As we all have passed the toughest times of COVID-19; it changed our perceptions massively. Being at the same place 24 by 7 caused severe boredom, and none of us was ready for it.

 Movie buffs watched the trending shows, music lovers got tired of listening to their playlists, and the same happened with the people who play games.

But then, FAYVO came as a savior.

With the FAYVO app, you can easily explore, save, and share your favorite things and without having a fear of losing them anytime. We have different categories for you to explore. Let's have a look:

Movies & TV Shows:

Remember making notes for the movies you wish to watch with your buddies over your next sleepover? And then losing the list and forgetting about that amazing watch. We all have ended up watching some nonsense stuff in search of the most related movies.

That's why FAYVO helps you from getting lost. Over the internet, you have hundreds of options to choose from, but you don't know if it is up to your mark and taste. In contrast, with FAYVO, we know what you love and like to see. Based on your liked movies and saved TV shows, the app brings personalized suggestions for you. If you are a fan of mystery and thriller, you'll get recommendations related to this genre. Similarly, if anyone likes sitcoms and fairytales, FAYVO will fetch the right choice for them.

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Music & Tunes:

We all hum those tunes that we've forgotten to save somewhere and then look for hundred other options to find the right one. Like, we used to record a song and save it on our phone, but then we feared losing our playlist all the time. FAYVO keeps everything safe and organized on a single platform.

All you have to do is create boxes for different interests and favorites and save the tunes you love. From the music options all over the world, we'll choose the best picks for you. If you are a pop song lover, we'll fill the feed with the related tunes, so you never get out of options. Not only this, all the FAYVO users can share their playlists and songs with their friends, right with a single click. Sounds amazing?

Sign up for the FAYVO account, fill in your interests, and you are done. Access it from anywhere. Either you are going to the office and need morning motivation, tune into your playlist on FAYVO and get in the mood. FAYVO keeps you grooving over party songs at the weekend and low-mood songs to listen to in your lazy times.

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When it comes to books, COVID-19 affected the life of book lovers. Libraries got closed, and we had nothing to read during the quarantine. Right then, we thought about creating our digital library.

A library that has everything we wish to read with every new and trending book. Yes, with FAYVO, you get plenty of reading options on a single screen. From psychological thrillers to romantic novels, choose your mood and the book right from your feed. FAYVO is designed by keeping in mind all the book lovers and their reading requirements. Therefore, it is the simplest way to recommend the best reads to your friends and build a community of like-minded people.

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Travel Destinations:

Who wants to get rid of staying at one place and want to travel the world again? We guess all of us. While we all are hell tired of quarantining, we need the best options to move out. No doubt, Google can give you the best answers and suggestions, but FAYVO brings some real travel recommendations.

It is not the fake pictures, unreal places, and wrong choices anymore. You'll have the perfect spots right in your reach to choose from and travel to. Plan your next adventure trip with FAYVO. Also, the app allows you to save your favorite destinations in a separate box. Right after your trip to Turkey, just create a box and add all your photos into that box to share it with your fellow friends. You can easily recommend the best spots of sightseeing to your friends and family.

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Restaurants & Food:

Eating at the right restaurant was never easier than now. With FAYVO, foodies can suggest tasty spots and eateries to their friends. Be it any Italian cuisine you want to survey before your visit or any Chinese restaurant; you can have details on FAYVO.

It is not only about organizing your data, but it's more like creating your digital scrapbook within your phone that is readily accessible to you whenever you need it. With the advanced recommendation system powered by Artificial Intelligence, you'll see only the relevant information in your account.

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All you have to do is search and save your interests; we'll remember them for you and bring relevant suggestions to you. This way, you are on a never-ending road of entertainment and fun. The app allows you to connect with your buddies and even invite them over to have a community. Using FAYVO, you can discover inspirations to set up your profile, posts that have the best choices, and make your wish list, all within seconds. It's time to gather all that scattered junk of favorites and keep them in a safe and secure place. Give FAYVO a try and discover thousands of recommendations for your favorites. Download the app from App Store or Play Store.