The Best Things to Eat and Drink Right Now

From appetizers and starters to cakes and steaks, we all have different choices in food. That’s why when you ask someone about the best things to eat, they all have their own preferences according to what their taste buds like. For this reason, FAYVO offers you food recommendations over all the good things to eat around you. You can find your next dine-in spot using the app and can enjoy midnight munchies over the weekend. 

With plenty of options in hand, let us talk about the 14 best things to eat in the world right now. Let’s get started:


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Destination: Greece

It is a little salty and spicy dish yet one of the best things to eat in Greece. This is a famous Greek cuisine originating almost 400 years ago. If you crave for something between lunch and dinner, then freshly-made spanakopita should be your choice. You can find it at nearly every bakery in the country.




Destination: Paris

This is a simple Spanish rice dish, but loved by hundreds of people worldwide. The main ingredients in the Paella are chicken, sausage, shrimp, saffron and potatoes. It originated in the Valencia region. Initially it had two main ingredients, saffron and rice, but now with additions to the taste, there’s more variety for you.


Moules Frites

Destination: Belgium

Just like burgers and pizzas are the most loved food in the US, mussels and fries are very common in Belgium. They are popular for their unique taste. You can either try plain, steamed mussels or get them with some extra flavor like curry powder.


Deep-Fried Olives

Destination: Italy

Who doesn’t love the iconic Italian cuisine especially when it comes to pasta and pizza? The unique dish called deep-fried olives was first originated from the southern region in a town called Ascoli-Piceno. Since then, it has fans from all over the world who love to try the varieties. It’s your choice to choose between prosciutto-stuffed and ground-beef-stuffed.


Custard tart

Destination: Lisbon

We should all thank Portugal for the creamy, flaky, yummy custard tarts. They are served warm with cinnamon that everyone craves after eating for the first time. When visiting Lisbon, sit down with a plateful of the dish and a strong coffee. You'll surely understand why more than 10,000 tarts are baked here every day.



Destination: South Korea

There are several Korean barbecue joints all over the world, but make sure to try Bulgogi on your next visit to South Korea. The dish literally translates to "fire meat.” It gives slightly sweet flavor from a sugar-and-soy sauce marinade.



Destination: Austria

This food is close to the pie family and tastes like American apple pie a bit. Tart apple is combined with a pastry dough which is sweet and thus it makes a delicious blend. Austrians and tourists all around the world love eating it with their afternoon coffee.


B'stilla (Pastilla)

Destination: Morocco

This is a traditional dish whose secret ingredient is pigeon, but now it is mainly cooked with chicken or quail. When topped with sugar and cinnamon, it adds more to the taste which makes the dish sweet, salty, spicy, and buttery all at the same time.



Destination: Poland

It has a vibrant pink color that makes you taste it at least once. Polish chlodnik is a refreshing cold beet soup that’s very popular in Poland. Try this out with freshly-cut cucumbers, radishes, and plain yogurt. It is one of the truly healthy yet best things to drink.



Destination: Canada

Everyone’s favorite Poutine has a combination of gravy, fries, and cheese curds. what's not to love about poutine? Although this salty dish is available in the U.S. too but you should try it while visiting Canada. Poutine is made with many different variations so, everyone is going to love their version of this food.



Destination: Brazil

Pudim, pie, flan, all look same, but the Brazilian version has a softer texture. This is very tasty yet traditional food that you’ll find in every restaurant, cafe and home.


The Rebel Within

Destination: San Francisco

The Rebel Within is a delicious muffin that's filled with green onions, Asiago cheese, sausage, and crème fraiche. It’s yummy part is that it hides the pristine soft-boiled egg inside. This is a dark-magic McMuffin, and in a happier world, every hotel breakfast bar would be stocked with them.



Destination: Vietnam

Food is one favorite thing in the Vietnamese culture. You'll see several homemade food stalls in the markets on every of the country. Pho is one of the best drinks for morning breakfast. It is a broth-based soup filled with noodles and raw meat.


Squeaky Cheese

Destination: Finland

It's unlikely you'll find Finnish squeaky cheese anywhere other than Finland. This dish is mildly pan-fried and usually served with cloudberry jam for dessert or can be enjoyed alongside coffee.


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