These Are the World's Best Cities for Food

Foodies can understand the concept of traveling and trying delicious cuisines out there in the world. For a lot of tourists, eating is also a reason to travel. It is not just the international travel that adds to your taste buds, but visiting a local remote place can be one wonderful experience for you. Therefore, team FAYVO brings the list of the best cities for food around you.

As this world is a worth-seeing place with breathtaking scenes, mysterious spots, and adventure lands, so why not explore the culinary hotspots? There are now numerous food centers on the planet worth going to. There are great world city restaurants that offer a variety of flavors for all budgets, sharing their passion for food.

Planning a vacation based on the sights or adventure is always a great idea but figuring out where to go is a little more difficult without help. Just because every continent, country, and the city has its own unique cuisine, we have the world's top premier food cities lined up for you. So, let's get started,

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New Orleans, USA

The US has its big share in culinary delights. With a blend of different traditions, New Orleans makes a great place to try various tastes. Also, if you are going to the US to experience a wide range of foodie favorites, New Orleans is the place to consider. Stop by Cafe Du Monde for powdered sugar-coated beignets or a famous chicory coffee. Dine on French and Cajun dishes offered by various restaurants around the city. Visit the world-famous French market, pick up a snack and enjoy the beautiful scenes around. Take a stroll, and you'll find that food is at the heart of this spectacular city.


Mexico, North America

Another beautiful yet delicious destination is Mexico. Walk down any street in Mexico City, and you will encounter the yummy food smells around. There are hand-made tortillas, fresh tacos, and a variety of local food. Additionally, the city offers much more than just street cafés. In fact, the fine dining and cooking innovation in North America makes for an exciting culinary scene that is leading the way in Mexico City's cultural revival.


Penang, Malaysia

If you ever get a chance to visit Malaysia, you'll see why does the state of Penang is called "the food capital of Malaysia." The amazing city of George Town and the surrounding areas get the most tourists every year. There are unlimited places to eat in the city and luckily, very budget-friendly. Secondly, you'll get what you want. There's a tasty mix of all these different styles, including Indian, Chinese, Thai, and, yes, Malaysian. The city is also famous for its infinite soup variety. And amazingly, they are all so different. If you visit Malaysia in the Christmas season, you can have soup every day for a week and never try the same thing twice.


San Sebastián, Spain

The Basque Country has one of the best cities for food. This place is actually divided between Spain and France. Tourists all over the world count it as one of the world's great gastronomic destinations. San Sabastian is blessed with a variety of natural resources that have long contributed to its elite culinary status. Also, San Sebastián now has a higher density of Michelin stars than Paris.


Antalya, Turkey

Who doesn't have Turkey on their list of bucket destinations? No one. Well, to add to the information, this place is not only known for its beauty and historical spots but also has the world's best restaurants. An underrated foodie destination, Antalya, offers a mix of excellent seafood and amazing grilled meat. You'll experience influences from both North Africa and the Middle East. The local Turkish food also has a serious sweet tooth, with sugary treats filling the markets.


Florence, Italy

Italy is renowned for its great masterpieces and yummy food. The city of Florence is one must stop when traveling to Italy on your next tour. The city is likewise popular worldwide for its art, history, adventure, and architecture, as well as its unique cuisine. The city's cooking style has remained quite different yet constant for years, but they still maintain the flavorful dishes up to today. You should try out the Bistecca Alla Fiorentina. This is one popular dish of Florence that is perfect for meat lovers. The country of Italy will surely make you want to book a flight ASAP.


Marrakesh, Morocco

When people hear about the City of Marrakesh, Morocco, they instantly think about the delicious Moroccan street food. The city offers uniquely developed cuisine that came into existence through interactions with other nations and cultures over the centuries. Additionally, if you love festive-like food, you'll not be disappointed here.  Along with food, you can enjoy street performances and entertainment going around. One popular dish that defines Moroccan cuisine style is the Tagine. In this, you get a clay cooking pot where a variety of meats and vegetables are slow-cooked to perfection.


Ho Chi Min, Vietnam

The City of Ho Chi Min is known for its diverse street food style and its fine dining establishments. The city offers good food 24 by 7. No matter what time of the day you explore, there's food in every corner of the city for you to eat and enjoy. Found here is a local dish called Pho; people around the globe come here to try this. It was invented in the city of Hanoi. You can find the best variety of great Vietnamese cuisine in the city of Ho Chi Min. While the two more widely known dishes found here are Bahn Mi and Pho, you'll be surprised by the other wide array of dishes that can be found in the city.


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