It's a great big and beautiful world with endless places to find and explore. No matter where you live or how tough your routine is, travel always gives you an escape from reality, and you feel a lot lighter on your shoulders.

Well, we are not here to discuss the reasons for traveling, but FAYVO is at your service with the most practical and useful tips for your first international trip. Going somewhere completely new and different is both thrilling and exciting at the same time. But, count it as an experience (a wonderful new experience) for a lifetime.

So, here we are to the rescue, with some top travel tips for first-time travelers.

Check the country's CDC COVID level:

First things first, safety should be the first priority. Whenever you plan to travel internationally, make sure you meet their safety requirements, you are fully vaccinated, and keep the COVID precautionary kit with you. Other than that, ensure that the country you are visiting is included in the lowest level risk for travel identified by the CDC. This way, you will have peace of mind and heart before starting your tour.

If you wish to know about the countries having the lowest risks of COVID, go to: 

The Safest Countries to Travel in 2022

Get your important documents ready in advance:



It's time to recheck all your travel documents. Be it your passport, visa, identity card, or anything relevant to legal documents; it should be ready before the expected date of departure. Avoid unnecessary panic and stress by managing everything well in time. You'll need them more than you've thought about it. Some international flights require that you enter your passport number when booking or during online check-in, so it's best to get your passport before booking anything in advance.


P.S. Never keep your important documents in an easy-to-access pocket on your bag to avoid the risk of theft or loss.

Make sure to use no-fee bank cards:

Always research for bank cards before using any. It is because most of the local banks apply a hefty percentage of taxes when you use them abroad. So, don't give banks your hard-earned money. Look for a credit card and debit card that doesn't charge a foreign transaction fee or an ATM fee. This way, you can stay on budget and can save yourself from overspending.

Compare the flight price & watch fares:

Most of us wonder how some people are able to go on the tours so frequently? How do they plan it? So, it is mainly because they have got an eye on flight prices for their preferred destinations. For first-time travelers, it is always recommended to set flight alerts on different platforms to have a best guess on how prices are trending. It will give you a fair idea of if you should book now or wait. Beware of the scammers and fraud tour planners. They appear so attractive but then leave you with empty pockets.

Over the internet, many sites allow you to search for the cheapest flights within a date range. So, pick the one wisely!

Always have local cash:



Don't leave it as the last thing you do when reaching your destination because cash is the most used thing wherever you go. Look up the monetary conversion before you step out of your home. We emphasize this point because finding out that one Danish Krone is equal to just 19 cents can turn out to be a bad surprise. Do your math thoroughly to have a clear guess of what the conversion rate is at the moment.

Decide where to go on your first international trip:

Here comes the tricky part where you have to be smart enough to find the right recommendations for your next tour. Maybe you are in the mood of sipping Piña colada at a beautiful isolated beach, or you've been dreaming for a long time about seeing elephants in Thailand; your dreams can come to life with genuine recommendations. And what's better than getting recommendations from real people around you? FAYVO can do this job for you in minutes.

Let's see how!

Check the weather forecast before leaving:

Well, many of us check weather forecasts even if we are not planning to travel, and that's a good practice to have little predictability about the future. You should definitely do it before heading on over an international trip. Check the weekly weather forecast to see if there's any rain or snow expected. That's how you'll have all the necessary items. If it's cold in your region, but you're traveling to a warm climate, chances are you don't need to stuff your bag with a heavy jacket.

One last bonus tip for new travelers: Don't Panic!

Remember: Not everything goes as planned. There'll be unseen situations, and things may go wrong. And this is not only with the new travelers, but it happens even with the most experienced ones too. So, prepare yourself mentally for such circumstances. The main goal is to have fun over the tour, not stressing about the little things for perfection.