So, who suggested the song About That Time, by Lizzo? or introduced you to your favorite music album?

Most probably one of your friends or you found it in some Instagram story music and then searched for it. That’s the normal way of finding the new trending song and then hooking to it.

But, can you remember what your friend recommended to you back around Valentine's season? Maybe not, because we don’t keep track of such recommendations usually. Or maybe, we have a list of songs like on any of the music streaming websites, and we replay and replay them until we find something of that level again.  That’s the usual routine. But music lovers can’t be satisfied with this. And that’s where we introduce FAYVO in the scene. It’s that prime time to share your favorite music with the world!

So, let’s meet FAYVO first.

It is a social media app, that connects music lovers from all over the world and presents them with tons of music recommendations for free. It is like diving into the stream of great tunes, good beats, and trending songs, altogether.

How is FAYVO related to MUSIC?

Ask yourself, when you hear a new song and hum it, you wish to listen to it asap. And when you listen to a new song having good lyrics and a nice beat, and blows your mind, what’s the first thing you do? You’d like your friends to listen to it too, right?

It seems like a very usual thing because it is very common. In fact, it is an almost reflexive kind of way.

Because it’s such an in-built, natural part of the life of an audiophile (music lover) that the magnitude of the act goes almost unnoticed, especially by the person who is sharing their new discovery.

That’s where FAYVO helps. From finding the new releases to sharing them with your buddies, the whole process lies within the app.

Connect with Music Lovers:

Using the FAYVO app, you’d never feel bored for sure, and you’d never feel alone too.

The app has a built-in suggestion feature that shows you profiles matching yours. So, if you are a music lover, you’d see people who are as mad about music as you.

There’s no concept of finding people and then befriending them. FAYVO does everything for you before you do.

Consider how many songs remind you of specific people, and how many songs you wish to discuss with someone sharing a similar interest. Therefore, FAYVO brings a collective community of people where they can talk, give and take recommendations, and enjoy the music together.

With the group chat feature, you can simply share your favorite song or a playlist, and ta-da, the party begins right there!

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Playlist Sorting:

You are going on a trip with your friends or family, and you are bragging about your extensive music playlist. So, they ask you to play a particular song of some not-very-known artist and you remember you had it on your list.

Then you start finding it and keep finding it because the list is huge and you are not sure where it was saved. That’s the hassle with unsorted playlists.

Whereas, with FAYVO, everything is kept organized.

From your classic songs collection to rap songs and theme music, every category and genre of the playlist is saved in different boxes for you to find them easily.

Let’s say, for example, your favorite band is BTS, and for sure we all love them. So, you keep all their hit songs in one box, naming ‘BTS,’ or ‘My Favorites – BTS.’ And it’ll never be hard to look for the song in the future. Similarly, if you don’t have any favorite artists, you can name your boxes as, ‘My Classics Collection,’ ‘The Best Pop Songs,’ etc.

The concept of organizing songs into boxes is as same as keeping them in different DVDs.

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The Power of Real Recommendations:

As observed, 9 out of 10 people rely on recommendations from real people rather than trusting the search engine for creating a playlist. For this reason, FAYVO gives you totally authentic music recommendations.

There are no bots, no ads, and no false suggestions, and everything is totally real. Be it finding a new song or sharing your personal collection, you are sure of sharing it with a genuine network.

It saves time and effort.

So, if music will be our workplace companion, travel buddy, and chilling partner at night for most of us, why not find it from a credible source?

FAYVO Lets You...

  • Write reviews on the songs listened to and share your with the community
  • Collect music into boxes and show off your favorite albums to friends and family.
  • Save music in your profile forever.
  • Get recommendations over new hits, latest releases, and trending songs.
  • Know what your friends are listening to.
  • Enjoy a personalized newsfeed all based on your likes and interests.

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Share Your Favorite Music in FAYVO’s Way!

What FAYVO does for all music lovers is give a platform where they can find a list of new songs, trending music, top artists, and a ton of music recommendations.

The mobile app has a collection of multiple genres depending on your mood and interests.

With the FAYVO app at hand, the effort is done by us so you can share your favorite tunes on the go. Download the app and start grooving!