For fine dining lovers, every city and country become a hub of tasty food. So, be it the Asia Pacific region or the grand MENA region, they’ll find the delicious cuisine of their choice. But when we have got the option to spend our hard-earned money, why not choose the best tastes and top restaurants?

To serve our users with the best of all options, FAYVO has brought a list of the top places to eat in the MENA region.

3 Fils – Dubai, UAE – Best Restaurant in UAE:


The inaugural edition of the Middle East & North Africa’s 50 Best Restaurants in Abu Dhabi, gave the first position to this restaurant in Dubai. Also, the Award ceremony highlighted the top dining destinations in the region, which we’ll cover later.

The restaurant was launched back in 2016, and since then, it has made a strong name for itself with both locals and foreign foodies. With both new and chain Asian restaurants increasingly opening across the city, this one stood tall with its modern-Asian concept and got the first position on the list.

3 Fils is a little yet tasty spot located on the fishing harbor. The place offers both indoor and outdoor seating, but all tables are served on a walk-in basis. The venue is relaxed and quiet. Weekdays and weekends are both the same here. Another unique thing here is that the venue has been designed using upcycled fishing materials. Adding to the charm and theme of the place, we see a barrel forms the base of our table and we’re positioned facing an artwork created beautifully using a variety of wooden tubes.

Zuma – Dubai, UAE:


If there’s one place that most foodies love and recommended to try in Dubai, at every single turn, then it’s Zuma.

And despite being super popular and being one of the very best restaurants in the city, it is not very expensive. In fact, it’s probably one of the most budgeted fine dining places. With that, Zuma offers to deliver an exceptional dining experience at exceptional value for money. Dining there once, leaves you coming back for it again and again. Be it any special occasion or just a quick bite to eat, stopping at Zuma is a culinary experience that everyone needs to try at least once.

Note it down, visit the place, and share your dining experience with FAYVO, to let your followers and friends know, what it’s like!

OCD Restaurant – Tel Aviv, Israel – Best Restaurant in Israel:


The name is literally an acronym for obsessive-compulsive disorder and for the restaurant having this name, refers to the meticulous care chef Raz Rahav and his team.

As they are super conscious about hygiene, they are extra-attentive in making all the dishes in their nine-course adventure tasting menu. The restaurant is one of a kind, as it offers two-nightly seating with no menu to choose from. Moreover, their menu isn’t constant. The dishes change monthly based on seasonal offerings, which is a win-win for everyone who loves to visit the same place every time, but with different delicious options.

The restaurant, OCD, has a light and intimate theme. The divinely concocted selections like steamed drum fish over barley in a shrimp stock with vanilla and shiso leaves seem overwhelming to first-time visitors. It is a great place for dinner parties and family get-togethers. However, for bigger events, advance reservations are required.

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Tresind Studio – Dubai, UAE – Art of Hospitality Award:


True fine dining experiences are felt to be rare all over the world and especially in Dubai, but Tresind delivers a 17-course menu. And that's what you’ll love at Trèsind Studio.

The restaurant is relocated from its former home at the Voco on Sheikh Zayed Road to a classy new site on the rooftop of Nakheel Mall. Being in the center of the city, the restaurant has an expansive outdoor lounge area and its own urban garden. They pluck their fresh herbs, veg, and a mixture of edible flowers to adorn their plates.

They take their food and especially their Indian cuisine seriously and expect you to do the same. The delicious cuisine and mouth-watering dishes are widely loved and Tresind is acknowledged as one of Dubai’s most visited and most recommended places.

The indoor dining room has dark vibes and stylish looks but doesn’t feel stuffy and pretentious.

Do visit this amazing place and share your experience with FAYVO.

Sachi – Cairo, Egypt – Best Restaurant in Egypt:


Sachi offers a relaxing environment, far away from the noisy city life, with its serene decor and elegant dining room. The restaurant has world-famous food including small bites and appetizers like tuna tartare with avocado and orange ponzu or octopus carpaccio. These items head up the menu and foodies love to try them. Sachi covers almost all flavors from the Mediterranean coast.

Despite being a famous eating spot, it is located in a quiet street of Korba, Heliopolis. Sachi covers both, the restaurant and the bar, which brings more delicious items to the table. Whether you are in for a drink or for a proper meal, you’d love the options provided here. Moreover, Sachi's elegant interior is 10/10. It is perfectly distributed into a lounge, bar, high tables, and dining areas, and can accommodate up to 100 people at a time.

Orfali Bros Bistro – Dubai, UAE:


Mohamad Orfali is the founder of this top restaurant in Dubi. He is the Syria-born, Dubai-based chef who is on a mission to be the best chef and he’s succeeding.  

Orfali Bros Bistro is the one in the town that reimagines classic dishes from across the region. All the foodies who have tried the place admire it like no other. In Dubai, where there are unlimited sources of entertainment, Orfali restaurant always makes its place in the list of the best food spots in the region.

Due to its widespread recognition, the restaurant faces a never-ending flow of repeat and new diners. As the name suggests, Mohammad Orfali isn’t working alone, but with his brothers, Wassim and Omar, and they are soon to open an extension of the Orfali Bros academy.

Fakhreldin - Amman, Jordan – Best Restaurant in Jordan:


Other than getting delicious food and tasty cuisines, Fakhreldin offers you great hospitality and personalized service. Everyone is greeted in the restaurant and treated like family. The service style is basically inspired by the spirit of Jordanian generosity.

Not only you’d get a warm welcome but their services are truly tailored to each individual customer. Repeat customers don’t even have to order as the waitstaff remembers each diner’s preferences. You feel so special when dining in at Fakhreldin. From the mezze order and bread preference to everything in dessert, everything is delicious.

The whole vibe is traditional and elegant. Although it is a busy place, and is well-known for family celebrations, and business dinners and is a mandatory stop for any guests from out of town. It is a feast for the eyes, heart, and tummy too. In the neutral weather, book your table in the lush Levantine garden to enjoy your meal under the stars.

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LPM Restaurant & Bar – Dubai, UAE:


Still ranking on top of the other food spots, LPM keeps its game-high as it is a Grande dame of the Dubai culinary scene. It was launched decades ago and the reason behind its success is the consistency in its taste.

Yes, it is still one of the hardest spots to reserve a table, but it is worth trying. You’re guaranteed to experience quality ingredients, tried-and-tested recipes, and extraordinary service.

They have particularly a room with a view. With the relaxing outdoor dining, the addition of a covered conservatory has added to the popularity. Indoors are filled with white light and pops of color, all thanks to bright artwork adorning the walls.

George & John – Tel Aviv, Israel:


It is an amazing place where you get the taste of combined cuisines, also said that it is where the Atlantic meets the Mediterranean. Based on the culture, chef Tomer Tal combines flavors and recipes from his Jewish-Moroccan heritage. You get the unique taste of seasonal raw products from Tel Aviv’s Carmel Market and fresh seafood from adjacent Jaffa Port.

Every dish has its own story to tell. Visiting the restaurant will delight you as it is showing an aspect of the local eastern Mediterranean cuisine. One of the most popular dishes is the Jaffa-style octopus carpaccio. It has thin slices of octopus served on fluffy hallah bread. Do visit it and share your favorite item from the menu on FAYVO!

Gaia – Dubai, UAE:


Another one from Dubai is Gaia. The restaurant was launched by a well-known Dubai-based chef Izu Ani in 2018. It is one popular spot often visited by a lot of celebrities. From Dubai’s Sheikhs to film stars, and sports celebs, you can spot many famous people here.

The restaurant offers a buzzing atmosphere no matter what day of the week with a peaceful vibe of relaxed Mediterranean mood. It is a Greek-inspired setting where the colors are kept neutral. Gaia is located in the middle of many other exquisitely designed restaurants, but its unique atmosphere with white tones paired with monochrome artwork makes it one of a kind.

The walls are worth posing in front of. The outdoor sitting is meant to vibe with Grecian islands where guests are guaranteed a good time no matter where they sit. Don’t forget to try their ice counter!

Visiting Gaia is a delight as a whole