11 Songs you need on your New Year Playlist!

After a mind-boggling pandemic stricken ride of 2020, you deserve a break and what better opportunity could there be than finding top songs for your new year playlist? We have made it easy for you with a list of most hit songs that you can add in your new year playlist. Parties can get boring very quick if there’s not much to enjoy, but you can make everything better and 100 times more enjoyable with Music, of course! Find great recommendations for your celebrations and your own favorite songs along with top singers that you love to follow on Fayvo. Add your playlist on Fayvo to save and recommend it to others.

celebration kool gang songs new year


by Kool & the Gang

dance dranke new year music

One Dance

by Drake

uptown mark bruno marks party songs

Uptown Funk

by Mark Ronson ft. Bruno Mars

1999 prince party songs best


by Prince

twist shout beatles songs new year

Twist and Shout

by The Beatles
footloose kenny loggings party songs best


by Kenny Loggins

shake off taylor swift songs new year

Shake It Off

by Taylor Swift