It is a great big world to explore and discover, and we've got one life to do it. So, why waste our time spending years being stuck at the same place and not share travel stories? A wandering soul can relate to the excitement of the idea of traveling. 

Or even if you haven't been to faraway places, we guess, every individual should give it a try once in a lifetime. Yes, we understand the concerns, confusions, and fear of traveling to distant places but hold on. We are here to help you out with the best travel tips and the most relevant recommendations for travelers. So, it’s time for you to share travel photos and share travel stories, without a hassle! 

Let's get started:

Book Everything in Advance:


This is the handiest travel tip, especially in lockdown orders. So, here you may be thinking, how far in advance should a person book for the trip? An honest answer is, book the hotels from departure to return date. Unfortunately, with COVID-19 orders, there's a lot of changes. So, if you are traveling for the first time and waiting for last-minute bookings, you'll have to face cancellations and failed bookings.

Also, getting bookings in advance will save you money. In the early days, flights are cheap, hotels are available, and you get a fair price for everything. A travel survey showed that the ideal time to book cheap flights to Europe was 180 days before departure.

No matter how early it is, go ahead whenever you have decided to travel and have money to make the bookings. Make sure you plan exit flights, too, to avoid the hassle of flight delays. For some people, the idea of looking for accommodation at the last moment seems exhausting. Not because they are unable to find a good place but because they are already tired of all day's adventure and stuff, that it gets unbearable to them sometimes.

At the very least, have a place to stay booked for your arrival day.

Pack Moderate & Light:


Do not take EVERYTHING with you. Yes, we understand the excitement that comes with travel and roaming around at a new place, but the lighter your luggage is, the easier you'll feel. It's totally OK to wear the same t-shirt twice. You are traveling to enjoy, not to take care of all the belongings.

To do this, create a checklist for all the items you need. When you are done, filter out the most useful stuff and then reduce it to half. This way, you'll enjoy more and worry less. You can also collect souvenirs and take them back with you only if your backpack has space to accommodate them.

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Carry Around Spare Passport Photos:


This tip is important from the safety point of view. Some of you might laugh at this one, but carrying a few spare passport photos will keep you at peace. You may need them in the new country anytime, and when you have them already, it'll save you both time and hassle.

If still not convinced, ask yourself. Who'd like to wander the streets of some rural town in Georgia? A simple answer, no one!

They are helpful for multiple purposes. Like you can apply for the passport renewal while traveling, you can get a new SIM card, etc. Having spare photos in your hand-carry means, you don't have to wander around and find a photo lab just to get a passport-sized photograph in an emergency.


Take Lots of Epic Travel Photos

Who doesn't know about this tip? But still, many of us do it wrong. It is about capturing memories and clicking beautiful photos of the sceneries around you. In contrast, most people end up taking selfies only. So, put your self-obsession aside for a while and try to get the most out of your visit.

You may see a few places only once in your lifetime. Make sure to take them with you. Keep a spare camera battery, a power bank, or whatever is needed to keep your device charged. Additionally, when you have good photos of your trip, you can recommend a place to your friends and family. There is a sharing and recommendations app called FAYVO that allows you to give and take recommendations for worth-visiting places, tasty food, and more.

Here's more to just capturing the photos. Remember, when you get the shot, put your camera down and actually enjoy the view.

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Be Flexible & Don't Over Plan:


Yes, we mentioned planning everything, but it doesn't literally mean planning every hour of the tour. It'll stress you out instead of keeping you the same. Why? Because if you miss anything, you'll regret it. Plan for the big things like hotel bookings, flight, and return tickets, but leave room for adventure. You never know what comes your way unexpectedly, and you'd love it.

If you have a long trip, leave a few days unplanned. Ask the residents or local people to tell you about the activities around you and go for them. Also, be flexible and open to change your plans if you learn about something along the way!

Don't Go into Debt:


You can consider it as a travel tip of the day. While it goes neglected 80% of the time, you plan your trip. Yes, travel comes with expenses but don't overdo them. Plan your budget in a way that covers the extra costs too. Journeys come with unexpected things, but you shouldn't end up getting a dept for it. You'll enjoy your few happy days, but right after coming back, it'll kick you hard when you see a mountain of debts welcoming you home.

To avoid this, straighten up your expenses, plans, things to do, and save money. Your travel germ needs to understand this fact, and you have to be ready financially before leaving. Even if you don't have the resources to travel internationally, look for some local options. Your country must have unseen, unexplored, and beautiful places for refreshment.

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