In the recent past, everyone around us was talking about one thrilling and mystery series: Squid Game. Right after signing into the Netflix account, we saw this Korean series trending all over the world. Out of curiosity and popularity, a lot of the people clicked on "Play," and now no one can stop talking about it.


Working alongside the trending movies and worthy TV shows to watch, the FAYVO family also watched Squid Game out of the hype. Well, we'd say it was one long night to complete Season 1, one after the other episode; most of us binge-watched it. Why did we? Here we are with the answers.


Let's dive deep into the story, concept, screenplay, characters, and other details of the series, but for the people who haven't watched it right now, we are adding a trailer. Have a look:


Squid Game | Official Trailer | Netflix 

The title says: Squid Game: Survive or Die? Who will live to see 45.6 billion won?

"Squid Game" has taken over the entertainment industry, and regardless of the types of shows we normally watch, we couldn't resist watching it and discussing it on social media or with our friends.


What is Squid Game About? The Brief Storyline.

We are talking about positivity first. The series has amazingly striking visuals. The setup of the games is so appealing and doesn't look deadly at all. But later, it is seen as torturing, cruel and insane.

The story is about a few very popular children's games that they used to play with friends, but, in adulthood, the price of losing those games is death. The secretive company that organizes the games reaches out to people who are bankrupt and living under the severe pressure of bank loans and credits. 456 participants agree to join the game for the sake of money they'll get in return. All of those players are suffering from financial distress and ready to put their lives at risk in the hopes of winning the grand prize of 45.6 billion in Korean won, which is roughly $38 million in US dollars.


The main character in the series is Seong Gi-Hun (Lee Jung-Jae). He is a divorced father involved in gambling debt. He accepts the request to join the games, and there he finds his childhood friend Cho Sang-Woo (Park Hae-Soo). Together, they both team up with some other good people in the hall and help each other against the bully characters. One strong point of the series is the cast of characters. They all naturally blend into the theme, and when any of them dies, their deaths leave a lasting impact on both the in-movie characters and the audience.

The thing that remains constant throughout the show is deaths and betrayal for the money. With 456 contestants in the games, first, they make them play games collectively, but moving forward, the company makes them play against each other. Sometimes they play tug-of-war against different teams, and the other time, it is cutting a shape out of a cookie. There is a total of 6 games, and each new game ramps up the tension to a new level. When the players start dropping, each gunshot feels like time is ticking down for the main cast.  

In short, Squid Game owes its popularity to the social inequality and anxieties of modern life.


Should You Watch Squid Game?

The answer is a big YES. And here's why!

The series has everything from captivating concepts to relevant characters and nail-biting sequences of events. It is twist after twist that will make you select "next episode" as fast as you can. You'll see a mix of emotions. Sometimes players are sincere with each other; sometimes they behave selfishly; sometimes they are just ready to do anything for the sake of money. Watching children's games turned into the deadly competition is truly frightening.

There's no hero or ideal character. Even the main character Seong Gi-hun has weak points and has flaws in personality. He is a desperate dad who's easy to root for, but he's not perfect. Other characters also have some positive and some negative points, which makes them relatable to the people off-screen. After all, we all are good and bad, depending on certain situations.


Suggestions Based on Squid Game Fans Reviews

If you like Squid Game, you might also like The Hunger Games. It is film series with 4 parts. It is also about survival and deadly games. Squid Game also matches Battle Royale, a 2000 Japanese film where junior high school students must fight to the death using random weapons. Another option is 2014's film Snowpiercer, in which people fight to survive on a never-stopping train steaming through a frozen apocalyptic world.

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