Social media and the internet have long since been accepted as things that connect people from all over the world. Another thing has recently joined the bandwagon that has everyone relating to one another, more so than ever: Quarantined. In other words, COVID-19 pandemic has changed the dynamics of the entire world within a matter of a few months. Moreover, all the affected countries are shutting down one by one, as there’s no known treatment for the virus, and it may take months or years to develop a vaccine to counter its impact.

The COVID pandemic has turned the world upside down. Everyone is now either self quarantining or practicing social distancing. Thus, countries with more serious situations have gone into lockdown, leaving people with no option but to be quarantined at home. In such a pensive and depressive time, everyone is pretty much looking for what to do. It doesn’t matter who you are, be it an employee, a student, or a home-maker. Above all, this is the time where you need to connect with the world more than ever, without stepping outside your home.

Quarantined – Stay At Home & Chill 

Meet Fayvo – Your quarantine buddy. You can find whatever you are looking for: movies and series to watch, listen to the latest songs or anything at all. Also, you may want to share your own list of recommendations or even your quarantined stories. With Fayvo, you can do both. 

 Here are 10 things you can do while stuck at home and make the best out of the situation: 

1. But First… Some Fun While Quarantined

The clock has struck Corona Virus and everyone is left scratching their heads, wondering how to deal with something nobody is qualified for. Although the professionals and authorities are figuring out the cure and treatment, everyone can help the cause by staying at home and practicing social distancing. Nevertheless, staying at home comes with boredom and a tedious routine. There’s no need to worry though because there are a lot of things that you can do to sit back, relax and even have fun.

Puzzles are back in trend: higher the difficulty, higher the achievement you feel when done. What kind of puzzles are your favorite? Share your masterpieces on Fayvo and let others know how much of a Puzzle Master you are. Video games have always been in trend but quarantine has seen a spike in the activity. Consequently, fueled by the quarantine tediousness, games like Animal Crossing have particularly taken the internet by storm. As a result, people are turning towards video gaming because of how engaging they are. Join Fayvo today to get creative ideas and recommendations on what to play next.

2. Stress, De-Stress but Stay Inside the Quarantined Zone

The corona virus has struck fear into the hearts of the whole world. However, instead of spiraling into despair, take a deep breath and make a plan. Remember when you wished for every day to be like Sunday? Take this forced isolation as a chance to destress and detoxify your life. 

Don’t forget to practice social distancing and tell your loved ones about the importance of quarantining. As a consequence of COVID, a lot of questions are being raised. For instance, how the self-imposed isolation and global lockdown have started to take a toll on everyone. Here’s an incredibly useful list that can help you cope with the covid-19 anxiety in these trying times. 

3. Quarantined Zone or Fitness at Home: What’s the Verdict

With the fear of COVID-19 hanging over everyone’s head, people have turned to distract themselves by adopting positive habits. As a result, more people are turning towards taking care of their health and build a fitness regime supported by the flexible hours they now have due to the lockdown. In short, workouts, aerobics, and yoga, whatever way you choose to indulge in, exercise releases endorphins in your body, triggering happiness in your mind.     

Are you working out or following a specific routine to keep yourself fit during the quarantine? Share your favorite routines, instructors on Fayvo and let others know who’s the best to follow in these depressing times.

4. Quarantine Life: Focus on Your Personal Growth

Quarantining and social distancing can be harder on you if you have nothing to do. You can only do so much binge-watching before you start feeling the brunt of social anxiety. This is the best time to start something from scratch without needing any investment or capital. 

Start a blog, a podcast, or teach a class. The thing you need to understand is that not just you have time to create something but most of the people across the globe now have more time to learn something they’ve always wanted to. It’s a great time to start your business from home. 

5. Quarantined? Everything You Can Do Without Leaving the Couch


A lot of you may be looking for what to do with so much free time at your hands. Watching something interesting, listening to great songs and reading engaging books can be a great way to unwind after a hard day in quarantine. The question is where do you find these things that are worth watching and not waste your time with boring ones. 

With Fayvo, you have access to countless users sharing their recommendations and how they’re doing quarantined at home and a lot more where they come from. Moreover, if you are someone who has a great list of recommendations, you can share your favorites and help people out to cope with their social distancing. Start sharing and invite your friends to quarantine and chill.

6. Quarantined at Home but Not in Mind

Corona may have disrupted the world economy, forcing countries to lockdown but one thing it cannot touch is your mind and creativity. Your business is suffering because of the crashing world economy but there are ways you can make sure that it doesn’t blow up on your face. Here are some really great tips on how small businesses can deal with the aftereffects of the virus

There are several different tools that can help you keep your teams in the loop and updated. Slack, Hangouts, Jira, Zoom, Zeplin are some of the tools that are becoming popular among people because of how easy they are to use and their usefulness. What tools are you using to fight the worldwide pandemic COVID-19? Share your quarantine tips and tricks on Fayvo today and help out the business community with your valuable advice. 

7. Read, Write & Take a Thing Off Your Quarantine Checklist

Social distancing and forced lockdowns have removed the option of going out and cut down the commute times. If you’re a writer or just somebody who has always wanted to write and is quarantined at home, this is your time. Write that book. Start by outlining your plot or jotting down your thoughts, depending upon the type of book you want to write. Udemy gives great advice on what you can do to become an author here.

Read that book that’s been eyeing you from the shelf, both virtual and physical. There’s a lot of suggestions going around on Fayvo about the best classics and recent bestsellers. Kick-off your quarantining time at home with your recommendations and find the best books to read today. 

8. Change the Quarantine Meaning to Your Benefit

Most of the time, busy in the daily routine, you tend to forget the little things you need to do. Change the bulb that has been flickering for a while, sew the torn cover of your pillow, rearrange your bookshelf, declutter your nightstand. Take this time off as an opportunity to fix everything that needs to be fixed while quarantined at your home.

This is the time when you get rid of all the things that no longer benefit you and only add negativity. Remove the toxicity from your life while you’re at it, be it in the shape of a habit, person or a relationship. Maybe this social distancing will help you declutter your life, both metaphorically and literally. 

9. Take Your Quarantine Zone to a New Learning Curve

The virus has forced you to distance yourself from your friends and family but who says you can’t enjoy it? Remember when you wanted to learn how to play guitar, or a drum or any instrument but never had the time? 

Now’s your chance to get started with those lessons. You can even start learning a new language or a skill that may help you out in your personal and professional life. 

10. Ready for the Quarantine to End? Where’s Your List?

Last but not the least, make a list of what you’re going to do once everything goes back to normal. While everyone is waiting for the pandemic to end and stressing over its aftereffects, let’s do something to make this time more enjoyable. Get your list ready. What’s the first thing you’ll be doing once it’s all over, what are you never going to take for granted, who are you going to meet first? Share your resolutions and list with your friends on Fayvo today. 

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