When you’re tired from work, studies, and just plain living all day, the last thing you want is to make decisions. After all, it’s probably why most of you may have skipped over new shows to put on the old one you enjoy. Moreover, sometimes it’s a habit, and other times it’s the nostalgia that takes you on a trip down memory lane. Every decade brings some of the best tv-shows with something that’s unique to that time. However, none of them have been as loved as the tv shows from the 90s.

Anyone who loves Netflix, Cable or online services will have at least one favorite that goes back to the 90s. Chalk it up to the era of great sitcoms or captivating teen dramas. Nonetheless, the tv shows in 90s are still giving tough competition to the new ones. As a result, a lot of people still watch 90s tv shows and want to find their next recommendation? Download Fayvo and share the best tv shows of the 90s you think should be binge-watched without delay.

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Here’s a list of 90’s tv shows because well, 90s are the best!

Friends – A Timeless Classic

Twenty-six years ago, 6 actors came together to get the ball rolling on what would become one of the greatest shows of all time. It started out as a low-budget sitcom. Jennifer Aniston, Courtney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, David Schwimmer, Matthew Perry, and Matt Le Blanc played the lead characters. And now every household knows them where they continue to remain immortal simply as Joey, Chandler, Phoebe, Ross, Monica, and Rachel. 

The fact that it’s still popular among the Gen-Zers, speaks volumes for its relevance to all generations. Perhaps it’s the show’s witty charm, relatable characters, or simply the bond between 6 friends that make it a timeless show. Or maybe, it’s how those 6 friends show an extraordinary capacity to forgive each other. They support their decisions even set each other right when they’re wrong. These friends share their honest opinions. They fight with and for each other but their unbreakable bond gives the viewers something to care about. Consequently, it is one of the reasons why Friends has become one of the favorite tv shows of all time.

Friends as Anxiety Reliever! Fans Are Going to Go Crazy (Pun Intended)

Another interesting fact as Marc Hekster, a clinical psychologist, reports is that Friends has actually become a valid source of relieving your anxiety. The show is all about the characters going through different stages of life, battling worries, problems and getting healed and comforted surrounded by the people who care about them.

The enduring charm of one of the best tv shows of the 90s is why the reunion has sprung up such an uproar all over the world. Fans have been speculating “Will there be a Friends Reunion?” for years now. So much so that they have tweaked and joined clips from different shows of the cast members and made into a Friends reunion movie, in hopes that it would become true one day. And voila, they’re finally getting their wish fulfilled!

A few days back Jennifer Aniston friends reunion post on Instagram spread like wildfire as the rest of the cast members joined in on breaking the news of reuniting once again for an Exclusive HBO Max Special. The official release date is n’t out yet but that’s not stopping the frenzy to take over everyone.

So, are you ready for The-One-Where-They-All-Get-Back-Together?


Seinfield – Better Than Even… Friends?

Seinfeld might have started airing in 1989, but it’s a 90s show through and through and comes pretty close to the best ever in tv series 90 lists. Contrary to most of the dramas where the focus is on sending out lots of teachable moments, Seinfeld simply shows a group of people who don’t give two cents to what effect their actions will bring to anyone other than themselves. Most die-hard fans refer to this particular fact as the reason they enjoy so much because not everything has to be about life lessons. Sometimes entertainment ought to be just that: entertainment.

Its witty charm and unending humor without even touching the element of seriousness have led many people to claim that it might even be better than Friends. While the jury is still out on that one, if you’re looking for a show to kick back and relax, with no heartbreaks, relationship drama, and just plain good humor, then this is the show for you.


Fresh Prince of Bel-Air – A Not So Ordinary Tale

One of the things about any great show is its relevance to you even after its long stopped broadcasting. Fresh Prince of Bel-Air stopped airing in 1996, but does it mean it stopped being watched? Not at all. The show revolves around a fictionalized version of Will Smith himself – the Fresh Prince rapper. He comes from West Philadelphia and moves in with his affluent Uncle and Aunt in their elite mansion.


The Ranker rates it on No. 10 in the 90s tv shows list. During the course of its broadcast, it won 13 awards and was nominated 23 times. What makes the show great is more than just its hilarity. It was one of the great family sitcoms that had something relevant for people of every age. It explored storylines and relationships that were unique and diverse to that time.  Coming from the streets to the Bel-Air neighborhood was bound to cause a ruckus between the family members. But the show does an amazing job of taking each character through an amazing growth arc that resulted in some of the best relationships in tv history.


Boy meets world – One Show To Rule Them All


If you think a little, the best tv shows of 90s are more often than not family sitcoms that border on family drama and relationships. And interestingly enough, many of them are still strong candidates for binge-watchers. One of them is Boy Meets World – a gem in the list of 90’s tv shows.

Regardless of what age group you belong to, this show has something for you. Friendship, love, family drama, life issues, you name it, they’ve got it. One of the greatest quotes comes from this show, which has stolen the hearts of countless people.

“When you find love, you hold onto it and cherish it, because there is nothing finer and it may never come again” ~ Mr. Feeny from Boy Meets World

There’s a lot more where that came from but no spoilers. Hands down, it’s one of the best tv shows of 90s and if you haven’t watched it yet, you seriously need to start it today.

That 70s show – One Of The Top err… TV Shows From The 90S

When you’re counting the best tv shows of the 90s, you cannot go without mentioning That 70s Show. Just like other iconic 90s sitcoms, this was another great addition to a genre that defines itself through its animated characters, real-life relevance, and relentless humor. It’s a period drama set in the 70s, beautifully portraying the styles, interactions, and the timeless journey from teen to adulthood and all the drama and growth that comes with it.

Whether you’re in your teen years or now an adult, you can always go back to your teen years and relate to the everyday problems depicted in the show. Bonus points if you had a family that was a hoot and a half and never let you off the hook without roasting you first.  So, what’s the verdict? Which tv shows of the 90s introduced you to the binging family?

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