Planning your international or domestic tour can be exciting yet full of stress. Not the regular stress, but thinking about where to go, how to plan a budget, and what you should take along, where to book hotels can be exhausting questions. There's a lot more to the table, and it can sometimes be pretty overwhelming.

Okay, it's ALWAYS overwhelming.

That's why trip planning can even lead to no planning in confusion or crying in frustration. Therefore, what's best for you? Get guidance from the experts, do your research, and then plan.

Planning, if done right, can turn into fun, and this is the reason FAYVO loves making travel plans, creating bucket destination travel lists, and assisting fellow travelers. And to decide where to go next, you can find nothing better than the real recommendations offered on the FAYVO app.

Whether you are looking for a short trip over the weekend, fly somewhere exotic, or find your next adventure spot around the world, you need a proper trip itinerary where you plan everything you need to do when stepping out for your perfect trip!

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In case you may be thinking, why do you need an itinerary? Here we go.

5 Reasons why having a Travel Itinerary is Essential for Everyone:

Travelling is fun and exciting, but it is not as simple as choosing a destination and booking your plane ticket. People who fly in and out without any major blunders are the ones relying on their travel itineraries. To follow the successful wanderers, here we are with the five reasons why a travel itinerary is as important before you start packing.


  1. Maximizing time. Travel itineraries make you worry less and ensure that you can manage your time. When you know where to go and how much time it takes to reach a destination, you can spend your day well. Your trip itinerary must have a margin for unforeseen circumstances like weather conditions and traffic. Thus, when you have a plan, your time is not wasted.
  2. Managing expenditures. When you consider trip cost beforehand, you won't panic along the way. With the budget and expenses written in detail in the travel itinerary, you can easily estimate the cost of your travel. Knowing how much you are going to need for the whole trip makes it easier to plan your budget.

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  1. Traveling with ease and going faster. Although you may think it only takes one single tap to know where to go with the Google Maps, the reality is different. You must remember to choose the path that covers most of the attraction points. This way, you get to see more beauty in the destination, and you'll enjoy it more.
  2. Helping in prioritizing your trip goals. We all know that during the trips, we can't discover it all. Therefore, it is important to figure out where to go, what to see, and what to miss. You cannot visit all the attractions in just a few days, especially on the international tours, where there are numerous attractions. A proper trip itinerary will help you arrange those attraction points, so you cover most of them.
  3. Getting everything packed up on time. A good travel itinerary always includes the necessary essentials you will need when traveling. For the relatively longer trips, your itinerary must include what to bring with you, clothes to wear, essential medicines that must be on hand, and emergency numbers such as hospitals, rescue, embassy, and police stations.

After we know what to expect from the travel itineraries and why to have one, let's read about how to design a practically helpful travel itinerary for your next tour.

6 Travel Apps to Help You Stay on Track While Traveling?

There are numerous options in the world and multiple travel apps for every kind of traveler. Whether you plan to travel alone or looking for a family tour guide, these apps are handy for everyone. Rather than wasting time with travel planners and getting quotes by calling them again and again, let's find the right travel app for you.

In case you wish to decide your destination before everything else, look no further than FAYVO and then think about the itinerary. Such travel plans help in staying organized. To get the most out of your next tour, use some of today's best travel apps to compare fares and keep everything on schedule.

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This travel app offers a 360-degree solution to all your travel needs. Be it planning your future trips, sharing travel suggestions, recommending the best tourist places, or anything interesting, do it with Wanderlog.

Not only is the app diverse, but it also offers incredibly flexible guides for travelers of every type. You can find your next adventure destination, plan a trip to historical places, or make reservations online. All you have to do is connect your email and map out a daily itinerary with start/end times. If you wish to keep any useful notes, you can do it too. After that, everything is stored offline, so you can access your tour details from anywhere in the world. The app works more efficiently with road trips. It helps you calculate the time and distance between places and exports them to Google Maps.

Additionally, you can connect with your friends using Wanderlog. It helps in collaborating with friends on itineraries, writing your own travel guide, and sharing your experiences about past trips.


It is one of the best travel planning apps available to adventure hunters. If you need any sort of help in organizing the dozens of itineraries, then this app should be on your phone. It is super easy and simple. All you have to do is to forward your flight, hotel, restaurant, and car rental confirmation emails to, and they'll revert back to you with a full-fledged and free master doc for each of your trips.

It is free to use, but if you look forward to seeing alternative routes in case of canceled and delayed flights, then you need to upgrade the app to its pro version. It is available to use on both iOS and Android devices.

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Are you planning a cross-country road trip? Roadtrippers is the right app to serve you. Not everyone wishes to reach the destination quickly; some enjoy the journey to witness the changing landscapes and beauty around them. If you are one of those wanderers who wish to hit the road with your friends, then you can rely completely on Roadtrippers. It provides everything you need to know on your road trip.

All you have to do is to enter a starting point and end destination, and that's it. Roadtrippers will do the rest. From petrol points to camping locations, rest stops, outdoor activities, and exciting adventures along the way that you didn't know existed, it will guide you through all. The app works as the perfect trip buddy for your road trip regardless of your mode of transportation.


Most of us are rare travelers, and when we decide to go on a trip, we are empty-headed. It's not like we have no ideas, but we have never thought of implementing them practically. We just dream of going to places but got no on-hand experience.

For first-time travelers, recommendations are everything.

Therefore, TripAdvisor has millions of travel recommendations to ease the planning process for you. You can find hotels, top dining spots, must-do experiences, and worth-visiting vacation ideas in the app. Not only this, the application lets you reserve tables at restaurants and compares low prices on hotels and flights. Using the app, you can connect with people sharing similar interests and get useful advice from travel experts.


TravelBank is particularly a savior for people who travel a lot of who frequently travel for business. When you have limited time to plan your next tour, TravelBank helps you out. The app keeps track of not only your itinerary but also your receipts. According to the users, it is a must-have to align your travel expenses.

The app is available on the desktop as well and helps you organize all of your business travel needs. Book international flights through the app, earn and track travel rewards, set once and automate your work-related expenses, keep an eye on the mileage, estimate the cost of your trip based on local data, and more.

Save time and free yourself from the hassle of keeping all the receipts intact. It's super handy and has a lot of interesting features to try.

Sygic Travel Trip Planner:

This travel app is mainly focused on the vacationer market. Not only that, but it's also great for business users. It has a huge database of information on over 20 million places. Just search your thing out. From famous sights and museums to parks, cafes, restaurants, and beaches, the app gives you results based on your requirements. Not only the record covers titles, but in each case, photos, operating hours, and other pertinent pieces of information are included.

To provide accurate data to business-oriented users, offline maps are available through the app's premium service. In the paid version, you get a day-to-day itinerary planner that offers users estimated travel times and walking distances.