This month, Netflix’s popular “The Sandman” is coming to entertain you.

As the summers are going, so does a whole new bunch of new movies and TV shows coming your way. Especially the month of August is full of excitement and new releases with a handful of series hitting the screens.

On a brief view, thing month, Netflix is bringing up a documentary on the chaos of the ’99 Woodstock revival. Other than that, we get to see “The Musical” and a juicy series “Never Have I Ever: Season 3,” is back with a thrill. It is the month of the third season of “Locke and Key,” and it's super mysterious.

In short, Netflix is welcoming its audience with a whole new array of terrific titles that will do everything for you. From adding delight to laughing-out-loud hilarity moments, raising your pulse with their invigorating and immersing action, and so much more.

So, why not FAYVO cover it all up for you?

Being your forever recommender and genuine suggestions provider, FAYVO is here once again with a list of exciting series and movies to add to your favorite box.

Whether you love to watch something relaxing, looking for something that’s great for a date or wish to try something new from overseas, Netflix has got you covered.

So, are you ready to read more about the eye-grabbing movies and series dropping on Netflix this month? Without wasting more time keep scrolling to check out what to watch on Netflix in August.

Look Both Ways:


Available on Screen: August 17

In this exciting story, we get to know a strange event. It is about a girl’s college graduation night. Her name is Natalie, played by Lili Reinhart. Right after she takes a pregnancy test, her life diverges into two parallel realities. One is where she has become pregnant and continues to live in her hometown, and another is where the test turns up negative and she goes to chase her dreams and begins her post-grad life in Los Angeles.

In both ways, Natalie gets some life-changing events and relationships. She decides to pursue her dream job as an artist, and find out who she really is. Moreover, in ‘Look Both Ways’ you get the perfect comedy element. It is a Netflix Original romantic comedy-drama starring interesting characters, that you’d love to binge-watch.

Untold: The Girlfriend Who Didn’t Exist:


Available on Screen: August 16

It is another exciting Netflix Original coming to the audience’s screens that are based on sports themes. Basically, Untold is the docu-series, which is returning for a full volume 2 over the next few weeks. Initially, they released a 2-episode mini-series that presents the life of an American Footballer Manti Te’o. The gifted linebacker was eyed at the NFL while at college following the events that would change his life completely. It’s about his girlfriend and it carefully covers the influential brand AND1 and its demise.

The Next 365 Days:


Available on Screen: August 19

Another most awaited part of the trending movie 365 Days is back this month. It is the final installment of Netflix's campy Polish erotic thriller trilogy. Since its release, it is on the list of ‘best’ movies.

The visuals are good, and so are the soundtracks. Other than its sensual nature, the movie holds a good plot and storyline.

Another interesting fact is that the second and third of the same movie were filmed back to back. As 365 Days: This Day, came out in April and now in August we get to see that part.

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Day Shift:


Available on Screen: August 12

Day Shift is another interesting film that has made its way directly to the audience’s heart. It is an R-rated fantasy action-comedy film about a hard-working blue-collar father. We get to see Jamie Foxx in the main role. He is like the ideal father who is willing to do anything to give his quick-witted 8-year-old daughter a satisfied, good, and happy life.

He is literally ready to do anything for it even if he has to do that by fronting as a boring California pool cleaner. Which is actually against his nature talking about the intense business of hunting vampires, but well, it is what it is.

This cute, heart-warming, and family movie has been a highlight. Foxx and Dave Franco are the leads here who know how to hook their audience.

The Sandman:


Available on Screen: August 5

Here comes the long-awaited title of the list, The Sandman.

This ambitious new Netflix Original is basically based on Neil Gaiman’s comic book. The book has the same name and it falls into the category of fantasy and thriller.

This exciting series revolves around Morpheus played by Tom Sturridge. He is portrayed as the king of dreams, who is finally free. He has now escaped after being captured in 1916 and held captive for around more than 100 years. Now that he’s free, Morpheus is planning to get his kingdom back. The place he ruined is also known as The Dreaming.

In addition to Sturridge, the cast members are spectacular. We have Gwendoline Christie, Vivienne Acheampong, Boyd Holbrook, Charles Dance, David Thewlis, Stephen Fry, Razane Jammal, Patton Oswalt, and Mark Hamill. This weekend, skip everything else or push for later, and get ready to witness the wonderful story in The Sandman.

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School Tales: The Series:


Available on Screen: August 10

It is one big addition to the list of your favorite horror movies. This scary series has eight episodes covering eight different yet terrifying stories to follow. Be it, adults or teenagers, this story is haunted enough to scare everyone off the school ground at night.

It has everything typical. A girl jumping to her death, a graveyard in the back garden, a haunted library, blood flowing from the taps, canteen food made from human flesh, a scary headless ghost in the school warehouse, a possessed room, a mysterious teacher, a revengeful demon in an abandoned block, and everything you can think of. Be sure to catch up with your friends, arrange a movie night and then watch it, because it is actually HORROR.

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Wedding Season:


Available on Screen: August 4

A cheerful and happy season it is.

It is about the typical marriage traditions in Asian countries. So, if you belong there, let us ask you: What would you be willing to do to stop your parents from asking when will you finally get married?

So, the Wedding Season is about all those adults like you. It follows Asha and Ravi. They are a couple who decided to marry each other just to keep everyone’s mouth shut. They are career oriented and have their own personal goals that they wish to achieve.

Getting married to each other seems like a clever solution to them to please their families while still doing whatever they want with their lives. However, their fate doesn’t go as decided. Asha and Ravi who are intentionally getting married but not in love will soon realize they might be falling for each other. That’s how their fake marriage plan starts complicating.

The Musical:


Available on Screen: August 12

After creating the successful musical 13, we are back again with Robert Horn’s other super hit Netflix Original. The movie is basically inspired by the play. The Musical is created by director Tamra Davis, who has a vast experience in the musical industry.

The story is quite new where a young boy moves from New York City to a small town in Indiana. Right then, he makes a plan to fit in by turning his Bar Mitzvah into the most incredible party ever.

It is a coming-of-age movie that is for sure loved by all the music lovers around.

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