If you’re a Hollywood fan, chances are you have been watching internet blow up about the success of Parasite Movie. Almost overnight, the movie has become the talk of the town. It used to be unimaginable for foreign films to be even nominated in Oscars. However, Parasite has made history by winning the Best Picture award this year.

Moreover, the historic win has sparked a heated debate, causing different opinions to float to the surface. Does the Parasite Movie really deserve the limelight? It’s not far-fetched to imagine where all this is coming from. Particularly, considering the movies such as Joker, Little Women, Ford vs. Ferrari, and The Irishman stood in competition.

Do you think Joker ought to have won or are you happy that Parasite outshined its competition? Or do you have another favorite? Here’s your chance to share your opinion on which movie deserved the Best Picture award at Oscars 2020. 

Did Parasite Movie 2019 Deserve To Be Called The best Picture?

Short answer: Yes.

Granted, “Parasite” won the Best Picture award at Oscars 2020. This left a lot of people in awe particularly because it is a South-Korean movie. It’s no surprise that Oscars nominate international films all the time. However, winning the most prestigious award by a non-English production has been unheard of in 92 years of Oscars.

That has led people to dig up the Parasite Movie review and see what all the rage is about. Some are calling it a gasp-inducing masterpiece while others are calling it overrated. And anything that sparks such extreme reactions is usually worth a shot. Turns out, it actually was. Don’t agree? Let’s take a look at why it deserved all the appreciation it got.

Parasite Movie Synopsis: The Fine Line Between Classism And Madness 

Director Bong Joon-ho builds a story around two families coming from opposite poles of the social classes. One is a poverty-stricken family struggling to get the basic necessities and the other is a wealthy family living in luxury and upper strata of the society. The story unfolds when the destitute Kims set a trap to invade the Parks’ house. They enter in their employment under false disguises.

For the most part, the Parks seem agreeable enough. Even the Kims believe their employers to be a nice breed of people. However, as the story progresses, the writer drops subtle hints. It becomes clearer that the polite owners might not be as nice as the Kims believed them to be.

Parasite Movie Poster: Blind To The Other Side

Even the Parasite Movie poster is an ingenious take on classism. It shows white and black censor bars across the eyes of Parks and Kims respectively.

In reality, black represents that the poor family’s sight is held hostage by pessimism and darkness of their circumstances. In contrast, white shows a symbolic representation of rose-tinted glasses through which they see the world and are unable to understand the things that plague the lower class of society. Have you seen all the variations of posters that are revolving around the internet? You can see some of them here.

Parasite Movie Cast, Screenplay & Everything That Deserves An Oscar

A movie could have all the right elements and still flop hard on the box office if the cast is not up to the mark. When you go for tooth extraction, there could be state-of-the-art tools and premium settings but if the dentist is not a qualified professional, would he be able to provide the services or would you go to a world-class dentist who has substandard tools and an unhygienic setting? No, right? Likewise, the best picture cannot be a movie that has one best element. Rather, excellence ought to drip from each and every element.

As an actor, Kang-ho Song has been receiving glowing reviews on his performance as Kim Kitaek (leading protagonist). However, his true talents take the driving seat when the movie revolves around the subject of body-odor. Something snaps in his mind as he sees his parasite movie cast employer fixated on the smell of the deceased even when his own son is seizing and Kim Kitaek’s daughter is at the brink of her death.

Parasite Movie Trailer: A Glimpse Into Bong’s Brainchild


The trailer shows a sneak peek into the world of two families coming from completely different backgrounds; viewing the world through their tinted glasses, blind to the other side of class. The Parasite Movie trailer shows just the right amount of intrigue, leaving you wanting for more. Everyone is calling the movie “an urgent story of class” and a modern masterpiece, which quite frankly satiates the viewers’ need, be it drama, thrill or dark realities of society 

Genre-Defying Work Of Art 

Parasite Movie is one of those productions that will leave you with a bitter-sweet aftertaste; like a forgotten word on the tip of your tongue. It’s a multi-layered, genre-bending, complete roller coaster ride of emotions, pausing at different stops of comedy, satire, thrill, drama, and reality that often hits too close to home for comfort. 

Parasite Movie Reviews

Even the celebrities cannot get enough of the fever of Parasite winning 4 Oscars this year. On top of the internet praising the South Korean movie for its wins, celebrities can’t stop cheering for the director. In addition to the Korean celebrities, stars from all over the world are congratulating Parasite on getting the attention that it deserves.

Director Jon M. Chu, known for his international hit Crazy Rich Asians expressed his delight


Parasite Movie On Reddit: Rampant Classism

There have been a lot of speculations about the movie, particularly about the shocking climax followed by the dreamy musing of the son. This has led a lot of fans to hit up Parasite Movie on reddit and has given wind to different opinions from different users. The dominating opinion has been in favor of the Director’s decision to end the movie in violence that later turns into a wishful future for the son. This perfectly justifies the theme of the movie as it continues to reinforce the disturbing classism in Korea and how rampant it is in the modern society. Download Fayvo and start sharing your opinions about your favorite movies today

Too Good To Be True?

The transition from the claustrophobic semi-basement where the Kims originally live to how they invade the Parks family in their upper-class house starts with a comedic appeal that takes a horribly wrong turn towards the end of the movie. Throughout the movie, there’s not a single scene that appears to be without meaning or cause. In the two hours of drama, the parasitic relationship between each member became clearer towards the end.

The Invisible Line

The characters are strongly knitted into the story, each revealing a profound understanding of how an average human being cannot always be morally upright and perfect in his choices. Perhaps this is one of the reasons why some of the people are struggling to find what (if anything) makes this movie deserve all the attention it is getting. The subtle nuances of how classism is more than just an invisible line are best traced to what the wealthy husband keeps referring to as “the smell of the poor”. While the Kims thought of the rich family as nice and even naive in the beginning, it is apparent that the latter are not without their clichéd stereotypes to which they hold the poor accountable.

Director Bong Joon-ho has ingeniously used “body odor” as that invisible line that shouldn’t be crossed by any of the classes and what would happen if one were to overstep it. Hence, the tragedy at the end.

Breaking The Ice?

To say that Parasite the movie may act as an ice-breaker for foreign-language movies with its smashing hit at Oscars 2020 wouldn’t be wrong. It could very well be a step towards breaking the barriers of that one-inch subtitle window that stands in the way of recognizing countless movies for their worth. What’s your take on this year’s Oscars and the wins? Don’t forget to share them on Fayvo where all your favorites are in one place.

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