Fayvo messaging just got better!

What’s New with Fayvo Messages?

Back in the past, people could talk to each other, chat, share posts and stay connected via Fayvo messages. Fayvo messaging was limited to sharing posts only. Movies, music, games, food spots, fashion ideas, or travel destinations, whatever you find interesting, you can share those favorite posts with your friends in direct messages. For example, if someone likes to visit a nearby coffee shop with one of their friends, they’ll share their restaurant recommendation post to the friend in a private message. Or, if someone wants to recommend a movie to a friend, they can easily send the movie post to a friend with a single click. But now, there’s more! With our latest release, besides post sharing and chatting, users can now share their favorite boxes and profiles in direct messages 


How’s it better now?

Keeping our promise to deliver the best we can, we have now added more to direct messaging functionality. For better networking, our users can now share their favorite boxes with friends. Let’s say, for instance, one of your friends is coming to visit your town, and they need your suggestions and recommendations on where to go, what to eat, how to spend time during their visit. It is now effortless to share everything. Create a box of places you’d love to visit and share the box with your friend. You can also create a box of the best food spots to try or anything that can make your friends’ visit worthwhile.


We understand your love for your friends, and Fayvo loves you even more!

Strengthen your bond with your loved ones by sharing mutually favorite things ❤️


Share Profiles via Direct Messages

Favorite Boxes - Fayvo

Team Fayvo is always thinking of ways to make the process of favorites’ organizing, sharing, and saving smoother. With our unique social media platform, we are dedicated to changing the way you save your favorites.

With thousands of people sharing their favorites on Fayvo, connecting with people who have similar interests, finding numerous recommendations, and creating their digital libraries, you should try a new way too!


It takes you just a few minutes to scroll through boxes and find the one you’re looking for. You can discover inspirations to set up your own profile, boxes with the best recommendations, and make your wish list, all within seconds. With the changing world, change the way you save your favorites. Give Fayvo a try and discover thousands of recommendations for your favorites.