After witnessing almost two complete years of lockdown and following stay-at-home orders, the world has reopened for the general public. The pandemic-era dining regulations are not there anymore. And fortunately, Los Angeles is still hosting one of the most innovative, exciting, and diverse food scenes in the country.

The city is known best for its brick-and-mortar restaurants, Instagram pop-ups, creative street vendors, and food trucks. No matter what you are looking for, you can find delicious food in a city whose reputation has been built over centuries. At FAYVO, foodies are always our priority, and therefore, we are researching and offering plenty of quality food options to them. From the best food and drinks around the world to the list of weirdest restaurants, there's something for every food lover to try.

So, whether you're in the mood for the best sushi in LA, weekend brunch, or even a quick yet memorable breakfast from a roving food truck, we've got a noteworthy list of restaurants. Let's tick them off one by one.

Osteria Mozza 



The restaurant was initially known for its out-of-the-world Italian food. When it opened in 2007, Osteria Mozza got the eyes of every Italian cuisine lover. One reason for its delicious taste is that it is managed by James Beard Award winner. The restaurant introduced many new food items to the local folks. Sooner, it became a worldly known dining place. The menu includes items such as bitter Italian amaros and chicory salads, and luckily, these dishes made the restaurant win a MICHELIN star. Osteria Mozza offers a timeless quality that has helped it remain relevant to this day.





The restaurant works as a franchise and serves food from across the Middle East, from Israel to Tunisia to Yemen. When you try Bavel for your food cravings, it feels bright, fresh, and unique. The vibe is so calming and matches the grandeur of the spa at La Mamounia – one legendary hotel in Marrakech. Other than the regular food options, don't skip the signature dish. It is the world-famous 'the malawach.' It looks like a Middle Eastern roti, served with grated tomato, dill crème fraîche, soft-boiled egg, and a Californian strawberry zhoug. Also, tourists have claimed their silken hummus with duck nduja as one of the most favorite dishes.





When visiting Felix, you get to know that it is the "Vatican of handmade pasta." You'd love the ambiance and taste alike. This best restaurant in Los Angeles has talented masters who create unique cuts of Italian pasta by hand. Kick off your dinner with a knockout Negroni before you get your hands on the most delicately fried squash blossoms you've ever had. Just taste the appetizers and save room for all. The. Pasta.


Jamaican Kitchen – abeautifullife



This exceptional restaurant was founded in 2013 and has been a destination for the restaurant's distinctly Californian take on Jamaican food. The ambiance is cute and luxurious, tropically decorated with tempting items. It has a space providing the perfect backdrop for its plates. You'd love the tasty mashups, such as jerk bone broth, oxtail ragu, and a variety of bowls like mixed wild-caught salmon with rice and peas, sautéed cabbage, and fried plantains.


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To get the perfect Italian taste, look no further than Rossoblu. There you meet chef Steve Samson who makes delicious food. He works upon his childhood memories spent at his grandparents' house in Bologna. The place is known for recreating dishes of such high quality that it has made the Los Angeles Times's list of 101 Best Restaurants for several years running. If you get a chance to visit Rossoblu, you'd love the rarely seen dishes. These include, Erbazzone, a savory pastry filled with swiss chard, bitter greens, and cheese, or the now-infamous Minestra Nel Sacco, a bowl of Parmigiano Reggiano dumplings in Brodo.


Here's Looking at You



It is a new addition to the best food options in Los Angeles. Here's Looking at You has given the 'fusion' genre a completely 360-degree change, and it embraces the type wholeheartedly. There is a master chef named Chef Jonathan Whitener. He brilliantly serves a menu inspired by his entire culinary experience, from his traditional roots to his fine-dining background. The restaurant shows an adaptation of multiple cultures. The specialties include beef with chiles, ramps, an egg yolk, turnips, cress, and thick-cut charred bread.


Nick & Stef's Steakhouse



It is one of the tastiest steakhouses around the globe. The restaurant is a center of power lunches and classy celebrity dinners. Their menu and atmosphere have evolved a lot over the decades. It is not like every other eating spot, but it is a brightened-up version of the norm. You feel calm, and the ambiance relaxes you. There are luxurious fixtures like the wagyu rib eyes and dry-aged tomahawk chops, yet it is peaceful.