The life of a book lover isn’t as simple as it seems. Yes, they have books all around, and they look happy with them, but it is not as straightforward as falling in love with your best friend, taking down the evil government, or understanding the mathematics formula. Sometimes, it’s tricky to dodge the challenges and be at peace while reading your next favorite book.

At FAYVO, we are a team of book nerds, so it’s felt that being a book lover is one of the best things ever. They get to explore a lot of characters, live the lives of so many heroes, and enjoy; but yes, it comes with a few complications and headaches occasionally too.


It can be a cruel world out of your little library. So, if you relate to any of the struggles below, we’re with you.

The struggle is real. Too real!


#1: You find it is impossible to choose just one when it comes to selecting your favorite author.

It’s hard to name one, very, very hard!



#2: You get seriously agitated when you lend a book to your friend, and they never return it.

No, no, it’s okay to keep my valuable possession. I never wanted that back!



#3: Losing the bookmark you placed in a book.

Eee! It’s a teeny tiny annoyance, but it is SO irritating to accidentally skip ahead and miss an unread page(s).



#4: The eternal book indecision.

We may have ten new books on your shelf, and then we are struggling for three hours deciding over which one to start first. Well, in that case, FAYVO comes to the rescue with the REAL recommendations for you.



#5: When you start a book that’s trending, and it ends up being ‘not your type.’

 You’ll say, ‘it’s terrible!’ and think, ‘Why do bad books happen to good people?’



#6: The absolute disgust when you are reading a climax, and someone tries to speak to you.

Well, it should be stated that when books are open, all mouths should be closed.



#7: The hardest question to ever answer: ‘What’s your favorite book?’

There is one from Elif Shafak, two from Paulo Coelho, another from J.K. Rowling, and more!



#8: A good book could mean another sleepless night with sleepy eyes but an active mind.

Book lovers mostly sacrifice their sleep for a good read.



#9: They understand their friendships are very filtered.

Books lovers can only build great friendships with other book lovers. Or with those who actually mean digging deep into what he or she has read and how intellectually rich he or she is. For them, friendship is discussing favorite authors, exchanging books, and drooling over the fictional characters together.



#10: Sadly! Books are expensive.

Actually, you feel this because you wish to buy more and more books. There are tons of books your budget can’t handle, so you pick and choose the ones you can afford to get now. With everyone you put back into its place, you feel like you’re slightly betraying it somehow and feel bad for leaving it behind. We can feel you, bro!



#11: Not getting out of a story or a character, even in real life.

When you’re too involved in the book, you realize that you’re developing habits or interests based on the characters in the book. You start craving for random things just because they’re mentioned in the story.



#12: Regular interruptions from people around.

People are generally unaware of the level of focus required for reading a book. So, they keep pinging if you can tell them what the story is about or what you are reading. Well, finding a peaceful corner is the real struggle!



#13: Saying goodbyes to the characters with teary eyes (finishing a book).

You devoted your heart and soul to the characters in your favorite book, and now when the book is completed. How can you say goodbye? It’s really hard!



#14: The desire to buy more and more books.

Fashionistas can relate here. Wherever you go shopping, you always end up buying items you don’t need. The same happens with bookworms. The only difference is they spend their hard-earned money on purchasing books. It doesn’t matter if you already have 5672482 books; you definitely need more.



#15: Movies that don’t do justice to the book.

That’s a real heartbreak! When you expect a book to screen adaptation to be worth-watching, but. No!



#16: Spoilers, spoilers, spoilers!

Rage, wrath, and anger – all the emotions come together if the last part of the book is unceremoniously disclosed—rage, wrath, distress.



#17: You hate yourself when you accidentally spill something into the book you’re reading.

Oops! That’s a sin.



#18: When someone reads your book, and you find out that pages are dog-eared.

That’s the end of friendship because true friends take care of each other’s belongings.



#19: Dropping a book on your face while reading on your back.

You feel helpless when betrayed by your own hands! Nothing’s more painful than accidentally dropping a heavy book while you’re trying to read.



#20: The constant comparison of going digital vs. reading hard copies.

They say, read it from the iPad, and you’ll be free of organizing your books and keeping them safe. But the book lovers say, ‘physical books are the books ONLY.’