It's time when we all think about easiness, robustness, and handiness.

Gone are the days when there was just a single way of doing things, and what if it was a complex way? We still had to go through it because, no choice!

Team FAYVO hears you and your valuable feedback, and that's why we are always up to new and exciting things to bring up for you. So, as the title suggests, we have done something good this time too.

With a lot of improvements lined up your way, FAYVO is introducing a quick process of adding your favorites right when visiting your box.

What does it mean?

It's super simple.

Previously, FAYVO users had the option to add their favorite movie, series, book, game, or anything interesting, only from the homepage. Wherever they were navigating the app, they had to go back to do the (lengthy) process of saving something new. But, with this new improvement, all you have to do is just tap and save.



Save from within the box – It is like going through your existing collection and then remembering another good movie right on the spot that you forgot to recommend to a friend. You'll look for that particular name, tap on it and save it to the box you were already at. That's how you can save time and use it while having another entertaining thing.

Never go blank in new profiles – Another interesting addition to FAYVO is holding the hand of newcomers. We are with our valuable users from the beginning. Whenever you start using FAYVO, we help you out at every step. That's why we will now show the users an enticing notification on and inside their empty box, which will be meant for them to fill their relevant box. And it is all easy. Just tap on the + icon, and there you get the options to add movies, series, music, or anything you'd love to keep.

How does it Work?

To let you use the app hassle-free, we are here to guide you with the process.

*We are assuming that you are already a FAYVO user and don't need guidance over the basic process. *


-  Go to your profile and choose the box you want to see the posts of.

-  After that, click on the plus icon on the top right corner to add more posts in the same box.

-  Right then, the Add Post tray will be opened, where the user can select the category and search for the related content.

-  Results will be displayed on the screen with the "Save" option.

-  Here, the box you proceeded from will be selected automatically.

-  If you wish to save the post in some other box, then you can unselect the pre-selected box.

-  You will stay on the same select category (API) screen; in case you wish to add more content, you can do that ASAP.

-  That's to save you from going through the whole process again if you're interested in saving another favorite.

That's all for now!

Use the FAYVO app to stop endless hunting for your favorite movies, music, restaurants, travel destinations, and books. It's all in one place. As promised, team FAYVO will continue learning and listening to feedback to ensure that you love the platform year after year. Download the app!