It’s that time of the year again – Christmas holidays! Holidays are for cheer, laughter, happiness and having a great time altogether. You know what makes it even more fun: Gifts! Who doesn’t love to get gifts? And when it’s a time as special as Christmas, you want to level it up and surprise your loved ones. However, sometimes you can’t find the perfect gift ideas for them. Well, worry not. Here is a list of great ideas that you can get inspired from:

Gift Ideas for Families As A Unit


Holidays like Christmas are times when families get together. Some maybe meeting the entire group after months or even years. It’s always fun to get a gift for the whole family to celebrate the occasion as a unit. What better to cement the bond between your loved ones than a present? Here are some amazing ideas to celebrate as a family:

  1. Matching Pajama Sets – For the Christmas eve or movie nights
  2. Personalized Mugs – One for each family member with their nick names and quotes on them
  3. Board & Card Games – Teaming up and playing to win
  4. Custom Family Illustration Portrait – Best family picture to hang over the fireplace
  5. Memory Books – Pictures of the family through years

Strictly for Gamers


If you have a kid, sibling, spouse or a parent who loves console games, then it’s going to be pretty easy to woo them this holiday season. There have been some epic releases in 2020 and if your loved ones haven’t played these yet, you’re going to become one of their favorites pretty soon! Check these out and share their reactions with us on Fayvo!

  1. The Last of Us Part 2 – Game of the year award
  2. Ghost of Tsushima – An epic tale of adventure
  3. Assassin’s Creed Valhalla – Going back to the originals
  4. Spider Man: Miles Morales – Web-slinging action packed adventure
  5. CyberPunk 2077 – Dare to stroll through the Night City

Gift Ideas for the Book Lovers


Book lovers are pretty easy to cheer up. You can buy them a book and they’ll be over the moon with it and you’ll definitely become their top favorite for a while. Check out these most anticipated books of December 2020 and take your pick:

  1. A Sky Beyond the Storm – Quartet finale by Sabaa Tahir
  2. The Mystery of Mrs. Christie – What happened to Agatha Christie by Marie Benedict
  3. Every Last Secret – A mind-numbing thriller by A. R. Torre
  4. The Cousins – A family with secrets darker than nights by Karen M. McManus
  5. A Curse of Roses – Epic tale of mystery and magic by Diana Pinguicha

Things Inspired by Your Favorites


Everyone has a favorite. More often than not, everyone loves a certain fictional character, a movie, a tv series or a game, and whatnot. For people who follow a fandom, you can gift them something that’s inspired by their favorites and they’ll never forget the present! Take a look at these amazing gift ideas you can use for your loved ones:

  1. Harry Potter – Potterheads are everywhere, which house does your loved one belong to?
  2. Exclusively for the Gamers – The best merchandise with your favorite games on it
  3. Those Who Love TV Series – Shirts, mugs, stickers, bags and so much more inspired by your favorite shows
  4. Art from Books – Scarves, bookmarks, jewelry and everything books

Gift a Memorable Experience


Holidays are the perfect time to do things that you’ve been putting off because you can’t carve out time just for you. Your loved ones may be overworked, stressed or generally craving to get out of their mundane routines. Check out this list of experiences you can gift your loved ones:

  1. Spas Near You – Relax, unclench and enjoy your day
  2. Book a Dinner – Time for everyone to stop worrying about cooking and have a great time with their families
  3. Travel Package – Sometimes actions speak louder than words
  4. Tickets for Theme Parks – Days of fun packed in a gift

So what are you gifting your loved ones this Holiday season? Share your Christmas gifts and your family’s reactions on Fayvo!