Warning: Spoilers for Stranger Things 4 ahead**

Stranger Things 4 was finally completed with its Volume 2 release on July 1, 2022. With the arrival of this new part and the highly-anticipated two-part finale, Volume 2, the series is again trending on the global charts.

At FAYVO, we love to know what’s been on the hot list to watch, and thus, here we are today, with the genuine review of the much-loved season, Stranger Things: Season 4. From the movie buffs in-house and across the world, we’ve gathered the details to tell you what to expect when watching part 4.

A little exciting detail about the series is that its last episode is nearly three hours long, and the viewers say, it is worth watching on the big screen. Let’s not dig further without hitting the trailer of the first part.


Woah, it’s interesting to watch that there’s still so much unfinished business to attend to in Hawkins, Indiana and season 4 feels like it hits the greatest compilation, including a return to its bleak, sometimes squirm-inducing horror roots.

The emotional bond of friendship is still there, and so is the comic relief. But Stranger Things: Season 4 comes with a clear theme – that is the after-effects of fighting the monsters and facing past trauma. The season comes with not-so-new metaphorical demons. It’s more of a conclusion part.

All the happening things we witnessed in the previous seasons will make sense when season 4 starts connecting the dots. It seems like the endgame, mining the biggest evils yet from the depths of the Upside Down to push its young, nerdy heroes.

Here we go with the trailer of Stranger Things Season 4: Volume II


Who is in the cast?


Some of the obvious members are Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown), Mike (Finn Wolfhard), Lucas (Caleb McLaughlin), Dustin (Gaten Matarazzo), Will (Noah Schnapp), and Max (Sadie Sink). However, the child characters have grown up significantly. We also get to see Steve (Joe Keery), Nancy (Natalia Dyer), Jonathan (Charlie Heaton), Robin (Maya Hawke), and surprisingly, Hoppe (David Harbour) and Joyce (Winona Ryder) will all be returning. 

Stranger Things season 4 episodes titles:


Based on different themes, Stranger Things brings something exciting with every new episode of the season. So, from the titles, let’s get some cryptic clues here. Titles of all the episodes are:

  • Episode 1 – The Hellfire Club
  • Episode 2 – Vecna’s Curse
  • Episode 3 – The Monster and the Superhero
  • Episode 4 – Dear Billy
  • Episode 5 – The Nina Project
  • Episode 6 – The Dive
  • Episode 7 – The Massacre at Hawkins Lab
  • Episode 8 – Papa
  • Episode 9 – The Piggyback

What to Expect from Stranger Things Season 4?


Season 4 jumps ahead around six months from the Season 3 finale to spring break, 1986. It’s the gap of a few months and the group is back. The kids are experiencing high school as freshmen which brings in some new real-life challenges and all new nightmares. In season 4, Nancy and Jonathan are seniors, though they are half a country apart.

Season 4 takes a sharp turn by twisting Hopper’s story.

He is not dead. A Sigh.

But he is caught as a prisoner in Russia. Well, not for his situation but it is good to say that Hopper would be much happier to deal with Eleven's girly hormones.

Now let’s talk about the good stuff.

Luckily, there are no more interdimensional monsters to deal with face to face. Hawkins seems to be a peaceful place (in the beginning) but this time, something feels different. Season 4 gleefully holds the horror theme similar to the '80s movies and gives us chills more than the other seasons ever did. As the season proceeds to the next episodes, it gets terrifying in all the best ways imaginable.

Stranger Things Season 4 is about the unknown source of the danger, and it adds to the mystery. The audience is drawing towards the show after the release of season 4, which is a nice sidestep from what we're used to from the villains in Stranger Things.

The enemy in Season 4 is a new one, it is a resident of the Upside Down named Vecna. Creepier than we thought and it is closer to Freddy Krueger than Godzilla. It isn't the upgraded version of the Demogorgon we first met in Season 1 that led all the way to the Mind Flayer in Season 3. But, season 5 makes us rethink exactly what the Upside Down is and how it relates to Hawkins.

Despite having plenty of mystery and horror series available to us on Netflix. Stranger Things is catching the eye of the people because of its revised story, great characters, and powerful comeback.

What's more, the way the villain takes its victims into its world is cringing!

The bone-crunching fashion is disturbing and by far the worst way we've seen people go in the show. If Seasons 1-3 were creature features, Season 4 is a psychological drama telling us the origin of the ghost story. And we must say, Stranger Things Season 4 has done it brilliantly.

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5 Reasons to Watch Stranger Things


1. The Growing Cast


In season 4, all the main players are young and constantly-growing cast, due to which they seem new being old at the same time. At first, when the trailer was out, people thought that the series would experience a big gap due to the delays. Eleven, Mike, Will, Dustin, Lucas, and Max, all are there but now in their more beautiful and handsome versions.

This change has turned out to be in the favor of the team to make the narrative even more exciting and innovative. New characters are also worth-praising, but why have they arrived?

Seeing them adding to the story of each new season makes us more likely to stick with the show. This is the time when we all want to know how their relationship with the original cast grows.

2. It’s full of logical humor


The constant one-liner comedy is what makes ‘Stranger Things’ a light show. It decreases tension and keeps the story constantly entertaining and engaging. Taking advantage of the multiple personalities of its youthful stars, the show includes jokes about relationships and common teenage problems.

The humor is what creates a friendly relationship between the family on screen and the audience. Rather than just featuring a serious atmosphere, the team has successfully kept it under balance. The older characters, such as Joyce Byers and Chief Hopper, are also fun to watch and follow. Moreover, the occasional black humor gives life to the situation while they all are struggling with the challenges of parenting and adulthood. This is the reason why many people relate to the series.

3. The fictional town gives an exciting Stephen King-type vibe


The era of the late ‘80s is a class in itself and when we see Nancy wearing cute yet fashionable skirts, it gives us a whole impressive vibe to watch the complete show. Young viewers of the current age can easily escape to an entirely different time. Additionally, it is a retreat for the older fellows as well, as they can revisit their glory days.

Overall, the show’s entire appearance has a bizarre, retro feel, which adds to its excitement while also paying tribute to its original inspiration, the king of horror himself.

4. It’s rooted in science – and experiments


Dustin is a nerd and so is his gang. In the previous seasons, where we see him connecting the satellite with a group of reflectors; in this part, he does things extra-ordinarily. The show brings urban legends and creepy rumors to life by throwing a secret government research facility in the middle of a small town, with all the obvious consequences.

The scientific yet crazy story keeps the audience knee-deep in alternate universes, spooky superpowers, frightening monsters, and a huge range of general weirdness. Stranger Things is a perfect blend of sci-fi and suburban normality.

5. Multiple characters create a solid narrative


With the different narratives and watching a variety of personalities in kids, it is difficult to leave the show in between. It is a binge-worthy series where you are tied with the cast and glued to resolve the mystery at all costs.

In the beginning, it may feel confusing, but with time, it becomes clear that everyone has approached the same enigma in different ways. To join all the loose ends of the story, the last episode usually shows the characters converging as they work together to set things right. You get to see all of them one by one solving their part of the puzzle. The different perspectives create a sense of unity and togetherness when everyone is working together to save Hawkins from the various forces disturbing it.

What’s the Audience Take on Stranger Things Season 4?


As season 4 was delayed more than expectations, so it was feeling like audiences may not return to this massive series to see what’s new; but the reviews speak for themselves. Have a look:

After spending much time on improvements, Duffer Brothers are back with a bang!

Awww! It is touchy, emotional, scary, and everything in between. We all agree!

That’s a series to add to your favorites right now!

FAYVO’s Opinion on Stranger Things Season 4:


Stranger Things Season 4 ends with a strong and powerful conclusion with some of the most memorable and iconic scenes since Season 1. The series perfectly highlights the cast’s efforts in saving Hawkins.

With the three-hour-long last episode, season 4 has got a fairly satisfying ender that directly connects to what we can expect from Season 5. So, you might be thinking, what’s next?

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Will Stranger Things Season 4 be the Last?


Thankfully, no.

When the Duffer Brothers talked to The Hollywood Reporter in an interview, they confirmed that season 4 will not be the last and that the break from filming has given them the opportunity to flesh out the plot.

Ross Duffer stated, “COVID-19 has given us time to look ahead, figure out what is best for the show. We are now starting to fill the gap, which will give us a better idea of how long we need to tell that story.”

So, stay tuned to get connected with the Hawkins family once again. Till then, enjoy the crazy season 4, share your experience over FAYVO, share your favorite movies, and have unlimited entertainment options with the FAYVO app.