In just a few days, there’s going to be celebrations and festivities all over the world. It’s time to wrap up the year. Every new year brings its own set of festivities, doubled up by the cheer of the Christmas right up the alley. However, sometimes it can be hard to come up with things to do: you may have burned out all your to-do-lists for the Christmas already. And now you are scratching your head, wondering what should be done to make the day special. No worries, check out these cool recommendations to make the best of the first day of the new year!

New Years New Beginnings

New Year Family Time

One of the best ways to celebrate the New Year is to spend it with your family! On typical days, everyone is busy with their own stuff. Kids are juggling between studies and school, spouses are busy with work, parents with their own things and all. So, when Christmas and New Year are right around the corner, it’s best to plan them out with families. Here’s what you can do to have the best time with your loved ones:

  • Families that bake together, stay together – bake the goodies at home with your kids
  • Throw a fun costume party for your loved ones – creative ideas for New Year’s Eve
  • Go easy on everyone and just relax – sometimes a slumber party is the right answer
  • Make a resolution as a family – keep your promises for a happy family

Games that Guarantee a Fun Time

Games to Play

Who doesn’t love going out to get a whiff of all the festivities and New Year’s cheer in the air? While that may sound impossible to some, others find it easier to make their own special days at home. So, here are some fun games to try with your friends, siblings and friends. Check out Fayvo for more fun, exciting inspirations to make your day a special one.

  • Imitate Among Us offline – Take the game from your cell phones to your homes
  • Scavenger Hunt – Make it challenging and spice it up with different themes; your favorite, books, movies, games!
  • Backyard Olympics – Hold a tournament for kids, adults, elders!
  • Card Games – No, not the boring ones, the fun and hilarious cards that will leave you gasping for breath

Best Places to Travel for a New Start

Travel Destinations 2021

The year’s coming to an end and it’s been one heck of a ride. Why not try a change of scenes? Plan a trip with your parents, siblings, friends, partners or yourself! Check out this list of places that are equal parts fun and exciting!

  • Florida Keys – Tropical islands and sandy beach
  • Las Vegas – Warm up at winters with unique attractions
  • Havana – A feast for your eyes and senses
  • Tenerife, Canary Islands – Supreme sands and amazing cuisine

Top Destinations with Best New Year Celebrations


Best New Year Celebrations

Some people who love to go out on the big days of the year, like New Year and Christmas. For those who are thrilled by the fireworks, air charged with excitement and love spending time under the starry sky, here are the top places that go all out on New Year!

  • Sydney, Australia – Major fireworks display at Sydney Harbour
  • Taipei, Taiwan – An unforgettable show at midnight
  • Bangkok, Thailand – Best nightlife celebration
  • Dubai – Magnificent skyscrapers and fireworks

So, how are you spending this New Year? Download Fayvo and share your celebrations with us!