Be it your first travel out of the town, a random tour with friends, or it is the 498432958th time you are traveling alone to somewhere new, we know you are excited about it. And why not? Traveling is something that feeds your soul and always brings something thrilling.

Here's a question, what do you always do before going on a trip? From making plans to sharing your experiences, what are the main steps? For those who don't know much about traveling and creating a trip itinerary, here we go

         - Pick your destination

         - Decide the duration of your trip

         - Estimate the budget

         - Book flights, train, or bus tickets, and accommodation

         - Plan the day-wise activities and course of action

         - Share your fun experience with friends and family


It is simple!

Let's now talk about how FAYVO comes in to be your travel buddy across the globe.

Where It All Began?

Let's go back to where it all began: travel diaries.

The tech-savvy entrepreneur who laid the foundation for FAYVO went on a trip and found that it was too much hassle to keep track of all the recommendations. The idea was to have something that puts all your favorites on the same page: easy to scroll and organize.

Hence, FAYVO became the social app that lets you save all the things you love into digital boxes and keep track of everything. Just over three years of FAYVO in the digital app world, its user base is growing by leaps and bounds.

FAYVO has an added benefit for users. Unlike most social apps, FAYVO gives you the option to either sign up or explore the app as a guest. You can browse through the application and discover what's trending and connect with thousands of people with the same taste as you.


Discover the world of new favorites:


With FAYVO, it is undoubtedly correct that you'd get unlimited travel options to choose from. Whether you wish to travel to the world's far-off and curious places or get a chance to visit the Middle East, you'd find real recommendations for everything.

FAYVO connects users based on their interests and likes, and for all the wanderers, it is a united community where you can share your travel ideas, places you like, and more.



FAYVO supports a community of thousands of users from all corners of the world. All of them come together to record their experiences for friends and followers and to look for recommendations from other people on the internet.

If you were looking to go somewhere, what would you do? You would immediately go to your friend who has been there recently or the person who knows a lot about traveling.

What if you could find everything on your own mobile and plan your getaway without a hassle?

Finding the best destination or working out day-to-night plans for your vacation is a tricky business.

FAYVO opens up a new dimension of recommendations and finding inspirations: places to visit, hotels to stay and restaurants to dine in, street food you'll absolutely love, that extra special coffee you can't miss out on, and discover must-have souvenirs, and where to find them, and so much more.


Precise Planning, No Confusions:

This game-changing app is slowly but steadily making its name in the world. With its new interface and improved user experience, you can find precise recommendations for what you're looking for. Even when you're traveling and don't have much time or internet to look for things, your saved boxes on FAYVO will show you exactly what you had planned.

There's much to explore and discover in this addition to the app world, particularly in the fast-paced world where time is short, and you have to make instant decisions. Try it out yourself and share your reviews; you can download the app.

But the best part of traveling is sharing experiences with others.

Share Your Travel Experiences:

Undoubtedly, sharing your experiences of how you enjoyed the trip is something that takes you back in time. And one of the best ways to share travel stories is to simply share your travel boxes in FAYVO.

All you have to do is create a box, add photos, and be done!

It is the easiest and quickest way to share your travel experience with your friends and family. Using the FAYVO travel app, you can add captions for a particular video, recommend a tasty eating spot, suggest beautiful sight-seeing locations, and more.

A box is like an album for you. If your tour was long, cut it short by dividing the photos into multiple boxes and then naming them 'Day 1,' 'Day 2,' and so on.

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Changing the Game of Traveling:

People who love to travel and those who are living their life to the fullest, traveling around the world, are going to love FAYVO the most. Everyone looks up to them when they are making their travel plans. It would be a shame for them to miss out on any of the must-see places.

This is where FAYVO comes in.

You can record your entire trip, your favorite places, the best shopping, and great experiences on FAYVO. Save a box for your 'Rome, Here I Come' trip and start fayving the things you love: your discoveries, your fallback plans, your miscalculations, your yay or nay things to do.

The best thing about FAYVO?

It's incredibly simple and easy to keep track of. Even easier to share your recommendations with friends and people on the internet. The force is strong with this app!



Planning a trip and then sharing the experience is one of the most thrilling feelings one can have. Therefore, to cut the load off your shoulders, FAYVO has come to make it a hassle-free process and actually a fun trip. 

You will have everything, from getting travel advice, like where to eat, what to see, and what to do, to where to travel. And now you have different public groups of different places where the locals can guide you with the best activities of the region.