It is exceptionally grim and has multiple scenes of violence. If you are not tough at heart, do not watch it. You'll see multiple scenes of shockingly realistic fake violence toward animals, making it one of the few films on the banned list. Cannibal Holocaust is scary to watch. Save yourself from this, and go play a Halloween video game instead.

The Wicker Man:


If you look for the best comedy movies on Netflix, The Wicker Man will be there (added by the bloggers.) The reason is that it wasn't meant to be a comedy. The movie is actually based upon the horror novel "Ritual." It is dark and disturbing to watch. In the movie, they play a game, and it sounds like a drink any time Nicolas Cage does something ridiculous, and they all blacked out