Over the course of the past few years, Netflix is really knocking it out of the park with its mini-series, one hit after the other, and trending releases. From the pandemic times, the platform has made sure that we’re staying in more and going out less, and without any doubt, we love it!

Today we are talking about a highly popular and trending series, “Bridgerton.” At FAYVO, as you have witnessed us discussing various genres, like comedy, romance, and fantasy, this time, it is about a royal setup and classy feast to the eyes.

As you can see:



IMDB score: 7.4/10

First episode date: December 25, 2020

Total Number of Episodes: 16

Seasons: 2

The TV show follows Daphne Bridgerton and her hunt for a husband. Yet, it may sound like a typical well-known story, but it is actually one entwined with love, deceit, scandal, and Billie Eilish.

Unlike other classic period dramas, it is a statement.

In the series, you get to learn different perspectives about love, relationships, marriage, and the role of women. You’d witness a balanced combination of many cultural aspects of the so-called historical Regency.

As reported by Entertainment Daily, the show had reached 82 million households around the world after just 28 days of its release.


What is Bridgerton About?

The series is basically adapted from one of the bestselling books written by Julia Quinn. The feeling of the scenes is set in the competitive and scandalous world of Regency London around the time of 1800. Bridgerton was created by Chris Van Dusen and presented to people by TV royalty, queen Shonda Rhimes herself.

There are numerous things that make Bridgerton interesting, and it is perfectly served as delicious, gourmet comfort food for your romance needs. To begin with, the cast is chosen with REAL effort. We see a bunch of talented and extremely good-looking peeps. From the lead character, Regé-Jean Page, to the whole Bridgerton family, you’d fall for them all. What we were not expecting was the female lead Daphne Bridgerton, played by Phoebe Dynevor. Her chemistry with her husband, Page, is literally on fire!

Over the course of eight episodes in the first season, we get to see a lot of happening things as we delve into the lives of the Hastings, Bridgertons, Featheringtons, and other high society families. They are all in and around Grosvenor Square and the elusive Lady Whistledown, who knows everyone’s secrets but will never tell!


Why Have People Fallen in Love with Bridgerton?


The Storyline is Addictive


One of the things that are being ignored in TV shows is the script. Well, luckily, Bridgerton doesn’t bring boredom in terms of the plot. The story and the dialogues are all very impressive, and the audience is quite inspired by them.

So, next time when you create your new box on FAYVO for your favorite TV shows having exceptional scripts, don’t forget to mention Bridgerton in it.



The Obsessive Soundtracks


Speaking of music, Bridgerton has a killer list of soundtracks (music). Usually, a TV series covers just one theme song, but in the Bridgeton series, you get to enjoy instrumental versions of modern pop songs you’ll definitely know. You’d have so many ‘oh god, what song is that?’ moments.

So, if you have never wondered how Thank U Next by Ariana Grande, and Wildest Dreams by Taylor Swift, would sound in the instrumental tones, you’d definitely love them after watching Bridgerton. It’s a perfect merger of contemporary pop and classical strings, making the show feel current without taking you out of the time period the show is set in.


Truly a feat!


The Amazing Blend of Modernity

Have you ever found yourself wondering about the royal times and thought about what dating was like in high society London during the Regency era? Well, look no further. Bridgerton isn’t a regular rom-com where two people meet and fall in love, but the show looks at the ins and outs of being a debutante during the marriage season. During the show, you’d find various reasons people get married.



Strong Female Leading Characters


As we have read and observed about the 19th century, one thing that was there for sure was; that women lived half of their lives dreaming about marriage only. But when we stream into Bridgerton, we see something different. Daphne dreams of true love, like her parents. That’s more important to her than social status and marriage. Eloise, who has yet to have a bridal fair, is disgusted by the traditional ideas, and she plans to become a writer. Moreover, she wants to delay (more suitably, avoid) marriage.  



The elderly Lady Danbury leads an active social life, hosting “married women only” parties where everyone behaves very loosely, gambles, and has fun.


The Hair, Makeup, & Costumes

What’s better than being captured by the look and feel of a TV show?

Historically accurate or not, every family presented in Bridgerton has its own style. Not only this, every character, in particular, portrays a further interpretation of its “family colors.”



From the hairstyles, jewelry pieces, and head accessories to royal shows, everything is worth staring at. The audience seemed to be so impressed by the style that they started looking for elbow-length evening gloves.

Not to forget, men’s costumes are also worth mentioning.


The Other 5958438753 Reasons!

  • The lead pair, Daphne and ‘The Duke of Hastings,’ have burning chemistry.
  • Color-blind casting is a significant step forward in TV shows.
  • The show has a beautiful and aesthetic set-up from beginning to end.
  • It has a perfect blend of drama, romance, comedy, and suspense for all genre-lovers.
  • And the list goes on, so stream it asap!


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