Top 12 Comedy Series on Netflix to Watch Before 2021 Ends!

Our humor hormone works differently from other people, and that's why finding the best comedy series can sometimes be challenging for all of us. We always look up to statements like the best comedy series on Netflix, funny shows on Netflix, watching for fun, etc. And sometimes end up wasting our time.

So, let's help you in finding the best comedy shows on Netflix to watch right now. Team FAYVO has compiled a list of the best sitcoms on Netflix, mockumentary-style series, and workplace comedy too. Because, after all, FAYVO is a platform where you can save and share your favorites on the go and has personalized recommendations for you that you're bound to add at least one to your queue. Let's discuss our picks for the 12-best comedy tv series on Netflix to watch.

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Schitt's Creek

6 seasons, 80 episodes

Schitt's Creek on Netflix is a Canadian sitcom about a wealthy family. In the series, the family is forced to scale down their luxurious lifestyle that ends up with hilarious results. It also falls under the category of feel-good series or more, a more quotable one. The husband and wife, with their two pampered children, move to a town called Schitt's Creek. In the six seasons, the series has given us memorable and funny characters and an amazing storyline.

Grace & Frankie

7 seasons, 78 episodes

Hollywood divas Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin in their graceful 80's, are still making us laugh well. Grace & Frankie is a feel-good Netflix comedy created by the producer of F.R.I.E.N.D.S. The storyline revolves around two women who are shocked when their husbands announce they're in a gay relationship with each other and are leaving their wives to get married. The two women become unlikely friends after an already strained relationship and try to manage the circumstances together.


30 Rock

7 seasons, 139 episodes

30 Rock is one of the best Netflix shows to watch and experience an extremely hard laugh. The series has won the Primetime Emmy Awards 4 times since the start of this century. These super funny 7 seasons have an insane joke-per-minute ratio. The story goes around Liz Lemon, who is the head writer of the sketch comedy show called "TGS with Tracy Jordan." There she has to deal with an arrogant new boss, an egoistic new star, and the stubbornness of her writing staff. It is hilarious when she does it all while trying to run a successful television show without losing her mind.


Workin' Moms

5 seasons, 57 episodes

Workin' Moms is the truth-telling comedy that working parents need to watch right now. The show is streaming on Netflix and got popular in 2017 with its 1st season going live. Canada's highest-rated comedy series, Workin' Moms, explores themes of motherhood. In the three seasons, you get to see the reality of parents sometimes getting annoyed and frustrated even though they love their babies. And, with all these struggles, they experience a negative and leg-pulling attitude of the society. It's possibly the most straightforward parental journey any show can take. Watch it with your friends-turned-into-moms and see how they relate to it.


Happy Endings

3 seasons, 57 episodes

Happy Endings is for the people who are tired of binge-watching sitcoms like F.R.I.E.N.D.S, The Office, or Parks, etc. This season is comparable to F.R.I.E.N.D.S. and spread similar vibes as it covers a group of friends living in Chicago. Two of those friends are in a relationship, and the other two of them just broke up. The series has flat-out jokes, which thus makes you, as a viewer, incredibly involved in the stories of the central characters. You can also checkout the best friendship movies on FAYVO!

Santa Clarita Diet

3 seasons, 30 episodes

The series revolves around a couple who are trying to raise their daughter right. The story goes smoothly. They are living with minimum problems in life, having a good neighborhood, and are at peace. Until the wife, Sheila, hacks up a mysterious orb and starts hungering for human flesh. Overall, every episode of the series has good laughs, and you'll be binge-watching it one episode after another, which is proof of creative comedy. Save the show to watch over the weekend and have a hilarious Sunday with your friends.


Sister – Sister

6 seasons, 119 episodes

For the most part, Sister-Sister is a light-hearted, and good comedy sitcom made up of traditional siblings' fights, high school stories, crushes, love triangles, and all the usual stuff. It covers two twins separated at birth and adopted by separate households. At the age of 14, they both run into each other while shopping. They were raised by single parents, who eventually decided that the girls should be raised together, having been apart for the first part of their lives.


Arrested Development

5 seasons, 91 episodes

If you are looking for a modern comedy show, go no further than Arrested Development. It is like a mockumentary related to the clan of rich folks. It is a funny adult show that covers mature issues like cheating, drinking, prison breaks, etc. This Netflix series holds comedic brilliance and an excellent cast. However, unexpectedly the series end on a sad note. Watch it and enjoy the witty comedy with your friends and colleagues over your place for a movie night.


New Girl

7 seasons, 146 episodes

One-part Friends, another part Happy Endings, but all parts enjoyable, New Girl is a worth-watching sitcom. The FOX series started in 2011 and goes around a teacher who moves to Los Angeles and begins living with three men. Moving forward, the series turns into a F.R.I.E.N.D.S - like relationship comedy. Throughout the season, you'll enjoy the fun characters.


Documentary Now!

3 seasons, 21 episodes

Documentary Now pokes fun at the precious self-seriousness of documentary filmmaking. Some people found it just a parody (but entertaining), but there's also fine attention to detail. The dresses, haircuts, and everything else: it's all very '70s. This is why the true popularity of 'Documentary Now' comes less from imitation and more from the same concept that makes any documentary memorable.



2 seasons, 14 episodes

This Netflix series is from the late '90s. It is a sitcom about two London flat mates hanging out and chatting about stuff, usually as a way of avoiding work. The show highlights the genuine nature of everyday routine life by adding some fantastical fairy dust to it.


Bojack Horseman

6 seasons, 77 episodes

BoJack Horseman is one of those underrated series that should've got the limelight because of its hilarious comedy. This animated series features Will Arnett as the Horseman and has a strong cast. With five seasons available in the series, this comedy show is the perfect fodder for a weekend binge-watch blowout.


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