Technology never fails to surprise us, since the world was occupied with the pandemic crisis and everybody was dealing with stress, countries are trying to stay resilient in these tough economic times; it is a pleasant thing to see new advancements in the things we love. Especially the social media platforms we use; if they listen to our needs and feedback, we’d be more than happy to try them out.


Therefore, it is exciting for users to see how social media apps are rapidly developing new features and functionalities to tackle main business issues and help users support their favorite platforms. With hundreds of things going around, FAYVO has launched its status feature. With a lot of new features added to the platform in the year 2021, the status feature is one game-changer.


Previously, FAYVO was used to keep track of your favorite things. From exploring, saving, and sharing your favorite stuff to finding recommendations in different categories, it was all fun and entertainment but now, you can upload status through your profile. These are also called FAYVO moments.


See What’s Happening Around via FAYVO status.

A status feature is added to the platform to assist you in staying updated with the latest happenings. Your friends and followers will add to their stories that you can see for the next 24 hours. FAYVO users can write anything and upload on the status, or post a Photo/ Video (either from Gallery or take photo/ record video from Fayvo camera), or can check-In to a place they are visiting. The FAYVO story will disappear after 24 hours.

In the past, Fayvo users were not able to share temporary content on the app. Whenever they wished to share something interesting for their friends and followers to see, they had to upload it in the box. Those posts then stayed in users’ profiles forever until they deleted them. And now, in the world of temporary things, filling up profiles with permanent data sounds old-fashioned. 

A large part of Fayvo’s audience, which covers Gen Z and Millennials, prefer quick forms of sharing content such as stories which they were unable to do on Fayvo currently.

With the latest release of FAYVO status,


 you can now share your favorite moments with the world in a single tap.


How to Use FAYVO Status?

  • Open the app and navigate to your Status screen.
  • Tap on the circle icon with a plus sign on the top-left edge.
  • Then take a photo, record a video or upload a file that’s already on the phone.
  • Add emojis, text, and check in to a place.
  • Just tap to send, and here you go.


FAYVO: All in One Platform for Saving & Sharing Your Favorite Moments!


FAYVO is always committed to adding features that create value for its users. The same is the case with Fayvo moments or stories or status. Moments make a place for content that’s not “good enough” for the feed or has a limited time span. Because everything disappears, you don’t have to be ashamed of that awkward face or stupid joke forever; the way things posted to your real profile reflect on you forever.


People only post the highlights of their life in FAYVO posts, so today, the app adds its own version of “Status” for the goofy, off-the-cuff, everyday content. It works precisely like stories on Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook, allowing you to post 24-hour ephemeral photo and video slideshows that disappear.


Want to learn more? Download the app and start sharing your favorite moments with your loved ones.