Travel has always been an escape for everyone needing a break from routine life. Specially with a year like 2020, everyone is frustrated staying at home for more than a year now. Travel laws have been changed due to the pandemic and these changes can be too scary for some, especially the ones who were always daydreaming of faraway lands. 

Well, we have news for you, FAYVO has probably caught the travel bug, and there is no cure to it. That’s why, we have lined up numerous travel recommendations for you to explore and visit with your friends and family. But before that, here are the top 7 signs that you most definitely have the wanderlust gene…


Don’t worry! Thankfully, wanderlust syndrome is a glorious thing. Let’s get started: 


You get lost fantasizing about places you’ve never been.

You are a wanderer if little things can trigger you. Be it a calming breeze against your skin, a ray of sunlight drifting across the table during an early morning meeting, an unfamiliar smell of something cooking, or a significant fragrance of flowers. No matter how it starts or where you are, your desire to escape the boring routine of everyday turns on and you find yourself lost in thought, dreaming of places you’ve never been and moments of freedom.


You embrace unexpected moments without fear.

Travel makes you vulnerable. Not in a harmful way but you become a lot more fearless. You accept things as they happen. Little things don’t bother you and you are ready to admit that as hard as you try and as much as you plan, you simply can’t control everything. With that, you acknowledge that most of the good things in life just pop up unexpectedly. And these sudden alterations sometimes turn out to create the best memories.

Your desktop & phone background is dedicated to the beautiful sceneries

If the background of your desktop has an Eiffel Tower, an island, or a hot air balloon ride, and it’s not rocket science, the next place on your bucket list is definitely related to the display. Not many understand this and only those with the serious case of wanderlust can understand.


You’re good at stretching your money.

You got the soul of a wanderer if you think like, why blow all of your hard-earned cash at a local club or an overpriced amusement park when you could spend the same amount gallivanting across one of Europe’s most incredible cities?! With that wanderlust gene, you’ve trained yourself to withstand the temptation to buy some fleeting material things, in order to save up for some future memories instead.

Curiosity is your middle name

Whether at home or abroad, curiosity goes hand in hand with the wanderlust gene. The same old routine is never enough to quench the thirst for adventure. New foods, new places, new memories and often new people are always on the horizon for the restless soul.


Your phone is like a Nat Geo photo gallery

If you have more photos of foreign lands than you do of your own country on your phone, you’re probably a fellow travel junkie. Who needs hundreds of selfies and snaps of the sandwich you’re eating at the local cafe, when you could swap them for priceless memories captured for a lifetime of storytelling? Plus, you’ll be inspiring others around you to get out and see this beautiful planet!

You get excited by the idea of stepping off the beaten path.

Away from the crowds –that’s where you long to go. There are enough crowded spaces in your daily routine: subway cars, busy sidewalks, traffic jams, and packed elevators; you want to get away from them all. The thought of stepping off the beaten path, exploring the backroads and uncovering hidden gems doesn’t scare you, but rather puts your mind at ease.

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